Follow Your Inner pull of Energy



You manifest life, with the inner pull of energy. The source behind the mind, heart and body is the inner energy. Everyday you receive the energy, from the inner reservoir, for the function of the mind, heart and body.

No one knows the real needs of life, and so mind tends to create different desire’s, and “I” who is ignorant about himself, simply run into different direction, to fulfill the different desire’s of mind.

When you follow your inner pull of energy, you connect with the reality of life. The life always serves you with the real needs, provided you are deeply rooted in life.

To manifest your dreams, or desire’s or to fulfill the needs of life, you need energy. The thoughts or emotions doesn’t create the work, but the energy behind your mind, heart, and body, allows you to create life.

Every person carries a different identification for himself, into his mind. His life revolves around to fulfill the desire’s of the self-identity that he holds in his mind. When you connect with the inner pull of energy, you simply drop all the unnecessary things out of your life.

With the distracted mind, on different things, you cannot have the best use of the inner pull of energy. When the mind is focused on desire, it’s not bothered about the energy it holds inside, and tries to accomplish things out of physical labour.

“The effort in manifesting the physical reality of life seems more, when you are disconnected with the inner pull of energy and your attention is more on manifesting your desire.”

The circle of manifestation begins with the inner pull of energy. Further the energy is transferred to the mind, heart and body. The “I” or personal identity is a transcendental personality, that makes the choice with the thoughts and imagination of the mind.

Sometimes when you are desperate to accomplish your desire’s, you are not bothered to check your inner pull of energy, and do everything possible with the thoughts, emotions and actions. When the inner pull of energy is low, and your desire’s demands more, you simply fail at the level of mind, heart and body to accomplish things with your life.

The personal identity “I” has a choice, and can either choose to focus on the actions or outcome, or simply be with the breathe or inner pull of energy, that allows the manifestation of both the actions and outcome.

The more you get familiar in recognizing “I” into your body, the more you can connect yourself, at a deeper level and to the inner reservoir of energy. The complexities of the action and outcome get clear when you come closer and closer to your body, heart, and mind.

If you cannot connect directly with the inner pull of energy, breathe too is part of the same reservoir and can help you to check the level of inner energy you hold, at any moment of time.

Are you connected with your personal identity “I”, or at-least do you know, it exists in you and sometimes acts as an ego, for your own downfall?

Do you make a choice, keeping in mind, what you really need, out of life?

When we don’t recognize who we are, we sometimes miss to get to the real needs of life and create’s desires simply picking from the different impressions of life.

Are you in-check with your inner pull of energy?

We are so much engrossed, in our personal identity, that we forget that, there is something more exists inside all of us, that allows us to manifest, sustain and carry on with life.

When you know yourself, you can control your mind, heart, and body and direct it in a right direction.

Connecting with the inner pull of energy, allows you to connect with life every moment. You don’t overuse yourself, and do the things that’s required for life. This doesn’t mean you don’t go after the dreams or desire’s of life, but you simply connect with the right process of life.

The efforts at the level of mind, heart and body are necessary, but when you connect with the inner energy, the life doesn’t seem like an effort, as all the time, your actions come directly from the source of life.

The quality of thoughts, emotions and actions depends upon the level of energy you hold in the moment, and your result or outcome too, depends upon the energy you put in, at the time of action.

The personal identity “I” holds an ego. An ego is a will-power of an individual personality. The will-power can be used either for the right purpose or the same will-power can be used for self-destruction or dis-tangle others lives.

It’s not your desire’s or wants or actions that manifest life, but the energy behind it. Life is a process, and the process begins with the inner pull of energy.

If you connect with the source of energy inside, you develop better understanding towards the process of life, that takes place both in and outside.

When you simply connect with the inner pull of energy all the dreams and desire’s manifest effortlessly, and simultaneously you grow with the understanding towards life. Your own efforts, out of ego breaks the natural process of life.

The inner energy is sufficient, to bring all that you need for your life and guide you on the path that’s required, to fulfill your desire’s. When you interfere with the process of life, you simply throw yourself backward.

It’s not necessary that you need to fail and fall to understand the process of life and reach to the gate of wisdom, but when you simply allow the natural flow of life, and stay with it, life happens by itself, and take you to the place, that you really deserve for the time.

The ego or personal identity interrupts with the natural process of life, at every step. When you connect with the breath, and simply move into the process of life, keeping your attention on the breath, you don’t force yourself on life, but simply walk with life and the life manifest itself, on its own.

The mind, heart and body is an instrument, through which the manifestation of life takes place. The process of life, is to recognize the higher self, and with it participate in the natural process of life.

“We all are part of life, and the time we realize our true identity, we simply leave our personal identity “I” behind, to become one with the natural process of life.”

When you realize your inner energy, as a source of life, it becomes easier to drop oneself, as you understand that life is bigger than your individual personality “I”, and your role is not to go against life, but simply participate with it, to bring the natural process of life, on existence.

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