Empty Your Mind, so that Life can talk to you



When you empty your mind, you see yourself as an instrument, the one who picks the things in the form of thoughts, emotions, and actions and collaborate it together to create life out of it. That’s the only thing you do. Your role in life is to embrace what comes on your path wholeheartedly and pick the things that’s useful for you, and guide it  in a right direction.

When you empty your mind, life talks to you. You may not know, what’s coming for the future, but with the empty mind, you can always evaluate your past. The future comes out of your past. All the situations, experiences and people you face in the present moment, or you are above to face in the future comes from your past.

When you see the happening of events of life closely, you can look into its origin. Nothing appears in your life, all of a sudden. It has its roots back into your past.

” Life Changes in a Blink of an eye. Thanks to God, he doesn’t blink an eye.”

A beautiful phrase to sums up the life.

When you empty yourself from inside, you see the synchronization between the events. You ask something from life, and life brings those experiences and situations into your life.

When you realize your life, is not more than picking the things from one place and putting it to another, you rise above the monotonous part of life. You still take part in the events, but you don’t get caught up in it.

Everything that exists on this earth, holds the nature of change. Everything on this earth is constantly changing.

The process of a physical object moves from form shape to decay, while the physical form of life grows and expand with the time and then gradually move towards the process of decaying.

The subtle form i,e. energy, thoughts, and emotions hold the ever-changing nature. The change can be on a higher side or lower side.

Life originates from subtle to physical form and when you experience the truth of it, you connect with your subtle world and slowly start to rise above it. You only have a role to play on this earth.

Things come to you, and your response to it gives rise to the future events of life. If you are aware of your life, you participate in the events, but stay detached and consider yourself as a role player.

Say for e.g., if you have been handover the things to pass it over to the other person, do you consider yourself to be the creator of the task, or simply perform your task, as it’s handed over to you. This is how life happens to human. Depending upon your inner state, the thoughts are produced by the mind and you simply act upon it. You are just an instrument, through which the things get pass over from one state to the another, from subtle to physical.

When your attention is on others, it’s hard to evaluate your life, but if you drop all the thoughts about others, and bring all the attention on yourself, you start to reveal the mysteries of life.

You are an instrument of life, through which life takes place. Everything you have in this life is borrowed, and you pick the things from one and hand over to the other. This idea has to be clear in your mind so that you can lose the sense of ownership of your life.

if you create wealth, it already exists on this earth and you use your intelligence and efforts, to make it a part of yours. When it comes to relationships, you receive the relationships on this earth, and when the time comes for you to leave, you drop everything behind and move away from life.

Everything that exists on this earth, comes from here itself and all you have to do is to understand this concept and play your role with your life, as best as possible. All the pain and suffering of life comes with the attachment to the situations, people, and experiences of life.

Your awareness in the moment is enough to fulfill, all the obligations of your life. Your intention drives your life, but the struggle starts when you wish to have something in life before time.

The happening of events, situations, and experiences of life depends upon the energy that you carry inside. If you vibrate positive energy into the environment, with your thoughts and emotions, you attract the similar situations, experiences, and people into your life.

You are an instrument and your inner energy decides your outside environment. As your inner energy change, the outside environment starts to reflect the same. If the outside environment doesn’t match your inner energy, then with your inner energy and response, you change the outside environment of your life.

Your response to the moment is your karma for the future and comes back to your life, in one or the other form. When you empty your mind, you remain open for life and allow the life to flow through you. You don’t carry the pre-conceive idea for life, but you accept the life, as it comes and directs it in your desired direction.

If the moment asks you to suffer, you don’t hesitate but with the empty mind, you are sure never to look back with life. You always move forward, to create the life that comes out of your best response in the present moment.

Looking at the complexities of the outside world, you don’t carry the pre-conceive idea about life. All you do is you remain clear in your mind and follow your own path of life. When life brings something to you, you make the best out of it and again get back on the path.

You don’t force your idea on the situations, people or life itself but just like water go with the flow of life. The real work in life is to keep up your inner position. If the things are placed in order, in your inner world, outside world can always put into the order.

With the empty mind, you experience the higher self within you, i.e. always present in the form of constant identity. You be one with it, and let the life takes place through you. With the higher self, your experience is of wisdom and bliss and you radiate the most beautiful energy from within. The constant identity within you, give you the glimpse of the supreme soul.

With the blissful state, you attract the blissful situations and experiences in your life, and when you allow them to pass over through yourself, it comes back in the form of multiplication, as per the laws of nature.

Nature doesn’t bifurcate between positive or negative energy, but it responds to it. Be careful with what you think, feel or act in your life, as you attract the similar energy into your life.

When you allow the life to happen, all the solution of your life comes to the surface, as and when required. You don’t have to fight with life. The chaos you see outside is part of your mind. In reality, there is no chaos outside, but the chaos exists only into your mind.

The life on this earth serves you and is capable of bringing the abundance into your life. You need to know, how to dive deep within yourself to bring that abundance out of you. There is nothing lacking in any moment of your life, and you don’t have to look beyond yourself to realize this truth. Just move within and empty yourself from the garbage of the outside world, and your truth will reflect on the surface.

Rather than directing all your energy outside to manifest things, utilize the same energy to realize your truth, so that outside things can easily get access to you.You find something outside with your mind and senses and if the mind is clear and empty, it’s easier to have access to anything in the outside world.

The things you are looking outside are also connected with your inner world. When your mind is clear, you can better look into your life, and get what you want in the outside world. In fact, now the things are so much connected that, you don’t have to go far away to fulfill your desires, but the things come to you by the different source, if you can really tune yourself from inside with your desires.

All the dreams and desires hold its seed into your mind. Unless your mind is clear, with the purpose of life, you see yourself running in all the directions with your life. It’s necessary to be clear in your mind.

The clarity of the mind removes the obstacles on the path.The obstacles on your path are your inner resistance and vague idea about the outside world. The outside world appears to you, merely as the perception, you carry for the life.

Once you clear the obstacles from within, your focus only remains with the things that serve the purpose in your life. When your attention is on the things, that you wish to have, you attract all the way those things into your life.

“The spiritual energy within you rise higher, when you embrace all the aspects of life and transcends it, to take it at a higher level.”


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