First Focus on Your Life, and then get Detached from it



All the mess you come across in your life is in your mind, and this mess is not of yours, but the waste you carry off the world, in you. When you open your mind and try to see what you think, the majority of the time, you will be thinking about others.

The life’s purpose cannot be served, by focusing on outside situation or other people. The life’s purpose can only be served if you put your attention on yourself and your life. When you bring the attention from the outside world to yourself, you remove one-third of the waste from your life.

The nature of the mind is to think, but you have to be responsible for your thought process, as this will lead to your actions, and slowly will take over your life. The majority of people are not conscious of their thinking process, and that means their life happens out of unconscious mind, of which they have either very less or no control.

If anyone who tries to help others from outside, the help remain for the temporary purpose, as from inside the person or the people remains the same, and as soon as they get to their routine, they come back to their original habits.

Life happens at the level of mind, and thinking process plays the major role in deciding your life. The thoughts of the mind, that I am talking about is not something that average man thinks because in a real sense the average man doesn’t think but just go on living his life out of fate, chance, coincidence, and luck.

I am talking about the mind, to which you can connect and read the thought process of mind, and bring those thoughts onto yourself and then slowly get detached from it. This requires practice. The practice to connect with your own mind.

You have to be alert and aware all the time. The part of the mind is alert about itself. If you are not alert and aware, you may receive any thoughts from the past, and you take action out of it, and this happens at the stage of unconsciousness.

It doesn’t matter, how you have lived your life till now, the change with the life begins at this moment. When you are alert towards yourself, slowly you negate the things happening outside of you and bring your attention onto yourself.

When your focus is on yourself, rather than the outside life, you put your mind on your life, and your mind starts to reveal your true identity. Remember the nature of mind is to think and provide you the information, where you put your attention to.

You have to choose and decide what you wish to have in your life, and put your attention on those things, and mind will start revealing the information about it.

To understand the process of mind comes out of experiment and experience. You may read all the books about the mind, but unless you experiment with yourself, you will never get to the truth of the mind.

The process of all the minds are the same, but the only place they differ is with their impressions and experiences. You have to get into your mind, to know the impressions and experiences you hold, and get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you, and focus on yourself, to know more about yourself.

” There is no Achievement in knowing others, Except to Know who you are.”

The life is only understood from within. You have to shift your attention inside, to know more about your life and the life that is happening outside.

All the life’s situation, that you imagine you face outside, is the culmination of the impressions and experiences of the past, that you experience in the present moment.

In a moment, you are already feeling something from inside, and suddenly you get into the situation or come across a person. The mind will not show you, what the situation or the person really is, but it will only reflect what you are already thinking inside.

When you connect from within, you correct yourself inside, rather solving each and every life situation you face outside.

You are the solution for everything. Anything that you see outside, either the problem or solution, it arises within you. When the things arise within me, then it’s pointless to look for the solution outside.

This is magical. Outside I may have thousand and one problems and if I try to get the solution for all the thousand and one problems, I will have thousand and one solutions for all the problems. The magic is, if I work the things inside, I see the result outside. That means I am not focusing on the outside problems, but I am focusing on only one thing, and that’s me.

When I clear my mind, and silent the mind and make it more peaceful and then move out into the world, the same mind can serve me to get all the things done in the outside world.

The mind and life are not something to fight with, but it’s all about understanding how it works.

If I tie your hands, with a rope and if you go on struggling with it, you will tighten the knots of the rope, but when you look at the ropes with the silent mind and untie the knots one by one, slowly you can free yourself from the rope.

You are exactly tied into the life, in a similar way and the rope is your mind and the knots are your thoughts. If you go on thinking about something, you make your life’s situation more complex, but rather putting your attention on the situation, people or struggle of life, you silently observe the activities of your mind and peacefully allow the thought process of your mind to get slow down, so the solution can emerge by itself.

Life doesn’t end with the material success or inner satisfaction. There is also something that lies beyond mind. You cannot experience anything on this earth beyond mind.

The mind of yours includes all. But there is something that lies beyond mind, the silent space. This silent space gives you the deeper knowing of your mind and than the process of life outside and within takes place by itself, and you get detached from your inner as well as outside process of life.

The mind is like an ocean. Outside, there are huge waves and inside, it’s silent and peaceful. If you want to know your mind as well as your life, you have to dive deep inside to feel the silence and peace of the mind.

You dive into the ocean, to find the jewels. The more you dive deeper, the more jewels you find out. The same thing can be experienced with the mind. When you go deeper into your mind, you realize your true authentic self as well as your supreme lord.

Life is more interesting, as your understanding grows towards it. Your appetite to understand life should not be small and you have to be more open to exploring life in all corners of your life.

Never restrict yourself with life. Don’t carry your own idea about life. If you have your own idea about life, you negate the inner wisdom, that remains with you all the time, and shows up as and when the need arise.

The life talks to you every moment, in the moment of joy and in the moment of sadness. When you are sad, it serves you to soothe your pain, and if you are joyful it brings more joy to you.

The voice of life can only be heard by those, who are more interested to know themselves and not the life that has already been created outside.

When you see the seven wonders of the world, you can enjoy it , relish it but cannot you make your life out of it. You can never make the life, out of something that already exists. Yes, you can add the eighth wonder to the world, by your own innovation and creation.

But if you get lost in someone else’s creation, then you miss portraying your own painting to life. The world is less beautiful, as we all are more interested in the nonsense of each other, rather than the life itself, and the only way to show your interest in life is to be interested in oneself.

The life flows through you. The existence has its own life, and you have your own. Both collaborate together to create life on earth. But the life on the existence only serves you, if you show up into the world from inside and do not follow the life, that already exists outside.

You enjoy something thoroughly, when you are less burden of it, and the same applies to life. Each person has its own obligations towards life, and this obligation can be served by taking personal actions.

When the mind is focused on the personal actions, slowly you get accustomed to the patterns of your life. Once you understand the patterns of life and your daily actions serves the purpose of your life, then you can take the initiative to get detached from your actions and rise above it.

There is life, yet to be explored by the people beyond mind. The way the organization runs by itself, following its own rules and regulation, in a similar way you train your body, mind, and heart to follow the laws of life, and allow the things to happen on its own, while you gets detached from it, and experience the higher bliss and wisdom of life.


  1. Knowing yourself….Self Realization through meditation gives this to anyone who puts the effort in. Detachment brings wonders unthinkable to the clouded mind. Slowly begin to practice meditation and your life will improve guaranteed.

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