Get in Tune with the Sensation, to get in tune with Life



Sensation gives you a sense of your identity. Your very identity depends upon sensation. If the sensation moves out of your body, you cannot experience life. The process of body, heart and mind is possible because of sensation. Sensation allows you to experience life. The sensation is wrapped around your physical body, heart and brain from inside, and any part of body you touch, you experience that part of the body, only because of sensation.

The life in human form is possible, because of sensation. You get an idea, you feel something, you develop cravings for life, or even if you are hungry, you realize only because of the sensation.

Sensation allows the process of body, heart and brain, but the most important thing, that needs to be understand that, sensation is not part of the body, heart and brain. Sensation belongs to the other world. Sensation is part of the spirit, or you can say that spirit and sensation is one.

It may seem hard to digest, but its the internal truth of every human form and no scientific experiment is required, as each one is free, to experiment within himself, as its present in each one of us.

If you look for the solution outside of you, you can never reach to the truth, because the truth exists in you. Sensation is part of life, because spirit is part of life.

Sensation is well in tune with life, and thus, it knows what goods for you, and whats not. You can over ride the sensation, but then you dig your own pitfall.

Intuition, imagination, dreams, desires everything is possible because of sensation. It will be surprise to know, that it’s the spirit that works through the brain, heart and body to get its work done.

Spirit only holds impressions and experiences from the past life and these impressions and experiences when transmit to the brain, it creates images, thoughts, dreams, desires, out of it. The job of the rational mind is to arrange all the experiences and impressions of life, in such a way where it can be understood, by it.

The rational mind wants to include everything under his parameters, while life is beyond the parameters of rational mind. You cannot put imagination or dreams or desires under the parameters of rational mind.

Imagination, intuition, or dreams is not something that happened, but that is about to happen, out of which, that you have already experienced in the past.

The part of the imaginative mind is to stretch an experience or impression from the past, and create further path out of it. Imagination, dreams, desires are no more than an experiment with life. An experiment can go either way, but it certainly take you farther, than where you already exists. It takes you from point A to point B, C or D. The result may not be guaranteed, but certainly something comes out, while following your dreams or desires.

“With dreams or desires, you stretch the past experiences of life, but life is beautiful because of that, if you don’t get lost, into your own dreams.”

Your personal identity gets enlarge by fulfilling your dreams and desires, but truth of life, resides, only when you are able to lose your personal identity, either big or small. The truth of life, cannot be understood, by holding your personal identity of your mind. Personal identity too, is part of the imaginative mind, and unless you drop all the images of the mind, including the personal identity developed, you cannot experience the truth.

The sensation of the body knows the straight path of life. It knows whats right and what’s beneficial for you in the moment. You can trust your sensation all the time. if you don’t feel good, into the situation, the sensation will tell you, and still if you override the sensation, you pay the price for it, through pain and suffering.

If sensation cause you discomfort in the moment, than first thing you should do, is correct yourself from inside, before you move out, to face life. Remember life is not happening outside, but your life is happening inside of you. Life is all about how you carry yourself into life.

All the situations, events, experiences of life are dead thing, and when you enter into it, you make them alive, with your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, feelings or emotions, and if there is something wrong inside of you, you cannot expect anything good, out of the outside situation, event or experience. The sensation within the body, knows whats best for you. You can avoid anything with life, except your sensation, because it’s very much part of you.

It’s very important to understand the sensation, because the mind always carries its own ideas for life, which is far away from the present truth, and thus it likes to run, in all the direction to achieve them, while the sensation in the body, is of this moment, and gives you whats needed and whats appropriate for this moment. If you forge this moment of truth, for the imagination of your mind, you may or may not receive what you want, on the contrary, you create more mess with your life.

If you are in tune with the sensation all the time, it allows you to know the blockages that you hold in different parts of the body, heart and mind. It will let you know, what situation, events, people or experiences of life can serve you and bring more joy and happiness to you, and what are the things that you need to drop from your life.

Sensation brings you closer to the truth of life. You don’t live in illusion, but you stay closer to the truth of the moment.

“The future is not something, that already exists, but each moment you write your future, by making different choices and decisions with your life.”

If you are fully present in the moment, you don’t have to repeat the process of life, by creating the future out of the past, but life will happen through you, and all things that’s needed for the moment, will be accomplished on its own.

By getting in tune with the sensation, you don’t rise above the pain and suffering of life, but you become more conscious with life. You go through pain and suffering that exists within you, of the past, but consciously. You cannot be free from the pain and suffering, unless you empty yourself completely.

Pain and suffering is not something that comes from outside, but it’s simply brings what you hold inside, on the surface. Generally, people hold pain and sufferings into their impressions and experiences almost in all of the situations, events and with people, of their daily life, and thus, anything that comes in-front of them, brings the same old memory to the surface.

If you begin to drop pain and sufferings from inside, and make more choices, where you can experience joy and happiness with your life, than the same situation, events or people, will not bother you, but they will bring the joy and happiness to you in the moment. Even in those times, the joy and happiness will not belong to those people, events or situation but again its only there, because of your own choices and decisions to keep yourself happy with life.

The choice to add more joy and happiness to life, is an internal thing and has nothing to do with the outside life. It begins and ends inside. Life is not limited to pain and suffering or joy or happiness, but there is much more to life, beyond that.

The sensation is a way, not only to realize your dreams and desires of life, or to free yourself from pain and sufferings, but its also the way, to penetrate into the other world of energy and vibrations, that too lies within you. The spirit is the world of energy in the movement.

The sleep is a time, where your body, heart and brain, that was completely hooked up with the daily experiences and impressions of life, throughout the day, and it needs time to transfer the data to the subtle body, so that it feels fresh and rejuvenated again.

Whenever you wake up, you feel fresh because you transfer all the accumulated data, to your subtle body in the form of impressions, but sleep is not the best form of rejuvenation method, according to the old wisdom, as it only gives you a momentary freedom and doesn’t help you to rise above the circle of impressions and experiences of the subtle world.

Your level of awareness in the moment, allows you to fetch the data, from the past impressions or subtle body, and thus, as you grow older, your memory gets weak, as your awareness gets dim into the present moment, because of over loaded data, and it gets hard, for you to pull out the information, from your stored data.

Life is very much possible, without the memory of the past experiences and impressions, as the consciousness that you hold inside, is self-sufficient enough to respond to any situation, event or experience of life, without the information from the past.

Any moment of time, whatever you have acquired from the past, in the form of impressions always remain stored in the subtle body and thus it’s not possible to completely wash off, the old data, but it’s always possible to look at the world or experience the world without mind.

With the realization of consciousness, you can experience life without the interference of the mind, and you make the use of the mind, only when its the utmost necessity of the moment, otherwise, you simply flow with the life in the moment, with consciousness.

The natural process of mind, is to continuously create images into the mind, create thoughts out of it, and constantly pass on the judgement, out of individual perspective, which too has been developed over the time, out of the past experience and impressions. The process of the mind goes on and on, for the life time, and your life comes out of it, according to the personal needs, wants, dreams and desires of an individual.

“With the realization of the consciousness, you can put aside, both the rational and imaginative mind and even the continuous process of thoughts out of it, and look straight into life, through senses with the consciousness, without the interference of the mind.”

To get in tune with the sensation is a way, where you can connect with the body, heart and mind and can jump beyond the usual nature of the body, heart and mind to realize the truth within.

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