Explore the Eternal Bliss in Different Forms


Bliss is a Juice of Life.

Explore the Eternal bliss in different forms. We relate with bliss with the joy of the heart or eternal happiness. Bliss is something i.e. more than happiness. Bliss stays forever while happiness is momentary. Bliss is eternal. Bliss is a juice of life, that flows internally. Without bliss, there is no life, at any level. We can create this juice of life, from within in different forms, and share it with others.

When we gather the feelings and emotions, that gives us happiness beyond measure, and the source of happiness is from inside, and not outside is the experience of Bliss.

How can we explore the Bliss of life in different forms, or what are the different forms of Bliss?

Bliss is an internal experience, and once experienced it expands by itself beyond everything. Bliss happens in different forms to explore.

We can have Mental Bliss, Physical Bliss, Emotional Bliss, Intellectual Bliss, and the Eternal Bliss.

Bliss is not something that can only be experienced at the level of the heart, but it can explore in different forms. Once we have experienced the bliss, we can take it to any level in different forms. You have to have the desire to explore.

Mental Bliss.

How is it possible, to explore the Bliss in different forms?

When we talk about mental bliss, it happens at the level of mind, where we silent the mind, and take to the point, where no thoughts flow through the mind, and the mind remains in a no thought state, we experience the mental bliss. Mental bliss is possible through Meditation and in Silence.

Life is all about experience, and unless something becomes a part of our personal experience, words become empty and don’t hold any meaning to it.

When the mind becomes silent and reaches to the state of no state, we experience, mental bliss. In the state of mental bliss, we can see the activities of life, and the complexities of our world. If we have a problem, and we couldn’t see the solution, in our daily life, we can go into the zone of mental bliss, where we can experience the highest level of happiness, and all the answers of life flow from within.

Physical Bliss.

From the Mental bliss, we can move to the physical bliss. In physical bliss, we take the support of our physical body and push to its limits, either by running an extra mile, or stretching further in the yoga session, or little extra push into the gym, or giving more time to the aerobic class. When physically, we push our self beyond the limit of the body, we experience the physical bliss.

Once we experience the physical bliss, we always try to push our self, higher to experience, the physical bliss, where every cell of the body feels relaxed, and the whole body feels rejuvenated after the experience.

This is physical bliss. When we move out to do any form of exercise, we try to cut short the time or look for the ways to escape it. But when we look everything as an experience and work towards to enhance the experience, we enjoy every activity of our life, and we do get better with it.

Life happens at the edge, and not on the couch.

Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

If we push our self, we open each and every pore of the body, to fill it with oxygen, and increase the blood circulation, to keep ourselves more alive, and energetic. With the physical bliss, we experience the present moment, and the energy from within flows with double amount of speed, to bring more awareness to life.

Emotional Bliss.

To feel the Emotional bliss, we share our honest expression with the world.

The painter feels emotionally high when he explores his talent, so does the dancer, when he express himself, wholeheartedly on the stage. Emotional bliss happens with complete honesty with one’s expression. When we are honest with our expression, our emotional bliss grows with time.

We have heard many times to follow the heart, but even if we do, we act out of fear, or we have some other intentions to fulfill, out of that expression. If we free our mind completely, when we express our self to the world, our honest expression, will lead us to the emotional bliss.

When the person falls in love, or when he gets emotional with the high’s of life, he gets a glimpse of emotional bliss. Even sharing our full expression to the world, with our talents and skills, and feel grateful with our heart, add emotional content to our life. When we feel emotionally high, we tend to give more to life.

Intellectual Bliss.

There is another bliss, i.e. intellectual bliss, where we feel blissful from another’s experience. When we read other’s experience, we create intellectual bliss and space for the bliss to flourish within us.

In the east, people are known to go to the Satsang or being in the company of Enlightened souls to experience blissfulness. With the Enlightened souls, their personal spiritual experience rub on others, and they too feel high, for that time, when they are in the company of great souls.

Even reading and going with other’s life experience gives us an intellectual bliss. Many readers love reading and many times, they seem to get lost in fictional or non-fictional books, and they forget to eat, sleep or drink unless they savor the experience wholeheartedly. This is intellectual bliss.

Eternal Bliss.

When we rise above mental, physical, emotional or intellectual bliss, we get into the eternal bliss. With eternal bliss, we take our self above the realms of physical, emotional, mental or intellectual state, and establish our self into the soulful state, where we feel the highest experience.

Life gives different experience at different times, to take us higher & higher in life. When we make most out of every experience, we grow at faster pace with life. When we live for a single experience, we don’t grow as a whole, and we restrict our growth. at one level, but if we simply remain open to life, and allow ourselves to climb higher and higher, there are endless possibilities remain for us to experience the ultimate.

The time, we accept life in its totality, and savor every experience of life, we experience the blissful state at every step.

How to Transform Your Life: A Blissful Journey

If we negate the possibility in life beyond our present self and accept the road routine, we not only loathe the process of life, but we also miss the wonderful opportunity of savoring the pleasure of blissful heart.

Life happens at the level of mind, and when we think to make every experience of the present moment, better than yesterday, we go deeper into our experience, to correct the errors of the past.

When we observe life closely, we remove all the things, that takes unnecessary energy, and focus on the things, that fill our heart, mind, and soul. This way we enrich our life, and over the time, create life, where every step of life seems blissful, and all the actions seem wholesome and complete.

When we try to do something new in life, it’s bound, that we give either more than its required or less to life, out of inexperience, but once we understand the art of things, over the time, we attain the perfection and grow leaps and bounds with it.

If we refuse to walk on the unknown path, out of fear or uncertainty, we seclude our self, with the limited experience of life. We can learn more only by taking the unknown path, and the more we go deeper into it, the more we feel familiar to the unknown path. This is the secret of life.

The truth of life, or we call God, resides on the unknown path, and can only be known, if we show courage, to do things with life, which brings more love and joy to our heart, and push us to our limits to expand our self, to feel something highly superfluous from inside.

To understand life, it has to be lived as a whole. Life includes physical, emotional and intellectual development. If we focus on one and leave another, we live part of a life, and the other part is left out. If we understand life intellectually or through knowledge, we miss the real experiences of life and get carried away by the knowledge. When we live from the heart and don’t try to understand the ways of life, at some point we call for the suffering.

Life is a whole and has to be lived as a whole. Everything should be embraced and nothing has to be dejected. When we grow and understand life, as a whole, we never think to live life, as a part, but embrace all, that comes on the path, and make every experience of life, the most blissful experience of life.

RamaKrishna-The Nectar of Eternal Bliss

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