Expand your Inner Bliss



To expand your inner bliss, first of all, you have to experience the bliss. The bliss from within is the ultimate happiness of life. No external experience of life can give you the joy beyond the inner bliss. You realize the ultimate truth and then what remains for you, is to expand your bliss, in the universe, so that others too can fill the same for themselves.

You can fill yourself with so much of happiness, that nothing remains in you except love and happiness. This is not something that happens naturally, but you have to work towards it. Slowly it spreads around you in the form of an aura. Then it becomes your second nature. You attract life with the aura.

Work on Your Inner Bliss.

Work on your inner bliss to attract the similar experience in the outside world. The sadness of the outside world is not an event happening outside, but when too many people are sad from inside, their sadness spreads in the outside world. It’s not that the existence is unhappy, but the people who live in the world are unhappy from inside, and that’s become their reality.

Make a conscious choice to work on your inner happiness, expands your inner joy, look for the opportunity to be more happy and joyful and soon you will have the similar experiences in life.

Everyone holds the power to change his environment with his energy and vibrations. Your energy and vibrations create the environment. Not only that, you also hold the power to change the most drastic situations into the most pleasant ones. But everything comes down to your personal effort.

Are you willing to be the change that you hope for, in the world?

The time you understand that you are responsible for everything, and you hold the power to change any situation or circumstances of your life, your attention begin to shift inward. When you direct all your energy and attention on yourself, your inner world starts to improve and your outside world to gets impacted by it.

Life is a Festival, a Celebration.

Life is a festival, a celebration. But the celebration is the one, that doesn’t come as the calendar moves forward, but you have to create one for yourself. You have to search deep inside, the nectar of wisdom and bliss and express your inner expression to the world.

To make life, the celebration requires lots of dedication, commitment and practice. You have to work towards it, and the result that you experience is a sheer joy and happiness.

Many people want joy, love, peace, happiness and wisdom in life, but they don’t know the way. They wait for the life to happen to them, but life is present in this moment. You have to clear your mind to experience the flow of life in this moment.

If you choose to be happy in this moment, you become happy inside and then the inner happiness flows outside. What you carry inside, you attract from outside. Just a choice to be happy all the time brings the shift in life.

The Inner World is like a Music.

Life is like a flowing river, where you need to have enough control over yourself, so that you can direct the life in your desired direction.

The life happens in you, and the source of everything that happens to you exists inside. The sad part with life is, everyone is disconnected from inside and searching for life outside.

Don’t be afraid of life. Go out in life without any support and you will create a path for you. Try to be more dependent on yourself for everything. It may seem hard initially, but once you train yourself to look for the solution inside, slowly you will come up with your own path with life.

Try to live inside out. Make everything that happens in you the center point. You can only connect with life from within. Live life inside out and you will create the life which will be closer to the truth.

Prepare a Path for Yourself.

Make your inner world, the benchmark for everything. This will connect you to your inner world. Even if the outside life distracts you from the path, at least you know you are out of the path and with the inner world as the center point, you can anytime get back on the path.

To lose the path or move out of the path, is never a problem if you are aware of it. The real problem lies, when you don’t have any path, to get back on, once you are thrown out of life.

The transcendence from the mind to no-mind state is possible if you have a path. No-mind is a state where you experience your spirit and the source of the spirit.

The Experience of the Spirit, beyond Mind.

The experience of the spirit happens when you transcend the no-mind state. The mind becomes the spectator with the realization of the spirit. The spirit is the life energy that works through the mind, heart and body to experience life.

You only live with the impressions and experiences of the mind and ego until you realize the spirit in the body. The time you realize the spirit, the mind gets focused on the spirit, and then the life only unfolds with the movement of the spirit. After the realization of the spirit, the role of the mind is to follow the spirit.

The mind and body don’t have any power of its own, but it’s the spirit that adds power to the mind and body. The sensation in the body is part of the spirit. The life can only be experienced with the combination of spirit, mind, and body.

The Inner Mechanism of Life Energy.

Plan your life in the morning time, and if you can execute even a part of it, you initiate the process of conscious growth and evolution with life.

The sages in the east, practice with the life’s energy so well, that anytime when they need they can pull the life energy upward. This helps them to hold complete control over the outside situations of life, by controlling their inner world.

People judge others happiness, out of their capacity to acquire material comfort, but material comfort cannot help you to sustain long-lasting happiness. The real happiness can only attain from the joy of the inner world.

Life is a festival, and not the festival that comes once or twice a year, but the celebration that is happening every moment. Looking at the sorrows of life, you might get the different impressions of life, but that’s not the whole truth.

If you think there is any obstacle that is coming between you and your happiness , then the only place to look for, is within. You hold the sacred space, that is beyond any form, thoughts or images of the mind. This is the space from where you can observe every activity of the mind and look into your feelings and emotions of the heart.

The life only bothers you unless you realize your true authentic self. Once you realize the truth from within, you experience the bliss of life every moment and then the expansion of the inner happiness happens on its own.

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