Experience happens with the Observation, While Expression with Practice


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Life repeats itself unless you understand the process of life. You are the creator, operator, and destroyer of your life. No god other than you holds the right to you. You are the one who takes the time to understand life and repeat the same process over and over before you reach to the state of realization.

When you understand life, experience life, learn, observe, evaluate and grow with life only then you come to terms with life. The past is hard to drop because you haven’t learned the art to drop the mind.

The mind can only be dropped if you learn to divert the mind to itself. The inward attention is to direct the mind towards the self. Then mind doesn’t have any space to escape. When you have outward attention, the mind can show you many things, and you follow the mind, but when you direct the mind to the self, the truth of mind is revealed.

What is Experience?

Experience is that which happens. You can prepare yourself for the experience, but you cannot directly experience the experience. All your preparations with life are indirect. All your planning and scheduling with life is not based on the future, but it’s based on the past, as the future is only the probability and yet doesn’t exist.

So any experience with life simply happens. More and more you remain an observer to life, more you experience life.

There are two types of experiences in life. One experience that happens in the outside world and serves the purpose only in the outside world. The other experience is of the inner world, that serves as a transformation for both the inner as well as outside world.

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The outside world is the world of physical manifestation, while the inner world is the subtle world of thoughts and emotions. The physical world is the blueprint of the inner world, and thus the understanding of the inner world helps you to understand the physical world better.

People look for the experiences in the physical world for inner satisfaction, but the life follows the process of inside-out. The inner satisfaction with life can only be achieved by understanding the internal process of life.

The importance of experience lies in obtaining the life lessons out of it. Only the experience doesn’t count, but what matters is, what you have learned out of it. When you observe and evaluate your experience, you learn the life lessons out of it. When you learn the lessons, you apply it in your future experiences, and in this way, you just get better with life.

For richer experiences, look life through your inner world, and not with the things that’s happening outside, as the outside reality cannot hold itself, without the inner world.

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How to Observe?

When you observe your life, there are four parameters that need to be considered. Efforts, energy, emotions, and thoughts. Life dwells in all these four levels. You cannot have any other experience of life, other than these four levels.

When your thoughts, emotions, energy, and efforts flow in motion, in those moments of life you are aligned with the natural laws of life.

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It’s necessary to keep in check with your daily efforts. Sometimes lack of awareness puts you into a situation, where you keep on doing things with the unconscious state of mind, without considering your time and efforts. You may spend years doing the same thing without even realizing the real purpose of your life.

Your life is not only based on your physical efforts but the energy, emotions, and thoughts behind every action also hold equal importance in creating your desired life.

The decision brings alertness to life, while choice brings awareness to life. Your life is based on your choice and decisions every moment. Choice and decisions decide your directions in life.

Many people live under the impression that, if they are busy all the time, they are doing productive work. But at the end of the day, if they fairly evaluate their life, they will recognize that hardly one or two task has been finished throughout the day and most of the time and energy have been spent in a haphazard way.

When you observe your energy and efforts, it helps you to choose your actions wisely and you get closer to the result you have imagined from your actions. To observe your life is to check the synchronization of your thoughts, emotions, energy, and efforts. If all the four things are in motion, your experiences with life grow with time, and your life gets aligned with the natural process of life.

What is Expression?

The expression is the way you respond to life, either through words or with your actions. Your every movement is your expression to life. Life doesn’t see only your outside response, but it also reads your internal response, that is your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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The experiences with life are mandatory. It happens, but the expression is a choice. You always have a choice with your expression. Expression grows with practice. Experiences with life happen, while the expressions of life, we choose for ourselves.

The expression of life is to express yourself with the body, heart, mind, and soul. Soul here refers to the energy. You can always get better with your expression. As your understanding gets better about yourself, the better you can express yourself to life.

Life on earth evolves through humans. The process of evolution of the external reality happens, by experimenting with the different elements of nature. The elements of nature don’t change, but how much you learn, grow and evolve with the formation of this elements, decided the evolution process of the life on existence.

The life on the existence remains very much same. It’s just that how well you can play with the natural elements to create and innovate in life. Your external process of evolution depends on how well you understand different formations of natural elements and what you make out of it.

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 Your understanding grows while experimenting with life. The mind holds the nature to expand. More and more you experiment with life, the better the formation of natural elements comes into your experience.

Expression of life grows with practice. If anything goes in your heart, if you begin to work towards it, slowly you will learn different ways to express the thing of your heart. An idea or talent is a gift, but the expression is not a gift.

The expression allows you to develop and nourish your inner talent and serve you to make it your physical reality. What you hold inside, takes the time to manifest itself in the physical reality, but if you go on expressing your innermost thing, slowly you see it turning into your physical reality.

If you learn the art of expression, you can be expressive in all the dimensions of life. Many people have a vast pool of experience both on the outside as well as the inner world, but they never put those experience into practice, as they don’t know the art of expression.

The subtle world can only become your physical reality, if you learn the proper expression for it.

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You may have attained the biggest experiences in your life, or you may be the most talented person in your field, but unless you bring the things to the table and put definite amount of time, energy and effort to it, you will never be able to deliver what you have achieved or what you feel inside.

Sometimes, it’s easier to experience something in the subtle world of thoughts and emotions, but when you bring into the expression, you cannot express exactly the way, you have felt inside.

The external reality understands the art of expression. Unless you keep it for yourself, nobody will ever understand what’s going on, inside of you.

Experience happens, when you observe, evaluate, learn and apply into your life, while the expression of the innermost experience grows and develops with practice.

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