Get rid of the Emotional debris


Life starts with emotions. Our feelings and emotions drive us to fulfill our desires, and our own feelings and emotions serve as an obstacle to hinder our growth. Thought gets power through emotions. In a day, you think a lot many thoughts, but not each thought to reach to its manifestation. The thoughts that are backed by powerful emotions and strong actions manifest itself on this earth.

Every situation of life creates emotions. Any experience carries its own emotions. The physical body has a storehouse of emotions. When you experience anything in the outside world, it gets registered in the unconscious mind along with its emotions in the emotional body.

When you live with the past old emotions, it acts as a hindrance for the growth. Each day, you accumulate different feelings and emotions, some positive while some are negative. All these emotions pile up to create emotional debris in the nerves system. It’s necessary to get rid of the emotional debris, to take life to the next level.

Emotional debris acts as an Obstacle.

The person can only get caught up out of negative emotions. There is no direct way to change the quality of thoughts, so the easy way to connect with the thoughts are emotions. When the negative emotions are overcome, the quality of thoughts change.

When you are not satisfied with something in life, it creates negative blockages inside. When you know you hold something in your heart, you try to let it go, and feel the subtle change inside.

Let Go

Some emotions are rooted into our system like a concrete and take time for us to overcome them. Sometimes our borrowed beliefs from the past act as an obstacle in life. With the awareness in our inner world, we can slowly dissolve all the emotional debris from inside.

When you are aware, life takes you in the desired direction, but if you go on lingering with life, without understanding it or even not making an effort to know what is happening in your life, then you lose control over life.

The emotional body is separate from the physical body.

It’s always been said that life is not something that it seems like, and great mysteries are hidden behind it. As the human evolves with life, more mysteries of life is revealed to him.

From the philosophy of Plato, the word astral body is derived, i.e. separate from the physical body. The astral body is the same as the emotional body. It holds all the emotions of the past, present, and future.

The emotional body is adjoined with the physical body when separated the person can have the out-of-body experience. The sages in the East have derived certain methods that help the person to detach his physical body with the emotional body, and this emotional body can travel outside of the physical body to experience his oneness with the cosmos.

The sage Patanjali always emphasizes that the astral body is our primary body and the physical body is the secondary one. Unless the mind accepts this truth, it gets difficult to connect with the emotional world.

The emotions are the cause of everything on earth. Through emotions, every person is connected with the cosmos and receive answers for any query of his life. Love is the most powerful emotion that creates the highest positive emotion in the body. The past life regression, out-of-body experience, near death experience everything happens with the astral body.

Emotions are the center point.

Emotions are the center point between the physical body and the higher self, i.e. divine within us. With the emotions, either person can elevate his life or choose to come down in the process of evolution. The emotions become the medium.

With the healthy emotions the person can achieve success in the material world and when the same emotions takes a form of devotion, it takes the person to the state of enlightenment.

The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You

Emotions play the role of intuition. When the emotions are not good, physical body feels weak, and it’s best to avoid action in those moments. When the emotions are good, it creates strength in the body and thus its the best time to act.

To connect with the heart, it’s necessary to execute the power of choice. When you make a choice with life, you listen to your inner world, rather following the things that are happening outside. Life seems happening outside, but the cause of it is the inner world, i.e. our own thoughts and emotions.

When you connect with the inner world and be more expressive with every situation, it brings alertness towards life. When you think, you don’t have any control over life, you don’t take the responsibility for life, but when you know that everything depends on you then you execute the power of choice to make the things happen in your life.

Techniques to get rid of  Emotional debris.

The sages in the past have done several experiments with their inner world. They have understood one thing, that it’s not possible for the sleeping mind to get activated without a jerk. So they developed few techniques, that serves the person to free from the emotions of his past.

Normally people consider physical exercise for the fitness, but it can serve as the best tool to remove the negative emotions of the past. The physical body is directly connected with the mind.

When the extra pressure is exerted on the physical body through exercise, it removes all the negative thoughts and emotions from the subtle body and brings the awareness to the present moment.

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

The sage Patanjali has discovered breathing technique ( pranayama ) that directly works on the emotional body and removes the negative emotions from the past, and allow the life energy, located at the base of the spine to move upward.

The emotional debris is nothing but the locked emotions, that can get rid of, by exerting more pressure consciously with the breath. When you live unconscious life, you are less concerned with the flow of breathing in and out, and thus, when you inhale lesser breath, the proportion of carbon dioxide increases in the body, leading to the different types of blockages in the body.

According to Gautama Buddha, concentration on breathing is sufficient enough for the person to attain the state of enlightenment.

Meditation too is a wonderful tool that works on changing the quality of emotions by slowing down the flow of breath. Breathe, emotions and thoughts are inter-connected and slight variation in the breath, thoughts or emotions brings the change in other.

The knowledge from the right source is also one of the tools that can enhance your quality of thoughts and change the flow of emotions. Try reading any religious books, be it Bible, Qur’an or Bhagavad-Gita and you will find a shift in your emotions.

The last technique that can help you to get rid of your emotional debris is devotion towards God. Devotion towards God creates highly positive emotions that change all the negative emotions to turn it into the positive ones. As the intensity of the devotion increases, the person becomes free from all the past emotions of his life.

Emotions are the doorway to Divine.

The mind never tries to think beyond the logic, and thus it gets difficult to get to the other shore of life with the mind. Emotions are the doorway to divine within you. Emotions can take the person to the other shore.

When the inner experience is filled with sorrow and regret towards life, the emotional body fills with lots of negativity and holds itself tightly to the physical body. But at the same time, when you are absolutely filled with joy and gratitude towards life, you feel light from inside. The subtle body can only fly high when it feels light from inside.

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