Establish in Your Dharma (Religion).


Dharma is your daily karma or action, that creates your destiny. Each one creates his or her own dharma or religion. Christianity is a dharma (Religion) of Jesus Christ, Hinduism is a dharma (Religion) of Krishna, Buddhism is a dharma (Religion) of Gautama Buddha, Jainism is a dharma (Religion) of Mahavira, and Islam is a dharma (Religion) of Muhammad.

Whats your dharma (Religion)?

Dharma is your daily karma or action, out of your understanding. Each day you take different choices and decisions, out of understanding. You have daily activities to follow, different situations to face, different experiences and impressions that you accumulate throughout the day. Everything that you accumulate, experience and later express yourself to the world, out of understanding, everything comes to your karma or action.

Your karma or action is your dharma. Karma or action doesn’t only mean physical, but every moment, you create karma, either in the physical body, or in the subtle body. Physical karma is something everyone is familiar with, but there is also subtle karma, that you create with your imagination, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The karma doesn’t initiate with the subtle karma, but the subtle karma too needs energy and vibrations, to complete its process. The subtle karma gets alive in the physical form, if you give enough energy to it, in the subtle world.

The subtle karma extracts energy and vibrations from the higher world, that exists within, so that subtle karma can be materialized in the physical form.

Thus if you spend sometimes, on a daily basis, to look within, you can not only experience, your subtle karma, but you can also realize the spot, of energy and vibrations, within.

The established religion is the path, for the individuals, who are not capable to create their own dharma or has lesser understanding towards life, but the individuals, those who are open to life, and can use the power to make choice and decisions, can also create their own dharma or religion.

Once you create your own dharma or religion, out of your own understanding, you can explore both the inner as well as outside world, and get better with it. Once you reach, at the peak of your own dharma, you will realize the establishment of the truth, behind all the dharma (Religion), that exists on the existence.

Your daily life, that you live, is your dharma. All the life lesson’s, wisdom, bliss, life’s purpose, natural principles, self-realization, truth, god can be found, by living your dharma.

Yes, you can learn from the teachings of the sages, who were successful, in creating their own dharma, but that teachings has to be applied in one’s own life, to create ones own dharma, and not to get lost in the teachings of others. The teachings of the sages, religions, scriptures, or the spiritual organization is a finger, pointing to the moon. You cannot get stuck to the finger, but you have to travel the path, by yourself.

The path can be walked outside or inside, but the realization of truth, happens only within. Even the outside path, through karma and experiences of life, later connects inside.

The understanding of others, cannot go too far, and you have to develop your life, out of your own understanding. The dharma can be developed by making different choices and decisions, on a daily basis. You have to see, what works for you, and what doesn’t work, by experimenting with your life.

Life repeats every twenty-four hours, and seven days. After seven days, you experience the same life. If you are clear with your everyday life and the life of seven days, you can make the necessary amendments with it, out of your daily requirements, when required.

“There is no bigger purpose, than creating one’s own dharma, and walking on it, till the end. The dharma, that comes out of, ones own understanding, can take you far beyond your physical as well as subtle world.”

There is no limit with life. You can go on expanding and exploring both the inner as well as outside world, but there has to be something, with your life, that stays constant, so that you don’t get lost with life.

Your own dharma or religion, becomes the centre, while you explore and expand with your life. With the dharma, you never get lost, because your mind always remains on the dharma, and you tend to move, once you create or innovate with your life. You never get attached to anything, if you walk on your dharma.

“Everything changes around your dharma, but your dharma remains constant all the time. Only the constant phenomenon of life, can help you to understand the changing nature of mind and the nature of life on the existence.”

The life cycle on earth begins with God. The life-cycle on earth, is possible through karma. There is no life without karma or action. God initiate life with energy and vibrations on earth. The energy and vibrations allowed the process of subtle as well as physical world.

The human’s comes on the existence, and create their karma to form a life-cycle. The destiny is nothing but the karma or action that you have created in the past. Whatever you experience in the present moment, are the karma or action, that you have created in the past, and the karma or action, you create in the present moment, will be your future. There is no pre-defined future, already exists for the human.

Yes, life follows the process of evolution, where the human’s mind, heart and body evolves to experience better life on earth. Life as whole evolves with the time, but humans, have a conscious choice, to grow and evolve on an individual basis, with his will-power.

You cannot grow and evolve, unless you know, the process of life. When the person identifies his  dharma, and follow his dharma and get better with the time, it consciously grow and evolves on an individual level.

Nothing happens to the person, in his life-time, that he has not created in the past. You only receive, what you have given to life, and this law applies, just as the law of gravity. Life on the existence, follows the natural principles and anything and everything that exists on this earth, is bound by those principles.

If you create your own dharma, than it gets easier to establish in ones own dharma. Once you get establish in your dharma, than you don’t get caught up in the physical realities of life, but you begin to unveil the natural principles of life.

Understanding develops when your mind, heart and body grow and evolves with life. Proper analysis, evaluation, and contemplation into different situations, events and experiences of life, happens on its own, when you recognize and follow your dharma. With the dharma, you don’t have to worry about the world, but the only concern remains, for you, is to follow your dharma.

Following one’s dharma sheds all the illusions of life, and you connect with the natural principles of life. The one who follows his dharma, always remains protected. Life never ditch to the person, who follows his dharma. The past, present and future belongs to the dharma. Dharma that comes out of one’s own understanding, leads to one’s own salvation, from the life-cycle of physical as well as subtle world and you move to the world of pure energy and vibrations.

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