Essence of Life, from the Law of Nature


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The existence has its own law of nature, to which we humans have to get accustomed to. The earlier, you aligned yourself with the law, the more clarity you have about life, and you can play a better game of life. You understand the essence of life, by observing life.

No soul on this earth, can come down & can play against the law of nature. It applies to all. The way, every human being who takes birth, has to die, without exception out of the law of nature, in a similar way, everything on the existence has its law.

When we fail to understand life, we fail to understand the law of nature. This is the only reason, we human fail, and the one who succeeds in life is only because, if they fail, they figure out the better ways to do the same thing, but with more clarity, and applying the lessons learned from the past.

Plan Your Schedule, & Focus on Each Action of Your Day.

Unless I know, how my day would be like, I will not have the clarity for the whole day. Once I have planned the day in advance, I prepare my body, mind, and emotions to go with the flow, of the day. By Preparing myself from inside, I am ready to face any situation, of the day.

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There is a short story from the East, where the boy was famous in his town, for his intelligence, called by the King, in his court.

One day earlier, his mother gave him a list of questions, send by the king to prepare, and told him that, next day, before he leaves, she will ask him the questions, so that the boy doesn’t falter in front of the king.

Next day, when the time came, for the boy to leave, his mother asked him the questions by the king, and the boy replied accurately, but before the boy was about to leave, he asked his Mother, what if the king, asked me anything, out from the list, then how will you, come to my rescue?

At that moment, Mother realizes the true intelligence of his son and blessed him and told him that, my boy, now you have cleared all my questions, and no question of the king can ever make you falter.

When we plan or schedule, it’s not that the life will happen, in the same way, but when we are well-prepared with what we know, we gather the courage to face the unforeseen situation, that happens in a moment, and we can overcome, those situations, out of the present clarity of the mind.

When we know, what we have to do the whole day, over the time, we develop an attention, keeping our focus on each action of the day, and with the focus, we broaden our horizon to look at the same things with a different perspective and improvise on it on a daily basis.

Recognize Your Talent, & Develop to Its Full Potential.

As we grow and evolve with life, we recognize our talent, and if we work on our talent, to develop it, in its full potential, it serves us to create the better world outside, and with it, it also nourishes our world. We all are unique, and we all have a special talent, that we may not see, in the present moment, but as we put the things on schedule, and focus on our schedule, with each passing day, we can come out, with the talent, we never knew, we ever had.

The focused mind and the love in the heart, recognize the talent. If we divide our attention, on 101 things, we cannot grow in a specific area of life or recognize the inner quality, that we have.

You have to create your own niche, and follow your intuition till the end. When you work on your craft each day, you open the possibilities of getting better with it.

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life

Talent is a natural ability that flourishes by itself from within. But to work out our talent in different ways, and present to the world, requires a great skill.

If we work hard on our talent and learn to express our talent in different ways, its impossible to experience failure in life. With talent, you need skills to express your talent.

Be Present in a Moment, With Breathe.

We know, what to do with the day, and how to bring focus, to each action of the day. Over the time, we recognize the talent, and work on it, to develop to its full potential. We can always have the best result, from our actions, with the focus, in the present moment.

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Breathe happens every moment. We cannot avoid breath. So, if we learn the art to focus on the work, and aware of the ongoing process of the breath, we always remain in the present moment, and our focus will not be diverted, on the unnecessary action, other than the work in hand.

This will help us to keep ourselves fresh and active all the time of the day. To make this process, a part of your life needs practice, but once you learn the art to connect to your breath, it will be easier, for you, to remain more in the present moment. We are more alive, when we are in a present moment, with the body, mind, and emotions.

Knowledge Gives Variety of Experiences of Life.

Well, when we read this blog, what we are trying to learn? we are trying to know, something that can be useful in life, and help us to make our life better. Knowledge is the very important source, to have a variety of experiences of life.

Knowledge helps the mind to get stronger, and it serves in the most critical situations of life. knowledge gives us confidence from inside. It prepares us to face many unforeseen situations of life, with effortless ease.

Say for e.g., we have read all about the earthquake and acquired all the necessary information required, for its precaution. By any chance, we get into the situation of the earthquake, we will not tremble, in the same capacity, as we already have the knowledge, & we can utilize the information, to serve us in those critical situations.

Life can be lived by chance, or we can make a conscious choice, at every step to design our life, out of understanding. There are many people, who walked this earth and lived life with grace. There are people, in our life, too, whom we admire, and appreciate, the way they carry themselves through different life’s situation. Knowledge serves you to open your mind towards life. You don’t get caught up in the petty situation and make bolder choices and decisions with your life.

Have a Vision.

With all the planning and scheduling and with all the talents and skills, and awareness of the present moment, and the knowledge of the world, life remains empty, if you don’t have a vision for life. Only wealth is not enough, you need to know what to do with your wealth. It’s the knowing that adds vision to life.

Vision is something you wish to do, with what you have, a talent or skill, to expand it into the existence. The purpose is to have a clarity  of reason, of why you choose to live your vision and wants to expand.

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Life is a never-ending process, so always create the vision, that continues for the generations to come, and is unattainable. This will keep you active, life-long, and your mind and heart will never think to retire. To have such a vision, one needs to have an open mind, and ready to face any consequences of life, to bring his vision, on the existence, and keep growing, and improving with his vision.

Life follows a certain principles, which if imbibed into our day to day life, serves us to create effortless life. It may take time, to understand the life as a whole, but if we carry an intent to know life and apply it in our daily living, no sooner we come to the life, which remains closer to the natural process of life, and with each passing day we come closer to our true self.

The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life

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