Empower Your Body, Heart, & Mind with Higher Vibrations

higher vibrations

To Observe, to see, to pay attention, to concentrate, to focus, to remain aware in the moment allows you to create higher vibrations through the mind, within the body. This can be understood, if you are willing to sit with yourself, and experiment with your life.

Others can share their experiments and experiences of life, that can serve you to empower yourself, but unless you experiment it, by yourself and make it a personal experience of your life, you cannot see the next step, by yourself.

You don’t need anything of this world to empower yourself. The humans have been made self-sufficient to fulfill all the physical, and metaphysical needs of life. All the truth of life and existence lies in you, provided you create the necessary desire within you, to know it.

At the level of mind, only physical needs of life seem visible and all the cravings or desire’s of life remains limited to the physical world. The mind can help you to understand the existence of physical reality, by directing the attention of the mind inside.

“The process of creation is same for the universe, existence, and human, and the time you understand the inner mechanism of yourself, you understand the process of life on the existence and the natural order of the universe.”

Everything in the universe is perfectly organized, out of natural order, and nothing moves out of the order.

The life initiates with the higher vibrations to lower vibrations and the quality and quantity of vibrations create the quality and quantity of energy, into the universe, into the existence and into the human for the sustenance of life.

The human carries individual personality. Looking at the physical appearance, we all can recognize the truth about individuality. The real individuality of a person is developed into the subtle body, i.e. spirit, which is made up of energy and all the experiences and impressions of life.

Everything within the physical body is possible through the spirit. The spirit is the moving energy into the body, that triggers different part of the body, to allow the functions of brain, heart, and body to take place. The spirit connects with the physical body through sensation.

When you experience the sensation in the physical body, it’s not possible to realize it different from the physical body, but there are certain techniques developed by the sages, that allows the person to get detached from the physical body, and understand the mechanism of life, i.e. happening inside.

Life is not a mystery that you cannot understand. You are capable to understand each and everything that happens in your life, provided you bother to look into yourself, for the solutions of life.

To empower your life, you don’t need money, friends, relatives, coach and any external source that your mind portrays, and this is something, I share with you out of personal experience, but all you need is, to have a look within, for all the solutions of your life.

Certainly, when you connect with yourself, your intuition will connect you with the outside sources for the solutions, because your problem is not existential, but of your mind. So, you have to get into the outside world for the solution, but then you are not expecting anything from the outside world, but you are following your inner intuition for the solution.

I am no where trying to suggest you, that physical world is not at all important in your life, all I am trying to say is that the solution for the problem, you are looking for, is inside, and not outside. You have the highest wisdom within you, that can allow you to fulfill all the needs of life, be it monetary, emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual.

To fulfill the outside needs, you have to walk outside, but to connect with the right person and to the right medium to fulfill your innermost needs, will only be realized from inside.

People in the world seems to get lost because they don’t follow their inner world, but their needs, or desires, or anything they wish to have, with their life is superficial and not what they really want out of life.

Only when you connect with your inner world, you realize that what you really need for yourself, and let me tell you, you don’t need the entire world, but you only need your true authentic self.

With the self, you can have anything, you wish to have, in the moment, be it wealth, relationships, or any of your desire, you savor for life. The self is full of life’s wisdom and bliss, that flows from inside and present itself to the world.

Life is all about experiment and experience. Unless you experiment with yourself and bring into your experience, it cannot serve the purpose with your life.

IF I say, I have experienced God within, by experimenting with my life, then the god, that I have seen, doesn’t serve any purpose in your life. Yes, it may give rise to the possibility.

Now, you too can push yourself to the point, where you can experience God, within. The experiment and experience of others are the different possibilities of life for us. If for some reason, we are unable to break the barriers of life, the experiences of others, can serve us to push ourself and at least take us higher than, where we are located in the present moment.

Unless you experiment and experience with your life, it will always remain probability, luck, chance, or fate and you will never come face to face with life.

You never know what exists inside of you, unless you look into it. Many times you live your life, in hallucination. The mind only knows, how to expand life, out of the experiences of outside world, unless you utilize it, to search for the truth.

If your life, is on an upward stride, and the life is going pretty well, there is no point in searching for the big answers of life, or otherwise, you may not be reading this blog as well, rather enjoying your life, in your way.

The problem arises when the mind gets stuck in the negative experiences and impressions of life, and no way seems to arise to move out of it. The search of truth arises, only at the time of, pain and suffering.

You look for the answers with life when the life seems utterly meaningless, and each day seems like the same. You simply repeat the same process of life, and life only becomes the repetitive process.

The attention is the key to life. The attention of the mind itself carries the rays of higher vibration. Wherever you put your attention, that part of life expands into your life. The rays of higher vibrations don’t bifurcate between good or bad, but simply exaggerate what exists.

Wherever you put your attention, that part of life expands into your life. Your mind, heart, and body completely take over, by those experiences. The rays of higher vibration always remain in its purest form, but than what you make out of it, depends on you.

If you choose to focus to empower yourself, the rays of the higher vibrations will lift your life, to the level, where you not only serve the need of yours, but you also serve others to bring wisdom and bliss into their life, or you can create the hell for yourself and for others, by focusing on the negative aspect of life.

When you choose to empower your life, all the aspects of life begins to experience the difference. It’s an endless process. When each experience of life, gives you a feeling of empowerment, then that’s what you want out of life. You feel power, peace, love, joy out of every experience, then that’s what you are looking for with life.

The rays of the higher vibrations enrich you every moment, but your attention is so divided into multiple things, that you just cannot remain aware of yourself. If you bring the awareness to yourself, the shift begins to happen. More you stay with yourself, more you empower yourself and more thing around you begin to shift.

“When you connect directly with the natural principles of existence, you don’t have to bother about your living, but your wisdom and higher intelligence, is enough, to make a way, for anything that you desire for life.”

To empower yourself, is to climb the ladder, and when you rise high, all the little obligations of life, gets fulfilled by themselves, rather you take more responsibilities into your life, as you have more to offer to life, every moment.

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