Giving is Receiving

Giving is Receiving

To give is a natural way of life. When you move out to give, you connect with the natural flow of life. Life happens through you. You become one with life.

Life feels easy. Life is hard when you hold different desires in your heart. When you set out to give, life is easy. When you contribute to life you feel richer. Your life is filled with abundance.

Remember abundance doesn’t exist outside. Abundance exists inside. You will find people having enough still scratching for more and you will also find people having little and still abundance flowing through their hearts.

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What you need in this moment?

When you connect with the abundance of life all your needs get served in the moment. What else you need. When you realize that all your needs get serve in the moment, that’s the only assurance you need from life.

Just look at your past. How your needs of life got served through different means. Even if you weren’t aware of it, your needs were served. Life as a whole stand by you at every moment. It’s just that when you become aware of it, you start acknowledging that truth about life.

When you live with an intent to make life better, your life transforms in an unimaginable way. It’s just that you have to feel gratitude towards life.

When you live with an intent to give, ego gets drop from your life. What flows through you is pure life. It’s the ego that wants to hold on to life. When you connect with the natural way of life, life flows naturally through you. You serve the life at the moment.

Give, give and give and connect with the natural process of life. If you want to change your life, go out and give. Don’t worry about little or more, give out of your capacity.

Giving It All Away…and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously

Develop the capacity to give and you will have abundance in your life. You will connect with the life which is abundant. Nothing lacks in that part of life.

The true joy of life is experienced in giving. Empty yourself completely and experience life. Experience the feeling. Free yourself from all the burden by giving it all. Set yourself free by giving. If you want to experience freedom develop the habit of giving.

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If you hold on to something, your body, mind and heart feels heavy. When you drop everything from inside. You feel light. When you feel light, you can easily float through life.

Giving can happen in a subtle way. Learn to give in a subtle way. Thinking positively about the people around you is giving in a subtle way. Sharing your pure love and joy with the people around you is an act of giving in a subtle way.

Giving opens the door of blessings for you. Your heart fills with joy for no reason. The power of giving is enormous. It changes your perspective towards life. It creates the way for you where there is none.

We all are attached to different aspects of life. This attachment wants us to acquire more and more in life. When we experience life with bit of a detachment we can experience the free flow of life. With the detachment giving happens naturally and with the giving detachment comes naturally.

You don’t get caught up in life, rather you simply flow with the natural flow of life. Your heart is filled with joy when you are giving.

Life is such that when you try to possess something it starts hurting. When you lie you create hole inside. When you live the truth, you become part of the universe. All the barriers gets drop and you experience the ultimate freedom of life.

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