Goals are Important to drive your life forward


Your goals drive your life. Your present actions depend on your goals. If you have nothing to do in your life, or if you have purpose-less life, it’s just because you don’t have goals. Your goals keep you alert at the moment. With the goals, you don’t take any moment of your life for granted.

Goals serve you to expand your imagination. Our daily lives are driven by our imagination. When your mind can foresee the future, it becomes easier to execute the actions towards your imagination in the present moment.

Life is not scripted rather with your every thought, feeling, and action, you constantly re-write your life.

Life has to be certainly lived in the present moment, but at the same time, you also need to know, where you are heading with your life.

Many times, we don’t know what to do with our lives. We get stuck at the moment. Nothing inspires us to move forward. At the same time, when we live with the goals in our lives, the goal itself becomes the motivation to move forward.

Life is not something that happens to us; rather life is something that we create. We all are born with the powers to create our lives, as per our will.

The Choice

With the goals, we rise above the life of the moment. No matter what the situation we face at the moment, we don’t get stuck in the moment, rather we figure out the ways to move forward.

The magic of life is experienced while walking. When you walk, even in the midst of tough times, you open yourself to the new possibilities of life. Life is ever-flowing all the time. It’s just that you need to know, how to align yourself with the ever-flowing life.

Many folks face the problem of procrastination. They go on delaying things and also held excuses that seem valid to them. When you live with the goals, you leave all the excuses behind and simply figure out the reasons to move forward.

The mind is such that, if you ask him to remain stuck in the moment, he will give you all the reasons to remain stuck in the moment. At the same time, if you ask the mind to move forward, it also has all the reasons to take you forward in life.

The mind likes to wander in a different direction, but when you have a target, your mind remains focus in one direction.

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The conscious living is possible with the focused mind. If your mind is scattered in a different direction, your life remains out of your control. At the same time, when your mind is focused at the moment, you not only achieve your life’s goal, but you also serve the life at the moment.

Your life moves with the goals. If you have a goal, the goal itself is enough to take your life forward.

Life is created in our mind. Any idea or thought is developed over the time if you nourish and well feed your idea or thought. Goals are nothing but the thought or the idea of the mind.

No matter what you wish to achieve in your life, simply be with it. Just be with your idea, and drop all the unnecessary thoughts that gathered around your idea. Allow the idea to grow in you. Accumulate enough power around your idea, and allow your idea to become subtle reality in you.

Before you experience something in the physical world, you experience the same in the subtle world. Before you experience the physical reality, you experience the same in your subtle world.

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Unless the idea gets rightly formed into your subtle world, it’s not possible to see the proper manifestation of it, in the physical world.

Our lives are all about our minds. We need to know how to drive our minds. If we are driven by our minds, we can experience the hell, at the same time, if we learn to drive our minds, we can create our own heaven on this earth.

Life needs clarity to move forward. Unless you are clear in your head with what you want out of your life, your desired life will remain far from you.

At the moment, you cannot choose two paths. You have to pick one. When you pick one, you let go another. One path has its benefits, while the other has its own. If you pick one path, you let go all the perquisites that come with the other path.

Life is all about conscious choice and when you are clear about your choice and the results that you are going to experience with the choice, you attain satisfaction and contentment with your life.

All the chaos and confusion exists because of two paths. The mind always lives in dilemma. It wants everything. It wants benefits of all the paths, but that’s not the ways of life.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

The wisdom of life teaches you that you can’t have everything rather you have to make a choice. You have to choose and with the choice come its consequences. You not only make choice but you also choose consequences that come along.

Life is a mystery, and the mind remains caught up in the mysteries of life. The mind couldn’t see all the aspects of life with clarity and thus remains in dilemma.

There are different ways to understand the mysteries of life, and one of them is to direct the mind in one direction. Give the path to the mind. When the mind runs on a single path, it starts developing understanding towards life.

When the mind is distracted, the life energy that exists in you also gets scattered. At the same time, when the mind is focused and moves on a single path, the life energy in you also moves in alignment with the mind.

Life is not as easy to understand, and you need different tricks to understand the ways of life. Goals are important tools to drive your mind in single most direction and make most out of the path.

Create goals in your life, but at the same time, stay connected with the life at the moment. Goals are important but at the same time, the path at the moment that leads to the goal is equally important.

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