Every day is a Chance to Start Over

Every day is a Chance to Start Over

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No matter what happened yesterday, today you have the chance to start over. This is the magic of life. It views every day and every moment of life as fresh. Life itself doesn’t carry your past in the moment, but it’s always you who likes to take over your past into the present moment.

Life always flows fresh in the moment. It’s you who has to decide either be with the ways of life or follow the ways of your mind.

If you could see the light of this day, you will realize that every day is different and each day holds its own possibilities of life. Whether you see the possibilities of life in the moment or stay caught up into the problems of yesterday, depends entirely on you.

Everyday brings new light into your life. You have to show courage to see the bright side of life and take your life forward. When opportunity knocks at your door, show courage to pick the opportunity and walk a mile with it.

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The fear of the past cannot be denied and its part and parcel of life, but every day you have an opportunity to rise above your fears, and experience life with different colors. It’s all about your perspective in the moment.

If you can see life with utmost clarity, yesterdays fear cannot over power you in the moment, rather you can over ride the fear of the past, and make most out of the life that is available at the moment. You always hold the power to write a new script of your life.

With life what counts the most is today’s effort. What you do today, takes your life forward. Every day whats possible for you is today’s effort. The result, the situation, the events of your life are not in your hands, but you can certainly work on the things that are in your hand.

Life can only pinch you if you don’t play your part well. Life has its own way to function, and thus few things go your way, while others won’t but your intention should always be moving forward in your life.

If you get stuck with the unpleasant events of life, you miss the chance to bring the change to your life, that can happen only by making an effort in the moment.

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Your inner life reflects in the outside world. More you develop your inner strength, better you can handle the outside life, but if you don’t take care of your inner self, you pay the price via different means in the outside world.

The outside life is not at all a problem, but the real problem lies in how you handle the inner life. It’s the inner chaos, that doesn’t allow you to view the outside situation with absolute clarity. The real confusion exists in the inner world, and thus it keeps you engaged with the confusion and chaos of the outside world.

Your mind is a plain white clothing, which gets filled with the memories of life. When you see your present life with the memories of the mind, you cannot see the absolute truth of the moment, rather your perception comes out of the memories of your mind.

This doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist in the outside world, but when there is already confusion going on in our inner world, we cannot see the outside problem with utmost clarity and thus finds difficult to reach to its solution.

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The more we work on our internal strength, the better we face the outside situations and people in our life.

Every day we come across the situation, that becomes hard to handle. Sometimes the life puts us on a back seat, but if we can hold ourselves in the moment, we always find a way for ourselves. Life certainly gives you the way, if you know how to hold yourself in the moment. It’s all about how you handle the pressure of the moment.

Life proceeds with an intention. If you hold an intention to make your today better than yesterday, no way you can fall short of life. Every day do something to take your life forward and make your today better than yesterday, and in a short span of time, you will notice the complete shift in your life.

You don’t change your entire life in a day, but when you work in every day’s life and make little shift every day, you bring a real shift to your life for the better.

Life has its rules and those rules of life will be revealed to you, if you know how to show patience with life. Life wants you to show patience in the moment, and stay open to the ways of life.

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When things are not going our way, it’s easier to hold bitterness in our heart, but that bitterness again becomes the hindrance for our growth. With life, it’s not the bitterness but it’s the love that finds its way to the destination.

When you carry love in your heart, in a way you remain surrender to life. You don’t resist life rather you amend your way according to the ways of life, and this allows you to have a break-through in the moment.

If you closely observe life, you will notice that life is not only about efforts, rather you have to know the way of surrender to life. Sometimes effort doesn’t take you forward and you feel stuck in the moment. At those time, what works is a way of surrender at the moment.

Life has its own way to unfold. You play your part well, and then leave the rest on life and life has its own ways to take care of your needs. Life resonates with the energy that you carry inside. More cool, calm and compose you are from within, more you can experience the natural unfoldment of life outside.

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