Have an Honest Conversation with your Heart



Have an honest conversation with your heart. Ask him what he really wants from life. Our heart & the emotions in the heart is the only thing that matters for us. We all live for the happiness of our heart. That happiness can be for ourselves, our loved ones or for the people in our circle.

Our world starts with heart, & it ends with the heart. The heart knows the language of the soul. Our soul is part of the existence, & always knows what we are here for.

If the truth ever happened to anyone on this earth, it happened from the way of the heart. True satisfaction & contentment of life, comes at the level of the heart.

Our emotions trigger our mind. If our emotions are in control, all our actions fall in alignment with the law of the existence.

Love of the universe pulsates in our heart. The entire human on this earth understands the language of emotions. Emotions show we all are one.

Our mind thinks a lot many thoughts, & creates many desires for life. But, it’s very essential to know, which of the desire of ours, is necessary for our growth, & which one’s has to be left out, so that we can focus, on the things that are useful in our life.

When our desires are backed up by strong emotions, it’s always useful to follow, such desires. The desire backed by the emotions, creates an equal amount of energy within us, to take our life forward.

The language of the world is emotions. If you can understand the emotions, behind every situation, you can very well understand, why this situation came into your life, & what purpose, it needs to serve through you.

Listen more often to your heart, & ask him more often, what he needs from life. Our heart can only know the true path & can guide us, through life.

We may satisfy the whole world, one day, but if our heart remains empty, no happiness or joy, of the world, can fill our heart.

Life is full of emotions. At no level of our life, it can be seen, without emotions. Emotions are the reason for the existence, & emotions serve the purpose of the life, for all human beings.

When we put our desire onto the list, we can figure out that, each desire leads to satisfying our long-lasting emotions. But, if we focus all our attention on our emotions, we start satisfying our self, instantly, & slowly & gradually, all the unnecessary desires get drop from our life.

Many times, we lie to ourselves about life. We want something & we act on something, & then if he receives the things, out of our actions, we blame the whole life, for not receiving, what we have asked for, from life.

Life follows our action plan, & not our desire.

It’s not necessary that you act upon the things, of which you desire. You may have the desire of something else, but the actions may be completely contradictory towards your desires.

For E.g. A person spend his entire life, dreaming of being an actor, but pursuing doctor as a profession. He blames his whole life, wishing for something else, & acting on something, completely different than what he really wants out of his life.

Listen more often to your heart, till you don’t get on the path of your calling. Listening to the heart doesn’t necessary ask us to leave everything, what we have, or what we do today in life. But it encourages us to take an active step, towards the direction of our dreams, so that very soon, if we see the possibility of our dreams coming closure, we can directly jump to it, & make it a part of our life.

We can only be true to our self if we listen to our heart. Our mind carries too many thoughts, & fluctuates too often if it’s not still. But when the emotions feel our heart, for something, then we can realize, what we truly want out of our life, & what the real purpose of our life is.

Our Heart has this intuitive quality to talk to us. But this will happen if we are willing to listen to our heart.

When we honestly converse with our heart, we talk to the universe, & let him know, what we really want out of our life.

We can only move with confidence, towards our life, if we are sure enough, of what we really want in life.

Most of the time, we receive, what we have asked for. So, if we feel, life is unfair, & we always feel that way, we should really have to check, what we are really asking from life.

When we seriously look within our self, we will realize that all the time, in our life, we have only received, what we have asked for, from life. But, as we are so busy with our life, we really don’t have time, to contemplate our past, present & future.

A short story about Gautama Buddha visiting the Village. In a village, in one of his conversation, Gautama Buddha, have spoken about Enlightenment. The one, who truly desires, can always attain enlightenment, in his life. So, one of the villagers stood up, & asked Buddha, that, if you really think, that, whosoever desire, can attain the Buddhahood, then why not everyone, attains it in the first place.

Buddha asked the villager, to visit the village, & make a list, of the villagers, with their utmost desire’s, in life. To his surprise, when he hand over the list to the Buddha, he came to know that nobody had a desire, to attain god, or to seek the truth in life, & everybody was more interested in fulfilling their worldly desires.

When anything happens in our life, is not out of luck or fate, but it’s our innermost desire of our heart, that comes into existence. If we are really honest, with our self, we can see into our heart, & if there is any correction needed with our desires, we can make the changes in our life.

Each one is responsible for his life & his heart. It’s our responsibility to know, what we truly want out of our life, & in which direction, our life, is heading towards.

If we are honest with our self, we can see the same honesty in our outer life. Our outer life projects the reflection of our inner world. Whatever we carry in our heart reflects in the outside world.

We only attract things of our heart. If our emotions, carries jealousy & hatred in our heart, we attract the people, with the same type of emotions, in our life.

Outside world is no different than our inner world.

If we can control our inner world, our outer world will always be in control.

We all know what we want from our life, but if we go on denying the fact, & keep pushing life, in a different direction of our dreams, then we can never expect the miracle on our path, or the dream life, which we have always savour in our heart, from the childhood.

“Listen to your heart. It knows all things because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there.” ― Paulo Coelho”


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