Every Cell of your Body, has Information.


Any experience or impressions gets transmitted to the body through senses and gets recognized by each cell of the body through sensation. Each cell of the body has information. Whatever you come across in your life, in the form of situation, events, experience or impressions, that part of the cells, gets alive in your body, and reaction develops from within to the outside situation.

It’s important to know this truth, that the situation, events, experience or impressions of outside life, makes inactive cells alive to what you already have inside of you. In active cells carry the information from the past experiences and impressions, and when you simply understand this basic truth, you tend to rise above your daily repetitive situation, to rise above it.

When you know the truth, you work to apply into your life, and bring the necessary change with it. If you simply carry on with your life, the old information, simply put you into the automation mode and you attract the same situation or react the same old way to your present situations or events of your life.

Life is all about growth both from the inside as well as outside level. The outside change everyone is familiar with, where more and more accumulations you have, more successful you become, while the inner success is achieved, when you let lose yourself, with everything that you hold inside, in the form of information.

Your life is controlled by the outside situations and events, and not only that but your response too, is pre-decided to the situation and events of your life.

Nobody is really bothered to look, how the life takes place inside of them. The natural process of life, that takes place in the existence, the same natural process of life, takes place inside, and more and more you dive deep inside, more and more you come closer to the natural process of life.

Let see, how the cells of your body imparts the information in live situation. Say, in the moment, you are hungry or not hungry. You have come across the favorite dish, that you haven’t had since long time, in some advertisement.

Now, when you sit for your break-fast, lunch or dinner, that favorite dish will come to your mind, again and again, and within few days of time, your body and mind will compel you to go for that favorite dish.

The psychology of mind is the transmission of information, in different situations, that you have acquired from the past.

Now what happens, in this case, that you already had the informationof your favorite dish, into your system, but as you have come across the same, the cells of your body, begin to respond and later forced you to act on the information. The same applies to all the situations of your life.

In one or the other way, you make a choice for the experiences and impressions that you wish to have, out of the information that you carry into your system. You come across the same experience and impressions, again and again and that will become the part of your system.

You activate the past information too from inside, with just a simple impressions or experience you have in the moment. If you don’t like anything in the outside world, than with the little awareness in the moment, you can make a shift to something, that you like.

Remember cursing, resisting, rejecting will not solve the problem of your life, but you have to understand that anything, which you feel unpleasant outside in the form of experience, will activate more of the similar impressions and experiences from the past from your body. Its better to drop all that doesn’t serve you, in your life and try to hold as much goodness, as you can in your day to day life. Slowly and gradually the transformation happens.

You create, design or manifest your life, in a similar way. There are very few souls, who holds courage to rise above the mundane process of life, and expand their imaginative mind, to explore life of beyond. Majority of them are happy, simply repeating the same process of life.

“Its not necessary for you to respond to your life, the way you have responded in the past, and if you don’t have the fresh response, for the situation in the moment, than at-least you know how, not to act, the way you have acted in the past.”

This itself will help you to break the patterns of life. This doesn’t let you free from the action, but now you have to be more alert and aware of every moment of your life, and allow it to pass with awareness.

Holding yourself back is not an easy thing, and again it will pull all your energy from your system. You will get tired in a similar way, the way you get tired acting, in every situation and events of your life, and responding and reacting to all the inner as well as outside thoughts.

To simply remain a witness to your life, takes everything out of you, because the impressions and experiences from the past, wants you to respond or react out of every situation. I am not saying, you have to sabotage yourself, but this very act will empower you, at the end of the day, and you will have more clarity with whats going on, both in the outside as well as inside life.

You allow the information from the past to take over, if you act into every situation or events of your life. This doesn’t mean you should not act, but action should be after prolonged thinking and should not lead you, to the past. You always know in the moment, that this act will take you forward with life, or you are simply repeating the same process of life.

Break all the repetitive patterns of life. With the old information, you cannot create something new, but if you become successful in not acting the way, you have acted in the past, you have break the patterns of the past.

Its not only to participate is a choice, but not to participate is also a choice. Both decided the future path.

There are three ways to act on life. Either you act, out of what you have acquired from the past, and create what you have already created. You can also allow the logical mind to raise the query, into different situations of life, and stop yourself to move forward with life and take yourself backward.

The last option for you, is to remain open to life and look at every situation of life, with awareness, and simply remain curious to know even little aspect of life. Don’t worry where life will lead you, because nobody goes anywhere else. Everyone remains under the sun, and on earth.

If you remain open to life, the changes begins inside, and slowly you certainly attracts the outside situation according the the energy and vibrations that you radiate from inside.


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