Guided Meditation: For Relaxing your Body and Mind


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Let lose yourself. Let everything go. Don’t hold anything. Allow your mind to be free from all the attachments. Allow the breath to flow freely in the body. Observe your breath reaching deep down to your belly.

Feel the movement of your breath. Allow the breath to sink deeper below the belly region.

Surrender yourself to life. Relax completely. Don’t get yourself hooked to anything from inside. Leave yourself completely from inside. See the tension releases from every part of your body.

Feel absolute detachment from the body. You are nowhere connected to your body. You are separate from your body.

The whole body is getting relaxed. You feel no bondage to anything. The whole body is feeling light from inside. Your head is feeling light. There are no thoughts flowing in your head. Your mind is completely relaxed.

Remove all the pressure from your stomach and allow the energy to flow freely. Leave yourself completely.

More you feel relaxed, more intensive will be the flow of your breath. Notice the change in the speed of the breath. Sometimes it moves fast, and sometimes the speed of the breath gets slow. Flow with the movement of the breath. Everything is getting untied in you.

You remain observer of everything that is happening in the body and mind. Don’t get caught up in any thoughts or feelings. Allow everything to pass inside of you.

Remain an observer of your body and mind. You are separate from the body and mind. Allow this thought to sink deep inside. Hold no attachment with your body and mind. See yourself separate from the body and mind.

Everything is getting untied in you. Your spirit is moving out of your body.

Everything will move rapidly in the body. Allow the things to happen and you remain an observer in the body. Distance yourself with the mind. Don’t even associate yourself with the silence of the mind. Allow yourself to get separate from the mind.

Feel the emptiness in the body. Your body feels light like a feather. Don’t make any effort from your part. Simply allow the things to happen on its own.

See yourself flying into the sky. You are moving higher and higher into the sky. All the force is with you. The lift is taking you up in the sky. You are traveling into the sky with a rapid force. You are on the top of the sky.

Gently see yourself dropping from the sky. You are coming down slowly, with no effort on your part. Slowly your body is coming down, but you are feeling no weight of your body.

All the movements around you have got slowed down. Everything is moving at a very slow pace around you.

You feel the whole sky inside the body. The sky is visible in you. You are expanding yourself from within. Everything lies in you. Everything appears small to you. The sky becomes clearly visible in you.

No pressure lies in your body. Everything appears clear in you, just like the sky. Nothing exists in you.

You are absolutely empty from inside. You are traveling into that emptiness. You are moving deeper and deeper into that emptiness. You are absolutely free. Nothing is attached to you. You can fly as high as you can. Your soul flies high into the sky. You are flying above the clouds. You are enjoying the beauty around you.

Everything appears beautiful and mesmerizing around you. You are having the most beautiful experience of the lifetime.

You are experiencing the freedom of life. You want to fly higher and higher above the sky, enjoying all the scenic beauty around you. You see the white birds flying in the sky. You see the river flowing from the sky. You are having the fun of the lifetime.

Life is beautiful. You are enjoying every beauty of life. Everything that you want is available to you. You experience the love and kindness of life. Life has bestowed his blessings on you. You feel the blessed one. Your heart is dancing with joy. You are feeling the love flowing from your heart.

You are overfilled with joy. Nothing can hold you back in life. You are having the best time of your life.

Both your body and mind are left far behind. You have left everything and enjoying the time of your life.

You are experiencing all the happiness of life. The joy and happiness became your way of life. You waited for these moments so long. All your desires are getting fulfilled.

You are feeling satisfied and contented with life. You have everything that you want from life. You feel part of life. You experience oneness with every aspect of life. Everything belongs to you.

Slowly, you are coming back to the body. Very slowly you are entering into the body. Slowly you are adjusting yourself into the body. You feel relaxed into your body. You see the life around you. You see the positivity all around you. You see the beauty all around you. Life is good.

P.S.: You can practice the visualization meditation anytime in the morning or evening with the light music in the Background. This will allow you to deepen your meditation practice and it will be easier to feel the detachment from the body and mind.

Guided Meditations – Inner Treasures
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