The Eternal circle of Life

The Eternal circle of Life

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The eternal circle of life is the cycle of birth and death. Do we repeat the cycle of birth and death and if we do, what happens after death, or how we choose our birth?

These few puzzles of life haunt the mind all the time. The mind can no way figure out the truth behind it.

When it comes to the eternal circle of life, the mind cannot understand the daily life to be the eternal circle of life, but for the mind, the eternal means some ever-lasting magic of out of the world has to happen to experience the eternal moment of life.

The eternal truth is certainly hidden from the mind, but this doesn’t mean the mind doesn’t have an access to it. On top of that, the eternal circle of life is no different from your day-to-day life. The time you realize the ultimate truth in you, the day-to-day process of life will become the eternal circle of life.

You will realize that your everyday life itself is the process of life, but you are nowhere connected with it. Your mind is not connected with your day-to-day life. Your mind is always somewhere in the past or working for the future.

Living in the Moment.

The eternal circle of life is happening in this moment. The whole process of life is to connect with this very moment of life, so that, you experience the eternal circle, not somewhere in the heaven, but here and now, in this moment.

As to dreams and desires are the nature of the mind, in a similar way, to know the eternal truth, is also the nature of the mind. The beginning and end of life happen within the mind.

After the self-realization, the external reality remains the same, but you realize the truth behind the eternal life.

You realize how you come to this body and how life exists in the existence. This truth of life liberates you from all the bondage of life and makes you one with the eternal circle of life.

Life repeats itself every day. Day follows the night and night follows the day. This is an eternal circle of life. To connect with the eternal circle of life, you have to connect with life on a daily basis.

Just by understanding the repetitive process of day and night will give you the glimpse of the eternal circle of life. Either you move back before 5000 years ago, or you think for the future after 100, 200 or 500 years, one circle that is constant is the circle of day and night.

Understanding is the key.

If you can understand this eternal circle of life, it becomes easier for you to move towards the deeper truth of life.

It’s impossible for the mind to hold itself with the circle of day and night. The mind is so engrossed with its own past and future, that it doesn’t have time to know the truth behind itself.

You put your mind to anything, and it will reveal the secrets of life to you. You have to look within and ask yourself what you are looking with life.

The life is ever-present in this moment, but it’s the mind that runs in the past and the future always running away from the natural process of life. If you can simply observe your life for twenty-four hours of the day, you will notice the shift inside.

The physical reality that you perceive with the mind is just fine for the external use. It’s good for utility purpose, but you cannot create your life around it. The life of the human can take place with much bigger dimensions.

When you perceive the external world through the senses, you perceive the external world in your mind. Your mind creates a perception of the external reality, either out of your experiences and impressions of life or out of your understanding towards life.

Perception of life.

The external reality comes out of the natural process but when you see the external reality, you cannot see the truth of it. Your perception remains limited to your mind.

Let say you live in a 100 years old house, build by your grandfather. Now, when the third person sees the house, it sees the house as an old constructed property. However, when you see the same house, you have all your feelings and emotions attached to it.

The same applies to life as a whole. Any part of your life, you only see with your limited perception but not keeping whole view in mind.

This restricts your perception to your individual mind and you separate yourself from the whole. Life works as a whole, but with the individual mind, you separate yourself from the whole.

The individual mind only sees the external reality with the attachment and thus, it cannot see the actual truth of it. When you see the house, out of your attachment, you cannot see the actual reality of the house.

The house stands because of its build up before 100 years ago, and with the time, it will fall. Your perception only allows you to see the house with your memories with the house.

Your memory is separate from the house. The memory is separate and the house is separate, but when we are attached to something, we only see the subject and the object as one thing.

Memory in the mind.

To experience life as a whole, you need to understand the perception of your mind. Your perception is nothing but the past memories. The memory of the mind is you accumulate out of experience. When you take your attention inward, you can look into your own memories that you have accumulated over the time, and rise above it.

If you can understand that anything that exists in the external reality, not only the house, but anything that is physical is just another build up, and will fall with the time, or will be replaced by another build up, then you can separate yourself from anything that exists as physical in the physical reality.

You don’t have to separate yourself from the physical things that belong to you, but at-least you can understand the actual truth behind it.

The next thing that needs to be understood is the memories of the mind. Now, the memories that you hold for the external reality, either it’s the house, or the person, or the situation or any events of your life is just the memory of your individual mind, and it has nothing to do with the whole truth.

The whole truth is separate from the memory of the mind. The memory of the mind only belongs to the individual mind, and the memory along with the time will be replaced by fresh memories.

If this little truth is understood by the mind, then slowly you can separate yourself from the memories, and see your thoughts and images of the mind as detached observer.

The physical reality is temporary and even the memories of the mind are temporary and is replaced with time. Thus, we have to look for something in us that is beyond the temporary physical reality and the subtle memories.

Unless we figure out that truth in us, at least we can try to understand the physical and subtle world. This will help us to move into the deeper reality of life and brings us closer to our real authentic self.

To connect with the eternal circle of life, that is ever-present in the moment, you don’t have to die, but you have to realize the self, that exists beyond the physical and subtle world.

The self is the source of life. It exists in you, beyond the memories of the mind. The self is nothing but the mind without memories. Its the pure state of mind.

The State of Mind.

The experience of a pure state of mind is liberation. The truth always liberates. Its only the truth that allows you to directly look into life, either of the physical or subtle world.

You only experience yourself separate from the eternal process of life, because of your understanding. You never use your understanding to search for the truth, but accept whatever you see in the physical world. Your present life is far away from the truth. You only live the external reality, but never try to look for the internal truth.

Life is happening all the time. It doesn’t matter either you exist or not, but life still happens. When you allow this thought to sink deep inside, you try to see life, beyond your personal identification. Try to understand life, dropping your personal identification with it.

How do you see your life, if you don’t exist?

Life will still happen. If life can still hold itself, without you then what is the reason of your existence? Why do you exist?

Understanding with life can only happen if you learn to drop yourself. Don’t try to see and understand life from your perspective, but drop all the perspective and see the natural flow of life. By observing, the natural flow of life you realize the truth.

With the cosmic universe, only your intention is enough to connect with the eternal circle of life. If you don’t understand anything about life, but if you hold the intention to know life, life will reveal itself to you.

The circle of life works with the cause and effect. If god becomes either your cause or effect, you come closer to the truth of life. The cause and effect moves in a circle. The intention to know the truth, allows you to rise above the cause and effect of life. With life, if the cause comes out of you, you experience the effect of it.

Let see how cause and effect actually works with life.

End of the Chapter.

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