Go beyond your Limits, to create the Life of your Choice


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At times, we are into the situation where we are pushed against the wall. This is no less than fearful situation to be in. But still, there are ones, who take up the challenge and prepare themselves to break all the barriers and cross all their limits to achieve the impossible in their lives.

Over the time, I have understood that to bring the necessary shift to your life or to overcome the limitations of your past, you have to consciously break all your limits and go beyond your limits to create life of your choice.

Life doesn’t offer you anything on your hands.

All the limitations exist in our body and mind. No matter what situation you are in the moment, it’s your body and mind that gives up into the situation.

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The situation, event or people do not necessarily hold any control over you, but it’s always your body and mind that gives up in the first place. When you consciously work on your body and mind, and every day goes through the regime, where you can push the limits of your body and mind, in no time you develop control over your body and mind.

To bring the real shift in the outside life, you need to make a shift in your body and mind. Once your body and mind are prepared to go till the end, no-thing of the outside world can make you give up in the middle.

Sometimes, even hanging to one end is not enough; rather you have to take conscious steps to make difference to your life.

We all possess immeasurable power with which we can make difference to our lives.

The point is, how many of us are willing to stand for ourselves and ready to strive to the point, till we see the desired changes in our lives?

The real problem is not life, but the real problem lies in our thinking. We are not ready to push our limits and very easily succumb to the pressure of life.

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It’s true that to come out of the slumber, you need to make extraordinary effort, but do we have an option to give up, when we know that the way is possible?

When we know that, if we give everything to life, there is a possibility that our lives will be changed forever. It’s certain that the life can change; if anyone is determined to make a difference to his life.

The body and mind get caught up in the chaos of life. Once the mind gets caught up in the problems, it gets hard to direct the mind in a different direction.

The mind is not only the source of problems, but the mind is also the source of all the wisdom, knowledge and solutions in life. It always depends on an individual, where he directs the energy of his mind.

You always have the choice to drive your life. Sometimes just making the choices also are not enough, but you have to prepare yourself to strive beyond your limits. Only then you can notice the ray of hope in your life.

Life makes you go through all the different experiences, and if you don’t learn the necessary lessons out of it, you call for the self-induced suffering.

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Many times we suffer in our lives due to ignorance. It’s not the problems, people or situation that makes us suffer, but it’s our own ignorance that allows us to drag with the process of life.

Life follows a process, and it’s important that you spend some time every day to understand the process of life. Only then you can align yourself with the natural process of life.

When I talk about life, I am talking about the life that is happening constantly in you. When you understand the inner process of life, you also understand how the outside process of life takes place.

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Well, anything that you see in the universe comes out of the process. Nothing can exist in the universe without the process.

Our mind naturally builds up the identity over the time through our daily experiences and impressions of life. Usually, our lives revolve around this identity. Whatever we do, we stay in confinement of our identity.

To rise above our limits means to rise above the identity of our mind and make choices and decisions that allow us to break the boundaries of our mind. Only then we can experience life beyond our day-to-day problems, and see the world with a new light.

When you walk on an unknown path, your steps in the moment creates the way into the future. You may not see the path ahead in the moment, but as you take those steps, you create a path for yourself into the future.

Life definitely has more to offer, provided we create the space in us, to experience bigger, better and larger dimensions of life. Life offers us, what we are prepared for. So more you prepare yourself in advance, the bigger and better experiences of life remain waiting for you on your path.

All you need is already available at the moment. You have to seek what you want and be ready to walk the path. The life doesn’t show you everything in advance, but as you keep walking on the mysterious path, slowly the things get clear to you on the path.

You have to be deeply interested in the life of your dream. You have to have all the information needed in relation to your dreams, and when the right time comes to apply that information, you have to be intelligent enough to use that information to manifest the life of your dreams.

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All the information and knowledge is nothing but psychology. You have to understand how the mind works. When you are interested in something, and consciously guide your mind into that direction, your mind will pick up the necessary information from all the different source and will assist you to get closer to your dreams.

Remember, the law of attraction works with the mind. Whatever your mind craves, it attracts the similar things towards itself. Both the mind and your cravings pull itself in the same direction.

When both the mind and the cravings come at the meeting point, it depends on the mind, what it does with the information.

The mind can utilize the information and make it a stepping stone to rise up the ladder or the mind can simply ignore the information and can get back to its old routine. It entirely depends on the mind.

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The difference between the successful person and the one, who fails in life, is the information.

Every person attracts the necessary information that can help him to take his life to another level, but there are very few who utilize that information to move forward, while others simply ignore those signs and omens from life, and remain caught up into the same day-to-day problems of life.

In the entire life, that one stretch is needed to come out of your comfort zone. If you take that one stretch even once, you break the repetitive life cycle and prepare yourself to experience life beyond the horizon of your mind.

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