Focus on your Role in Life

Focus on your role in life

This post was most recently updated on October 27th, 2020

Focus on your Performance.

When we move out, we see many things happening in the world. Are we bothered to dump into everything, and fill our mind, so that when the need arises to think something for our self, we get dumbstruck in a moment. This happens with all of us.

We all are an actor, and playing our role on this big podium called Earth. Some do get carried away by others role while others play better with themselves. When an actor focuses on the lines of others, he is likely to miss his own, but if he practices harder with his own part, he can certainly help the other fellow actor, to lift his performance. This is life.

We lose focus from us if the mind gets caught up on someone else thought. We can only grow, if we constantly check our actions, and take further steps to move forward in life. We learn more from the personal experiences than thinking about others.

If mind thinks about something, without our notice, that much time is lost with life. Life is effectively utilized, if we follow our self-made plan, to meet our goals, or to take active steps towards the direction, of our desire. Even in our daily routines, most of the time, we focus on, the other person’s response or reaction, although we don’t have any control on the other side.

Grow with your Performance.

Life happens with us and within us. Every situation and circumstances happen to bring some change within us. If we notice the change, we can easily grow with the change. Understanding our role plays an important part, to grow and evolve with life, and we get better with our role, over the time.

When we focus on our performance, on the world stage, we grow. If we perform better in our space, we lift the performance of the world. We all have created the world within us, and around.

Our performance on the world stage, should depend, on us, and not on the audience. If we think about the likings of the audience, we will lose focus from our self. The mind can focus on one thing in a moment, and reflects the similar thoughts, on which we have put our focus on. If we focus on the outside thing, our mind will give similar thoughts of the outside world, but if we focus on our growth and think to improve our performance, our mind will serve us, with the uplifting thought, and living those thoughts, will reflect in our performance .

Many times we lose the track in life and blame god, or our loved ones or the world for the loss, but, we never tend to look, at our self. We only fall, when we loose the focus from our self.

When we focus Outside, We Stumble.

“When we stumble on the path, because of the stone, we blame the stone, to get in the middle of the path, but never think, that we missed noticing the stone because our mind was thinking something else. We are the one, who lost the focus, and the stone was there before we cross over the path.”

This is how we look at life. When life comes to us, we see it as a problem, and forget that, we are the ones who took actions in the past, that resulted in something, we see as a problem.

Nothing happens out of the blue, and because we desired for something for long, and gave energy and acted towards it, resulted in our life.

The person who walks his own path faces least situations to resist, and can overcome any obstacles on his path. When we are on the path, we can see the situations of life, from far, and start preparing for it, before it gets closer to put us out of track.

The world is a huge stage, and we all are responsible for our part. If we have played good enough, no situation of life can make us tremble. When we are not honest enough, with our role, we try to find fault with others performance.

Finding fault in somebody else’s performance doesn’t help us to get better with our role, but it’s certainly possible, by lifting our performance, we can compel others to play their role better.

Savor every Experience on the stage.

Every situation of life gives us an experience. If we try to look life as an experience, we can bring more joy and fun to life. We are the one, who makes our life either interesting or boring. If you curse your life, at every step, you bring similar experiences into your life. Everything develops as a habit.

When we start to fall in love with life, we develop more love towards everything, and slowly it becomes a habit. If we push our self, to give a good performance every day, then it becomes a habit.

We can help others to improve upon their roles if we grow and get better with our own roles each day. If we don’t have a firm grip on our life, how can we teach anything to anybody around us?

To achieve perfection, and get better with perfection, needs serious dedication, commitment and focus on work. We cannot afford any deviation on the path, and the higher we take our commitment, the better will be our performance on the world stage.

We can grow with our performance, if we work on our self, and nourish ourselves from within, and fill our life with love and joy, so that, whenever we move out to act, it shows up in our performance.

The performance on the world stage starts from the time we are born, and it continues till we leave this stage. Any plan for retirement from life lacks understanding towards life.

We all here to perform, and understand, and get better with our performance. There will be a lot of time, to rest once we leave the world stage.

Life is a stage, and the stage is yours.

When a fresh actor, gets a chance on the stage, he gives his performance, with all the excitement and cherish every moment on the stage. Slowly when he starts to understand his role and the process, he enjoys more and gets better with his performance. He doesn’t think to leave the stage.

We all have received different role to play with life. We will find a cricketer, basketball player, athletes, president, businessman, writer, and many more. Everyone performing his or her own role with life. If we spent time, on the activities of others, or follow others for a wrong reason, we lose track from our own track of life.

We should always work to raise our level of life, by being on track. When we become better, the world around us gets better. When we rise high, we raise the level of life, on this earth. Always think and act for the whole. This way we grow our performance and uplift our world.

Life is fun, and joyful when we are useful to this world. We only struggle, when the life is without purpose and we have no reason to survive. The intent to live and grow and contribute makes life more meaningful.

It’s not necessary to know everything in life, ut to have a simple purpose to give more to life, or to make life better at every step, gives us a sense of oneness with the existence and develops more trust and love towards life.

Life happens within us and blossoms when we take notice of it.

Everything we focus upon expands, and the things we take our attention off, slowly starts to drop from our life. Connect with yourself, for your inner flower to blossom, and the fragrance of your flower to spread around.

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