Follow your Heart, and Life will follow

follow your heart

If you really want to know your purpose in life, follow your heart, and you will realize your purpose in life. There is no other purpose than living life itself, and when that life comes out of the heart, you don’t need any other purpose in life.

All your dreams, desires and fulfillments follow when you follow your heart. Life is all about emotions. Everyone on this earth understands the language of emotions. The only way you connect with people is through emotions.

Look where your heart lies, and follow your heart and life will follow.

We all are tied into personal as well as professional lives, that don’t allow us to follow our hearts. Still, I strongly feel that on everyday basis, we receive an opportunity to do the things of our heart.

When we grab those few opportunities more opportunities follow our way. All it requires is an initiative from our end. If we simply let go the opportunity, our lives very much remain the same.

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No matter what you do and what you achieve, unless you are doing things from your heart, it will not hold any meaning in your life. Sooner or later it will lead to frustration. The meaning of life only comes when the things trigger your heart.

We all want our journey of life to be happy and joyful, but the point is, how many of us, consciously choose lives on everyday basis, that is close to our hearts. Our life’s experiences are nothing but the choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis.

On a daily basis, you choose your life, and where it coming from, it entirely depends on you.

Life works as a law of attraction. If you live out of heart, you attract the same kind of energy into your lives, and if you remain calculative throughout your lives and think from the logical mind, you come across similar people and energies into your life.

The Secret behind the Law of Attraction

Majority of time, it’s the fear that drives our life. We are not pushed by love and thus come the struggle part. When you are pushed by love, you don’t struggle in life; rather you sail through the process of life.

We have to push ourselves harder and make all those unnecessary efforts when we don’t follow the ways of life. The way of life comes out of the heart.

Living life out of heart gives you a different perspective to experience life. It’s the feelings and emotions that make us alive. When we are driven by our heart, there is no power on this earth can stop us from achieving what we want in our lives.

With the heart, you not only enjoy the end result but even the path to the destination becomes joyful for you. When you live out of heart, your daily choices and decisions change in life. You don’t hold the things tight rather you remain flexible in life.

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What scares us the most is the consequence. When you think of the consequence, you simply pull yourself back from the unknown path and follow the road routine. You don’t even think to move forward.

One thing you can always be sure of the heart is, when you live out of your heart, your life is joyful at the moment, and when you are joyful in the moment, anything that comes out of this moment will only add more joy to your life.

One thing that can serve you the most to follow your heart is, taking one step at a time. The entire life doesn’t unfold in a single day, but when you take those steps one by one and proceed further in your life, life gradually opens the door for you.

Life unfolds every day. When you consciously observe the process of life, you will notice that everyday life has something fresh to offer you and every day it unfolds differently.

You have to learn to say yes to life. Saying yes connects you with life while saying no connects you with the death.

When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life

Most of us are caught up in the puzzles of our mind. We evaluate everything and forget to live the life of the moment. When you live in the moment, you live with the spontaneity, but when you live into your mind, there are more chances of you to say No, than yes to life.

Your heart connects you with the life of the moment. The moment is always fresh and always brings something new to the table. The mind likes to stay in the past or the future, and thus miss the life of the moment.

It takes a single choice to change the path of your life. No matter for how many years, you have walked a similar path, but a single choice can take you on a different path, and from there on, you can create a different life for the self.

The things of the mind keep you in confinement of the individual self, but when you start following the ways of the heart, you expand yourself above the self and experience the unlimited possibilities of life. The ways of the heart connect you with the abundance of life. The ways of the heart don’t require you to reach the destination, but the path itself brings all the fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

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