From Fear to Courage


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Fear is a lack of strength, and courage is power from within. No situation or person has power over you or can create fear within you unless you already carry fear inside of you. Your own inner fear, sabotage you in different situation and events of life.

Even if the entire world denies the possibility of the life of your dream, you still have the power to rise above everything and create and manifest life, that you hold inside.

The situation and people can never ride you if you are internally strong. The outside world never has enough power, unless you give up on them. The real change in the outside world, have only come from the people, who showed courage and inner strength with life and stood up for themselves. The power of life comes from within.

The outside situation matters until the fear exists inside. Once you replace the inner fear with courage, you simply gain confidence to face anything with life.

All the fear and strength resides in you. So the real work needed is to work on yourself. You can never overcome anything outside unless you prepare yourself from within. Life moves inside out, and what you carry inside, reflects outside either in the form of your fear, strength, or courage.

When you face the situation, you simply know what you carry in the moment. If you are less prepared for life, the fear is bound to come. It is not the fear of the situation or people, but it’s your lack of preparation with life.

Listen to your inner voice, and work from within. Once you prepare yourself from inside, then whatsoever the outside situation brings to you, you simply walk over the life, with ease.

All the life’s work is needed inside. Each day, the outside life works as a mirror and reflects your inner reality outside. Anything that bothers you outside, is actually your inner state. That’s the area of improvement, for your life.

“You don’t learn all the lesson’s or wisdom of life, at once, but each day life presents itself with different lessons, in its unique way. Reflect back your day, and observe different situations and experience of life. There you find the lesson’s of life.”

The way you have faced this day is the actual reality of, who you are and what life is. Nothing matters beyond this day, neither your past nor your future. Judge yourself what you are today, and make necessary amendments with life, if needed. This moment is the only reality that exists.

Yes, its true, that today’s situations of life, has its roots in the past and today’s action certainly will create the future, but you cannot go back to the roots, to change anything with life, and future is only possible in the present moment.

The journey from fear to courage has to be travel within. You don’t have to win over people or situation, but you have to simply take control of your own life.

When you reflect back at life, you simply know, which situation or person drag you down from within, and in which moment, you were strong enough to face the situation. It needs an internal checking. Once you have cleared the air from inside, outside situation will change by itself.

“The intensity of fear you feel, out of the situation or the person, depends on upon your internal state. If you already carry lots of fear inside, even the simplest things of life can create a hell out of you. If you realize this truth, you work on yourself, to overcome the fear, rather running away from life.”

The job of an empowered soul is to empower others. When you yourself are fearful inside, anyone who accompanies you, will sense your fear, and rather lift others, you will simply put them down. Your environment and your world are created by the energy and vibrations, that you carry inside.

All the thoughts and emotions create the energy field around you, and you attract the similar life. The law of attraction works with not what you ask for, but who you really are, from inside, into your own mind.

Most of the people, don’t feel great about themselves and expect too much from life. When you simply look down upon yourself, how do you expect the world to be kind to you? The life is kind to those, who are more than kind to themselves.

When you take complete responsibility for your life, you move more into the life, to understand the nature of things. Life is a process, by which everything takes place. Nothing happens out of the blue. It has its roots somewhere, into your past, be it your fear, pain, suffering, or any other situation or experience of life.

Life doesn’t happen, all of a sudden to people, but it only comes out of a certain process. One action triggers another and remembers the action starts not with the physical efforts, but it begins with the imagination and thought process of the mind.

Every species knows its strength and weakness in any given situation and act accordingly. Animals know that they cannot always win over humans, and thus they hide or run away when they sense fear around them.

“When two animals get in a conflict, it’s not necessary for them to fight, but simply by being with each other for the moment, they can sense their own power, and the one with the lesser strength, leaves the space for other.”

The human is the only fool, who despite knowing his weakness, fight with the stronger situation to lose. When you fight or resist with anything, you are simply facing the life itself. In the moment, you are either stronger or weaker than life. If you are stronger, you don’t have to necessarily fight, but simply pass on the situation with ease, and if your strength is lesser, simply work on yourself, and then move ahead with life.

People have confused themselves with ego and pride. Pride is something, that makes you closer to yourself, while ego puts you away from the reality. If you don’t understand something, the wisdom asks you to give yourself some time, before you get into the action with life.

“To act on every call, is a fool’s pride.”

To cover the path from fear to courage is to notice the fear from the inside, and each day work on it. Count win with life from inside, and not outside. If your inner strength seems weak into the situation or with people, work on yourself, and see what makes you feel weak, and correct from within. Soon you will overcome the situation of your life.

Not all the fear has to be overcome, at once, but can go one by one onto your fears. All the fears of life, have to overcome from within. Fears are the blockages into your nerves system, that stops you to experience life, to its fullest.

You have to remove the emotional debris and fill it with conscious love, so that you can experience life, in its natural form.

The strength and courage are part of your internal system, but fear and insecurities you gather over the time out of your accumulated beliefs.

Many people find it difficult to stand up for themselves, even through their entire life. They just don’t know, how to gather the courage to face life. Their beliefs in regards to fear are so deep, that one life, is not enough for them to put their fear off, from their life.

With fear, everything that you perceive in life seems dizzy. Only the life of strength and courage, allows you to see the silver lining, amidst of the clouds.

When you overcome your own fears of life, you develop the ability to serve others, to serve them, and to bring them closer to their real nature of strength and courage.

Don’t think to overcome anything in life, except your own fears. Each individual is going through the same process of life, simply fighting with his fears, and gathering the courage to face life.

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