Everything Serves, with Little Awareness in the Present Moment


Awareness is your perception towards the situation, people, events or experience that you carry in the present moment. If you stay little aware in the moment, your perception expands in the moment.

The clarity with life comes with the expanded perception. Clarity with different aspects of life, allows you to see through things. You see the possibilities and opportunities in the moment, which may not be possible to see otherwise, without the expanded perception.

Rather than to jump on the things, be clear within, what you are up to, and this will allow you to avoid many pitfalls of life. With life, it’s not the act that is important, but the perception that you carry while doing that particular act.

The awareness in the moment serves you the most when you are about to create your imagination into a reality.

If you are on the unknown path, the only thing that can serve you is the awareness in the moment. With the awareness in the moment, you just have a glimpse of the path, and you pick the things from the path to move forward.

You don’t carry any idea, of what’s lying ahead, but the only thing, you trust, in your own awareness in the moment. You somehow know, that little awareness in the moment will serve you. You make most out of, everything that is available to you, in the moment.

Your concern doesn’t remain with what you don’t have, but your entire focus remains to be attentive in the moment and make the most out of it.

With the awareness in the moment, all the different situations, events, and experiences of life serves you. Remember any situation, person, events or experience is not particularly good or bad, but it either follows the process or come out of the process or follows its own nature. It has no direct relation with, how you perceive life.

On the contrary, you have a choice to either perceive life, out of what is happening outside, and coloring it, according to your own perception, or see the things, in its natural form.

Perceive everything in life with the neutral perspective and see how  everything can serve you to move forward on your path.

If you can hold your awareness in the present moment, you can make most out of, everything and anything that appears in front of you.

With life, either nothing is a waste or everything is a waste, depends on your perception.

When you are attentive in the moment, you simply cannot run with life. Attention allows you to hold yourself in the moment, and rather to run in the past or the future, it keeps you in the present moment. When you already wander in the past or the future, you cannot see the past, present, and future of the present situation.

When you don’t hold the past, present, and future in your mind, of yourself, you can see the past, present, and future of anything that exists outside. When life puts you in a different situation or it brings different people into your life, you already know, why do you exist in this situation or how this person entered into your life.

With life, only two things exist, you and life. It all depends on you, how you make the most out of, everything that life brings to you. The important thing to remember here is that life doesn’t offer anything that you haven’t presented to life. Life only brings, what you have offered to life.

With life, anything that you experience is your own creation and the continuity of your creation. If you understand this truth of life, you don’t run out of different situations or experiences of life, but you face them so that you rise above it. You just cannot run from your creation rather the only option you have, is to live it, understand it, and rise above it. Only then the true wisdom pertains to your life.

Wisdom allows you to live life from the distance. You cannot hold life. Whenever you hold any part of life, you stop the free flow of life. Life has its free flow. You have to figure out, how life flows within you and do everything to align with it. Don’t try to be rigid with life, because all the rigidity takes place inside of you.

When you become stuff, your inner energy gets stuck, and then you try to untie yourself, that again becomes the task for you.

It may see like, life is happening all around you, in the form of people, situation, events, and experiences, rather in reality life is happening only within you, and it’s you, who experiences life in different ways, with your perception and get caught up, in your own perception.

The awareness in the moment, allows you to look within and outside simultaneously. You can see simultaneously what’s going on in both the different world, in the moment. Once you are aware, of both the world, you neither resist the internal condition nor the external condition; rather you create the fine flow, in both the internal and external conditions of life.

The life energy flows through you, and anything that is needed in the moment gets fulfilled with it, without your involvement. When you indulge yourself with any task, you simply obstruct the free flow of life. You become the obstacle with life. Your awareness in the moment separates your indulgence from the moment and allows you to directly look into life.


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