Explore Life

explore life

Do you want to know the meaning of life?

Explore life. Explore your daily life, in all the directions and you will find the true meaning of life.

When you look beyond yourself, you find the true meaning of life. When the mind is occupied with its own tiny self, it separate itself from the life as a whole, but when it consciously look beyond the identity of the self, it comes across the life which is far bigger and grandeur than the self.

Exploring life is the human need beyond the basic needs of life. When you explore all the different facets of life, you come across altogether a different perspective towards life.

Life is way beyond what you think, and thus to experience life in its entirety, it’s important that you learn to drop yourself and experience life as a whole.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. On the contrary, choose the path that you have never walked upon, and explore life with all its colors. To experience something different you have to try all different ways of life. Its only on the different path, you can have different experiences of life.

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The different beauties of life can be experienced on a different path. You have to open your heart to life.

To explore life, the first thing you need is to have an open heart. You have to stay open to life. You can’t live with a pre-conceived notion. You can’t live by predicting the future; rather you have to live by experiencing life at the moment.

The next thing you need to explore life is a quest for learning. Have an open mind. Always stay hungry to learn something new and apply into your life.

Remember this, learn that you can apply. Simply information will only burden your mind.

When you learn, you find something new to experiment with your life. When you try something new, it opens up different possibilities in your life. Learning is a wonderful tool to take your life forward.

If you think you have been stuck or life is not moving forward, start learning about the subject that seems important to you, and you will notice that you will find the way to move forward.

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Learning is a way to move forward. It helps you to release your blocked energy inside. When your inner energy starts rolling you can do anything with your life. Learning helps you to grow.

Life is magical, only if you are open to experiment with your life. That’s where the magic of life lies. The magic lies in the unknown. The fear keeps you away from the path of the unknown.  

Exploring life is walking into an unknown territory. You have to surrender yourself to the moment. The best way to rise above the fear is to surrender yourself in the moment.

 Ego is the root cause of all your fear. When the mind contemplates life, it contemplates around the ego. When you think by dropping your ego your perspective changes towards the situation and life. Ego wants you to hold your old identity, while the life wants you to leave your ego behind and experience life.

When you follow the daily routine, life becomes monotonous. You can go on repeating the same life day in day out. This stops you from experiencing life, beyond the identity of the mind.

Your mind holds a pattern. When you follow the same repetitive process of life, you simply hold onto those patterns. When you bring awareness to your daily life, you can consciously break that pattern, and look beyond your daily routine.

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It’s important to explore your daily routine. When you explore your daily routine, you start enjoying every bit of life. Your life is your creation. You can create either heaven or hell, depends on your daily choices of life.

Want to know your life and know yourself?

Sit down, and write down all your experiences that you went through yesterday. Do it for a week, and your life will be on that piece of paper. That’s where you will find your daily patterns of life. People are scared to look into their lives. Everyone is interested in peeping into others lives, but nobody is interested in looking into one’s own life.

 Life is not boring. People are boring. When you join hands with life, you make most out of your life. You have to learn different ways of life. That’s the reason learning is so important. Learning connects you with the very core of life.

Life is wonderful, if you connect with the very source of life.

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You have to stay open to life. When you already know everything, you stop listening to life. When you realize you don’t know anything, you stop, you wait, and you listen to life.

When you already live with the idea that you know everything, you separate yourself from the life as a whole. Every moment of life comes with endless possibilities, provided you remain open for it.

There are two ways to go through the process of life. In the first case, your identity takes you through the process of life.

In the second case, the life itself takes you through the process of life. When you follow the second one, you experience the life as a whole.

You rise above the duality of mind, and experience life in its natural form. The purpose of life is to express yourself to your full potential. If you give everything that you have to life, you receive everything that you desire in life.

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