Get into the Life’s Situation, to Understand them.



Life supports you, at every step, if you have the courage to look into the situation’s and face them unhesitatingly. Get into the situations to understand life. With life, no part of it, that you cannot understand, if you are ready to put your mind, heart and soul to it.

Life is open for all. If someone pulls back, its you and not life. If you are open to life, life is open to provide you all the solutions for any of the problems of your life. Either its your personal or professional life, once you get into it, you begin to understand them.

You cannot understand something from outside. You have to get into different situations and experiences of life to understand them. When you get into the situation, with the idea to understand, your mind remains open and you begin to see things, that was missing from the outside view.

You create life out of perspective. If you cannot get right perspective towards the situation or event of your life, you cannot create anything good out of it. Before you expect good out of life, you must have the right perspective towards life, and all your actions ( All means All ), should come from that perspective.

Its your willingness, that creates your world and make everything possible for you. You have to decide first, what you want out of life, and begin to move in that direction. Life at large supports you and at any moment of time, you carry all the solutions of life, within.

The point is, are you bother to look for the solution, or you wish to carry with the same old problems of life. Nothing is big or small. Life or any event or situations of life is all about the perspective of an individuals. Once you are clear with your own perspective, it becomes easier for you to understand the perspective of others, around your circle.

Life on earth is a small web, where everything is interconnected, at a subtle level. If you take pain to understand things, you don’t have to go through unnecessary pain, that you experience out of ignorance.

“Either you suffer out of ignorance, or go through self-inducing pain to understand life. In the second case, you grow and evolve with life.”

There is no problem in this universe that exists, without created by humans, and if you have the power to create the problem, than you also have the power to solve them.

For somehow, you have learn the art of handling the daily life situations, but still gets caught up in the creative pursuits of life. In such case, still you can trust your little mind that consists of imagination, to open the path ahead with life.

No way you can get stuck with life, if you are not willing to give up. It’s only you, who choose to stop moving forward and it can never be the outside force, that can compel or force you to play small or give up on life.

Every individual being comes out of the same life, that gives rise to the life on existence. The source of life is the same for everything, in the universe. It’s true that everything is unique and different on an individual level, but everything that exists in the cosmic universe, comes out of the same cosmic principle, with which one and everything is created or exists.

The mind again comes out of the same cosmic principle, and thus when you put your mind to anything, the mind reveals the true nature of anything and everything that exists on this earth.

When you try to see things far away from the situation, and put your judgement to it, the impressions that gets developed for the situation, can never get clear, and you carry vague impressions about life. With the vague impressions you develop unnecessary fear, that restricts you to face the situations of life, and to rise above it.

You can only develop a clear perspective about something, if you bother to look into it. Simply standing outside and trying to understand the situation, gives you nothing from the situation, on the contrary you create an impressions, out of your own past belief system.

The mind can only understand something, if it becomes a part of it. You can only make real changes with your life and to your surroundings, if you get involved into it, by your mind, heart and soul. If you carry a real intention, to change everything around, your mind will always provide you the best of the solutions, for the toughest situations or problems of your life.

“Fear with life, arise when you run away from the situations of life, without understanding it. When you understand something, there lies no fear of it. Its your own mind that scares you, if you choose to run away from the situations of life.”

Once you commit yourself to life, and show some courage to move into the situations, slowly chaotic mind tends to lose grip over you.

“Every individual carries the personal identity, created out of the whole lot of experiences and impressions of the entire life. The life or truth of the moment has nothing to do with who you are, or what you have experienced in the past, but the life in the moment, is absolutely open and you can take this life, in any direction of your choice, irrespective of your past.”

It’s always an individuals choice, to hold to its personal identity and live life closer to the experiences or impressions, that he holds from the past. If anything fresh or new appears, the personal identity trembles, and the mind makes most out of it, by putting you back to the same life circle, where you simply repeat the process of life, without growing or evolving from your present state.

There are two ways to grow and evolve with the body, mind and heart. Either you make a conscious choice and decisions to write your own script of life and pavé a way for yourself, or wait for the life to happen, to drag you through different situations, events and experiences of life, to take you further with the journey called life.

Every moment, you have an opportunity to move forward with your life, if you have eyes to see. It might happen that sometimes you have to hold for sometime, or show some patience, to allow the things to appear, the way you have imagined into your mind.

But if you are not ready to show patience with life, you simply put yourself out of the natural process of life. Patience in the moment, allows you to dig deep into the moment, and gives you deeper understanding about life.

Only the real understanding with the life’s situation, allows you to move forward with life. The solution to any life’s problem is not from getting away from it, but diving deep into it.


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