Five Koshas Indian Psychology

Five Koshas Indian Psychology

The physical body that you see as “I” holds the source, spirit, mind, the main nerves of the physical body, and the physical body. The physical body is divided into five sheaths. The source resides in the innermost sheath of the body.

The physical body, to which you all are familiar with, is the outermost covering of your body. To live and experience the physical world, you need the physical body. Without the physical body human life is not possible. It’s the physical sheath to cover the subtle sheaths of the body.

As you move inward and realize your spirit and awareness field, you figure out the main nerves of the physical body, which is directly connected to the spirit and awareness field. The spirit is the life’s energy that nourishes the physical body with the main nerves system.

This is the same chord, which connects the mother to his child. The child gets nourishment for nine months, from this chord. Once the child comes out of the womb, the life energy takes the charge of nourishing the physical body.

You get life through the main nerves of the physical body. This main nerve of the physical body acts as an intermediate between the physical body and the life energy from the spirit.

Other than the nerves of the physical body, you have the mind, where you experience different experiences of life. All the life’s experiences, impressions, perception, perspective, the memory remains restored in the mind. When the mind realizes the spirit in the body, it completely opens up and you experience the awareness field in the body.

The mind is when tied to the physical body with the spirit, only part of the mind is utilized and experienced in the moment, but when the spirit is realized in the body, the mind gets free, and for the first time, you experience the awareness field in the body.

The mind is part of the awareness field. The awareness field is an open field. All the external and internal experiences of life floats on the awareness field. You feel sensation in the body. The feeling of sensation is nothing, but you experience your mind, all over the body.

The mind is understood to be part of the brain when the spirit is attached to the body, but when the spirit gets detached from the body, even the mind gets free, to experience itself as pure awareness field.

The mind is not limited to the thoughts and imagination, but your mind is part of the cosmos of the universe. Your mind is whole awareness field.

The awareness field is the subtle clothing that is spread all over the body. When you feel sensation at any part of the body, you feel nothing but the awareness field. The spirit is the life’s energy, when passes through the awareness field, creates the feeling of sensation. The spirit is just like the current that gives life to the awareness field. The awareness field doesn’t have a life of its own, but it’s the spirit that gives life to the awareness field.

Beyond the awareness field, you have the spiritual web or spirit. The spiritual web and the awareness field is part of the source. The spirit can be experienced in the body as a spiritual web. You might have noticed the web. The thread of the web is so subtle. The experience of the spiritual web is the same. The subtle thread of the spirit passes through the awareness field, main nerves system and physical body to experience life.

It’s the spirit that works through the mind and body. The spirit doesn’t control the whole body, but it controls the main nerves of the body, and the whole body remains in control of the spirit.

Physical body, main nerves system of the physical body, awareness field, and spiritual web are the internal sheaths of the body, which you experience before the realization of the source. The realization of source happens, when the spiritual web along with the awareness field, gets detached from the physical body and merge into the source.

The realization of the source is not possible in the awareness field. The source can only be realized, when nothing remains on the awareness field, and you create an intent to move towards the source. The spirit and awareness field is part of the source, and thus, they know the way to the source.

You might be wondering in all of these, where you exist in your body?

Your identity is the truth of the moment. You are not only a single identity, but you have many faces for different situations and moments of your life. As the moment change, your identity change. Unless you sit and observe the changes in your inner world, it’s not possible to get through your individual identity.

In reality, your identity doesn’t exist in the mind, and it only pops up when necessary in the moment, as you are habituated to get attach with everything that happens to you, in the moment.

If you can simply drop yourself from the moment, you can still experience life and with more clarity.

It’s only your attachment with the personal identity, that doesn’t allow you to experience the reality of life. Your perception remains limited to the identity of your mind.

Most people live in their mind. The life beyond mind doesn’t happen by itself, but it requires a deep intent, to know life beyond your present self. The personal identity develops into the mind, and the majority of people live, grow, and die with the identity of the mind.

When you get on the journey to know life, slowly you begin to identify the truth behind your personal identity.

Unless you know, what kind of identity you carry into your mind, you cannot drop it, to get in touch with the reality of life. The source can be realized, if you develop intent towards it and work towards it on a daily basis.

Each day you receive an understanding of life, to move forward. You have the choice to do what goes into your heart, or to follow with the things that are happening outside. When you follow your heart, you come closer to the source, but when your attention remains, in the outside glam of life, you are bound to miss the truth of life.


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