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This post was most recently updated on January 15th, 2018

Each day you come closer to life. If you understand, life becomes clear to you. If you don’t understand, life still takes you where you belong. You grow with life on a daily basis. It’s your awareness with the daily experiences of life that takes your life forward. Life itself shows you the next step. You have to play your part well and life is more than willing to show you the future path.

You grow with your daily experiences of life. You need to know, what kind of experiences really matters in your life. Only then you can grow and improve upon it. The path has to be clear to the mind. Once the path is clear, then you can easily grow on the path.

You hold the power to make everything that comes across your path, better. This way you serve everything that comes across your path, along with your personal growth. You grow internally while making the external world better. Life grows simultaneously both inside and outside, and the time the life couldn’t grow from inside, the time comes for you to leave this earth.

Your awareness of the moment brings the change in life. Future doesn’t exist in advance, but you create the future, by walking in the present moment. You hold the power to create anything you desire with life.

Life wants you to show up. If you can remain present with life, life is self-sufficient to take you forward. The effort is not required but your presence is required. Your presence in the moment allows you to see more with life, and once you can see more, more option remains for you to choose from.

Life is more happening inside rather outside. Even the external reality is created inside. If all the time, your attention remains outside, you lose the touch with your inner reality, which is basically your personal truth of life. Your individual life grows inside. Whatever you see outside in the form of reality, is the accumulation of all the internal expression of individuals in the external world.

You need to connect with the inner world and expand your inner reality so that you can project your inner reality outside, and don’t get lost in the outside world. If you are more dependent on the outside reality of life, you become a slave of it, and your life more or less depends on the outside world. To grow with life needs a focused mind. Your mind needs to be focused on the path.

Your daily life should get unfold in you, before it gets unfold outside. Growth happens when you are aware about your daily experiences of life.

When you know, in which direction your life is moving, you can make necessary changes with it. The life lessons are learned by observing life. When you observe, the truth of life is revealed to you. At the time of action, the mind remains caught up in the action. It’s only at the time of observing life, you see the truth behind it.

You learn when you spend the time to observe your actions. When you learn and improve with your actions, you grow. The intention is needed to move higher with life. Each day you work to take your life to another level. When you grow, everything around you gets better.

The mind gets directed out of your desire’s. You can create the desires that take you higher with life, or you can look for the pleasures that give you a momentary happiness. You always have a choice. Life supports you if you make the right choice and direct your life towards the right purpose.

The life repeats itself on a daily basis. What you do on a daily basis becomes the part of your life. If your daily habits take you higher with life, no way you can fall backward, and if your daily habits are such that, it pulls you down than no way you can grow with life.

The truth of life doesn’t show up in a day. You have to make an everyday effort to attain the life’s wisdom. Everything happens within, and sooner you understand this truth of life, earlier you will get to this truth of life. You carry all the solutions of life inside. The more you dive inside, the more jewels you find within.

The process of life happens inside out, and the people those who fail to understand this process, also fails to understand life.

With life, there is no magic but you grow and get better with life with the daily experiences of life. Daily living connects you with the natural process of life. When you are aware of your daily life, it becomes easier to read your life.

Life is not at all predictable but to read the uncertainties, you need to connect with the certainties of life. With the daily living, you can read the uncertainties of life. The daily living is to remain attentive of your daily experiences of life. With the attention in the moment, the effort is not required, but life happens effortlessly.

The purpose of life is to understand the process of life so that we become one with it. When we separate ourselves from the process of life, we experience all the pain and suffering, but the time we come closer to the natural process of life, we experience the bliss and wisdom of life.

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