Have one reason to getting things done (Short Note)

Getting things done

You have multiple reasons to avoid your responsibilities, but all you need is one reason to getting things done.

The mind is a key. You have to understand, how mind works. You can direct your mind in any direction.

Life comes with a choice. You can choose to get the things done, or you can avoid all your responsibilities and remain stuck into the repetitive process of life.

Responsibilities are an opportunities that allows you to see the world differently. You have to take all those daily responsibilities to experience life differently. It might feel that it’s not your responsibility, but let me tell you, if something comes to you, that’s your responsibility.

When things comes to you, you get the things done. You dont try to figure out, under whose responsibility it comes, but when things comes to you, you get it done.

We don’t take the responsibilities of our neighbor’s children, but if something is happening in our home, it comes under our responsibility. If we have to take care of our loved ones and near and dear one’s its our responsibility.

Responsibility always allows you to grow and become wiser.

We have more reasons to avoid our responsibilities in life and no reason to take those responsibilities and transcend our lives. Yes, our lives transcend with the responsibilities. With the responsibilities you grow. You learn new things. When you take extra work, you figure out different ways to get it done. You learn different tricks of life.

Our whole attention remains on others, and thus we find more reasons not to get things done rather finding reasons to get them done.

Life holds limitless possibilities. Those possibilities of life can be explored, if you go beyond the self. If your life remains limited to the identity of your mind, you cannot shift beyond the self. If you consciously look for the opportunities beyond your comfort zone, you experience life beyond the self.

When you move, you create path for yourself. When you don’t move, you create bigger obstacle for the self.

You have to understand the nature of the mind. If you take that first step, your mind shows you the next two steps, but if you refuse to take that first step, you can’t expect your mind to reveal further steps.

Life is developed over the time. Over the time, you develop an attitude to go through the process of life. This attitude can either take you forward or backward.

If you hold an attitude to move forward, everything around you will serve you to move forward. If you hold an attitude to see problems in everything, anything you see will appear as a problem, and life will seem complex. It’s all about your attitude. Your attitude develops your perception towards life.

This attitude is not developed in a single day, rather you develop it over the time.

Life is not that which is happening around you, rather the truth of life is that which is happening within you.

The time you start to live inside out, you break the boundaries of the outside world and create your own way with life.

The effort is required. Your effort may not result into success for the first time, but you have to keep on hitting the nail, until you experience the success. Life is all about efforts. You have to put in your efforts and then wait for the life to respond.

Always figure out the way to get the things done, then to remain stuck in life. When you try, life comes up with a solution. At any stage of your life, if you give up, it’s you who give up and not life. If you strive for the longest period of time, life certainly serves you in ways that remains un-imaginable to your mind.

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