Expand Your Spirit, into the Universe.


You are not just the personal identity, created by the experiences and impressions of your mind, but you are the spirit into the body, that grows and evolves with the body, heart, and mind. You have the soul too, into the body as an observer, that helps you to observe the activities of the spirit, mind, heart, and body.

The mind can be completely understood, only when you rise above the mind. The mind, heart, and body is an instrument for the spirit to experience life, and to express itself to life. Whatever moves out of you, is your expression, either in the form of actions, or when you express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Your expression comes out of your experience. Unless you have an experience of something, you cannot express yourself, in the form of thoughts, feelings or action. You have to have within you before it comes out in the expression.

On the top of that, mind too needs some experience to expand it, in the physical form. A single experience turns out into multiple experiences with the mind. The mind needs an experience or impression, to analyze, evaluate, for reasoning or even imagining the future, out of the past experience.

“The job of the mind, is to stretch a dot, and turn it into a line. The dot is an experience out of experiment, and line is your life.”

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

When you realize the spirit beyond mind, into the body you come to the source of life. The spirit expands and the physical body is a fine example of it. Physical body doesn’t come out of, by multiplying cells of the body and by intake of food, but it takes more for the child body to turn into a full-fledged body of a man or woman.

The process happens at the level of spirit. The spirit expands and it can expand itself, to the point, where it can include the entire universe.

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With the mind, you like to hold on to things. The experience of spirit is when you let loose yourself. The mind doesn’t allow you to let loose yourself or leave a grip on any part of life.

The mind is always scared, that if it loses the grip, the things will slip away, be it in personal life or professional life. In reality, if you can look into the activities of mind, you realize that nothing happens according to the mind, and all the security and safety at the level of mind is no more than to console the mind.

Unless mind experiences the spirit, it cannot let lose itself. Life is limited at the level of body, heart, and mind. The identification with the body can never give you freedom, and neither at the level of feelings and emotions. The source of your feelings and emotions is the thoughts and images of your mind. The heart doesn’t stand on its own, but absolutely dependent on the mind.

So you cannot relate yourself to the feelings and emotions, as it too, cannot give you the freedom, which you are looking for life.

When it comes to mind, it’s the most volatile thing, and thus unless you consciously make use of your mind, heart, and body, after having an understanding of it, you cannot make the best use of it, with your life.

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If you are unconscious of, whats going on, into your mind, you can never realize, how unconsciously, your life gets driven by the mind, heart, and body.

You have a spirit in the body, for which the mind, heart, and body is an instrument and if you attach yourself with anything other than the spirit, that resides within the body, you simply live in the illusion of your past.

“Spirit is attached to the body, heart and mind through sensation. Spirit experiences life and gathers impressions through sensation. Its only the sensation that allows the spirit to express itself, through the body, heart and mind, but this truth can be known, once you realize the spirit in the body.”

Watch and Wait: relaxing and waking up – instinct and intuition

If your idea about yourself, is limited to the personal identity, that you hold onto the mind, your life remains limited to the thoughts and images of the mind. First thing, with the mind, is your personal identity, that you have created over the time, out of the experiences. This personal identity is an individual identity and separates a person from the world.

The sensation confirms the experiences of personal identity through sensation, and thus the experience of oneself, into the mind seems real.

Your personal identity, along with the images, thoughts and all the functions of rational mind, along with the feelings and emotions at the heart region and fear and insecurity at the stomach region and all the little pleasures of life along with the sexual experience seems real, because of the sensation.

If you are attached with your sensation, every part of life seems real, but if you detach yourself, with your own sensation, slowly you create the space between the spirit and the body, heart, and mind.

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