Hard work or Deliberate Practice for Greatness?

hard work or deliberate practice

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Hard work or deliberate practice?

To achieve anything in life, we need practice. What is the major difference between hard work & deliberate practice?

In Hard work, we do one activity thousand & one time, without focusing our attention, on the action, while in deliberate practice, we do the same thing, but trying thousand & one ways to do it, & we go on trying different ways, till the time, we figure out the method, where we grow & evolve with our method, with each passing day, & keep getting better with our ways.

The whole attention in deliberate practice is on the action. There is a lot of analysis & evaluation of the actions, involves in deliberate practice, so that the best of the method can figure out and apply to life.

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Everyone works hard in their specific jobs, & more probably provide the equal time, than any other person gives to his work.

If Sachin Tendulkar plays cricket, for 12 hours a day, then a person, who goes to his office, does the duty for the same hour.

Then what makes the sportsman, or athlete or some of the businessman, better than others?

When a person goes to the office, the first thing that catches his mind is at what time he is going to leave for home, at the same time, when sportsman jumps to his field, he thinks, that what he can do today, to push him to the next level. A sportsman does this, each day in his practice, to improve his level of performance.

When we go to office, do we have an attitude to improve at what we do, or make it better than the way we did it on the previous day?

The sportsman carry’s an attitude to his work to grow & evolve & to be better than what he was yesterday. He gives all he has, till he gets exhausted, & at the end of the day, when he comes back, he is fully satisfied with his efforts.

Deliberate practice includes lots of learning about his particular subject. The person, who knows more, can apply more in his life. With the knowledge, in any given situation, the option gets increases. When we have lots of option, to choose in any given situation, we can choose the best that suits the situation.

Deliberate practice isn’t any fun, but when we practice, & grow over the period of time, it brings joy to the person, to go to his field, & get better. Every day, he can challenge himself to get the best out of him.

In deliberate practice, the strength of your body, mind, & emotions expands. This creates better awareness and every time you come to life, you figure out the better opportunity for your growth.

In hard work, a person focuses his mind to, too many activities, in a moment, & after a short period of time, a mind loses its capacity to focus. So the person, who is focusing on too many things, goes on lingering with the same stuff, with no useful result at the end of the day, & he feels tired, at the end of the day.

A well-sorted mind can focus on anything, for not more than two hours. Then mind starts to give up, & the energy starts to loose from the body at a rapid pace.

In deliberate practice, a proper schedule gets designed, after lots of experiments, like, action, rest, refueling, repeat. When we understand the mechanism of our body, it becomes easier to get to the schedule of deliberate practice, where we can grow & evolve at a rapid pace with our schedule.

For any work, the focus is the main thing. But there is a duration, after which, a person has to take his attention off, from the work, & refill himself, so that he can go back, & put more focus to his work.

Hard work & deliberate practice is a mind game, & the one who knows, how to serve the mind, can utilize it for his optimum benefit, & can make most out of it.

It’s not that, one is more or less intelligent than other. It’s all about awareness in a moment. How long, a person can hold his awareness in a moment, & can focus on one activity, for the longest period of time.

It requires a practice to improve the level of awareness & concentration, & all the extraordinary successful people, focus on this part of their life.

Deliberate practice is not a mechanical schedule & the sportsman don’t live in an auto-pilot mode, & at the time of practice, if they find the better way than they analyze & evaluate their schedule, & immediately apply to their schedule. This way, they grow, & evolve at a faster pace.

The process of growth starts from inside. The person should feel the growth from inside, & once he starts feeling the growth from inside, it reflects in his outer reality.
What gets the person to the level of deliberate practice, while most of the people, and strive in their life, with hard work?

The level of awareness towards the work plays a major role in hard work, & deliberate practice. A person can only get to the deliberate practice, if he understands that, with mechanical work, no real progress in life is possible, & lots of knowledge & understanding towards life is needed for the growth.

When a person understands something, he immediately applies in his life. But the understanding requires an effort. Sometimes, we don’t understand something, in the first attempt, so we should try second or third time to understand things that serve the purpose in our life.

Say, if we don’t understand something, at our work, that thing should not be left out, but the person should make all the efforts to understand, no matter how complex the work seems like.

Anyone & everyone can understand anything if he puts his heart & mind to it. If one thing is possible for one man to understand, it is possible to understand that thing for everyone. It may happen that, it takes some time for a person to understand.

The dedicated effort may lead to the variety of tasks for the day, & not necessarily focus on the core domain of an athlete.

For e.g. if a footballer plays his game of football. His schedule for the week consist only 12 hours for his football game, from the training hours of 72 hours, & rest of the time, he works on developing the different areas, that will be useful in his game.

Most of the successful people spent less time, on his work, & more time on their self-improvement, as they know the rule, that whatever idea has to come, it has to be from their mind, & not particularly from the business.

Top performers in their respective field, learn from the situation quickly, & they adapt the process of change. Top performers always had the eye to look into the future, & they are always one step ahead of their contemporaries.

Top performers are always pro-active and plan ahead in their life, & if any changes, likely to happen, they are well prepared for the change.

“Life provides opportunity to everyone. It all depends, who is ready to grab it.”

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Imagination plays a huge role in the life of a top performer.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein”

All the top performers hold the power to bring their imagination into reality. They dedicate themselves to their imagination, & try all the possible alternatives to bring it to the realization. They don’t think dream as a dream, but with their commitment & dedication, they hold the power to make it a part of their reality.

The real purpose of life is to learn, grow & evolve, & if our work serves this purpose, we cannot ask for more, but if we don’t get the opportunity at the workplace, we should figure out, how we can grow in our personal & professional life, & what are the possible ways, one can learn & grow & evolve, outside his work. If we learn, something about our interest, it also serves at our workplace.

To learn & to grow & to evolve is a way of life. When one knows how to explore the world, he never gets stagnant at one place, & will always look for the opportunities in life.
As soon as Michael Jordan retired, he explored the business world. Mohammed Ali took the social cause to serve, & tiger woods, out of his profession is exploring the brand endorsement world. Tigerwood is known for his investments as well.

Faith plays a very important part when we dare to experiment with our life. Nobody knows, in the beginning, that how long, they are going to survive in the game, but as they grow & evolve with their practice, their dedication gets deeper, & their practice improves, with the time.

“Life is all about choice, & sheer dedication & commitment to that choice. One should be ready to go astray, once he chooses his path, & then the real life comes, knocking at his door.”

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