Your Focus determines your Success


Life is deep. To understand the process of life, you have to sail along with life.

Your focus determines your success. Now, before you put your mind to something, it’s necessary that you connect with your mind. You need to know the activities of your mind. Only then you can direct your mind in a specific direction.

When you are connected to your mind, you can read different movements of your mind.

Whenever we wish to achieve something in life, we move out and give our best to life. Still, the time comes when we fail. When we closely observe our lives, we realize that it’s not only the effort that determines the result, rather it needs something more.

You have to have an unwavering focus on your goals, to achieve the desired result. Remember, failure happens, then it happens at your end. Nobody else stops you from experiencing the success in your life, but when you couldn’t stand up to the mark, then it’s obvious for you to experience the failure in your life.

Unwavering focus comes when you can direct all your energy in one direction.

When you experience the failure, you have to check the loopholes. There is certainly a crack where the energy is spent unnecessarily through you.

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It’s the focused mind that experience success. When you have a loophole in your mind, without your awareness the energy is directed in a different direction.

The success comes when your mind is occupied with the goal.

Many times we wish something else, but actually, keep our mind engaged in silly things.

Our desires are not followed by committed actions.

When you desire something, your body and mind should work in synchronization. Both your physical as well as subtle energy should flow in that one direction.

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Wherever you put your attention, your life energy gets directed into that direction. If you are unaware of the activities of your mind, the useful energy that can be utilized in a right direction is wasted un-necessarily by the mind.

The major part of your energy is occupied by the mind, and thus you have to be in constant check of the activities of your mind.

Life is not as you think; rather life is that which you live. Your every experience and impressions give you the summary of your inner world. Your inner life attracts the outside life.

The life is not happening at the level of thoughts or imagination, rather to understand life; you have to think in terms of energy and vibrations. Unless you see both the physical as well as the subtle world in the moment, it’s not possible to see the truth of life.

When you connect with the inner world, you receive the signs, of what the outside life has in store for you. Your outside life exactly unfolds the way, the life unfolds inside.

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It’s not only the action in the moment that ripes the result, but you need preparation in advance. You need work in your subtle world, and the whole process has to be developed in your subtle world, before you see the manifestation of it, in the outside world.

Many times, it happens that a thought cross our mind and we expect that thought to experience in reality. The life doesn’t work that way.

Just a plain thought doesn’t manifest into a reality, but when you allow that thought to grow into your mind and nourish it with proper energy, you can manifest it in the outside world.

Your thought or imagination needs nourishment not only in the physical world but also in the subtle world.

Life shows up at the right time, but before you the signs from life, it wants you to make necessary effort and do all the things possible in the moment. Before you experience success, you have to go through the process. You have to repeatedly make an effort until you see the shine of hope on the path.

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You reach your destination by taking one step at a time. Certainly, you experience the failure on the path, but when you learn the art of taking one step at a time, you assure yourself to reach the destination.

Before you achieve something big, you have to pass all the tests of life. Life tests you at every step, as for life, it doesn’t matter whether you experience success or failure, but what matters with life is, you grow and evolve with the process of life.

The actual process of life happens inside. No matter where you are placed in life, what matters with life is what goes inside.

Every day you experience distractions. It’s easier to drift from the path, but whats hard is to stay on the path and keep your attention on the path.

When you know what you want out of life, and be with it, you certainly receive the ideas and inspiration to move forward on your path.

Success comes to you when you live with an idea to improve upon life. Whatever you touch gets better with time. When you live with that intention, whatever you do, you try to improve upon life.

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Success is not a one-time achievement, rather success is a lifestyle. True success happens when you live your daily life well and experience satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment with your daily life.

When the things fall apart, it’s the best time to bring the things together and stand up as a unit. You experience failure not only as an individual, but many times you fail as a unit.

You feel charged up, but people around you, don’t feel so. This is the time, where it becomes your responsibility to fill other people with the same energy and enthusiasm that you carry for the self. Your energy rubs on others; you move out to make a positive difference in others lives.

Life is all energy and we attract what we offer to life.

Your past success has no relevance in the moment. Many people are lost in their past lives and expect their present life to be the reflection of the past. The present moment demands its own efforts, and you have to live to the expectations of the moment.

The past has to be forgotten and every moment has to be taken as fresh and the necessary effort has to be made in the moment, to attain the desired result.

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Life moves from moment to moment, and thus you can’t take any moment of your life for granted. When you simply hold a laid-back attitude you fall short of life. Success remains a dream for many because they are not ready to change with life. They wish to follow the old lifestyle. They want their outside life to change, but they themselves are not ready to change with it.

Success requires you to change. When you make efforts things start to change inside, and when the things change inside, it reflects in the outside life. Your action carries your energy and more determined your action is more energy and power you add to your action.

Success happens to people, who stay with their desire little longer.

Your dreams or desires is not a problem, but are you willing to hold yourself, till the end, or give up in the middle?

You receive the effect or success out of the cause. The cause is your effort or action. If you are willing to put necessary efforts in the direction of your dreams, you will definitely experience the success. No force of life can stop you from achieving what you want in your life if you are willing to strive till the end, and at no point ready to give up in your life.

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