Embrace your Pain and Suffering, so that It can be transcended


Life is such that we all go through the state of pain and suffering. Many run away from it, rather very few accept it wholeheartedly and transcend their pain and suffering into bliss.

Pain is unavoidable. It’s a part of life. The only way to overcome the pain is to transcend the pain. Nothing works best to overcome the pain, then the acceptance. Once you accept what is present in the moment, you move in the direction of transcendence.

Pain becomes the part of your life, forever when you try to avoid it. When you choose to run away from your pain and suffering, without accepting it and experiencing it, the way it is, it gets difficult to overcome the pain and suffering.

Many times we indulge in the things, that allows forgetting our pain for a while, and then we feel that we got the solution for our problem, but that’s not the way. The humans have been designed in such a way, that without confronting the pain and suffering and experiencing it, to its core, you just cannot overcome it.

Your engagement in different activities will allow you to get relief from the pain for a while, but when you move into your solitude, your pain and suffering will come to the surface and then it will be hard to handle.

For the same reason, many people carry their emotional debris throughout their life. They forget their pain and suffering, but they never really overcome it.

Pain and suffering are part of you, just like any other life experience. You have to look into it, and understand the nature of your pain and suffering. To avoid it, or to run away from it, can never be the solution.

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Your pain and suffering can be an angel or a demon, in your life depending on your treatment to it.

Life is a series of events, and if you consciously go through the events of life, you will understand the natural unfoldment of life. Life has its own process, and all we can do is understand that process and become one with it.

When we accept the flow of life in the moment, we reduce our pain and suffering. Usually, our mind is trained to focus in the outside world, and thus whatever we do, the outside life remains the center point.

Irrespective of what goes on in our inner world, we remain engaged in the outside life. These disconnect us from the very process of life, that is continuously happening inside of us.

When you connect with your inner life, you will realize that both the outside as well as inner life is inter-connected. Your outside life is directly connected with the movements that are happening in your inner world.

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When you connect with your inner world, you also understand the series of events that happen in the outside world.

Before you become one with the internal process of life, you have to accept the life that is happening in the outside world. If your life offers the pain, accept the pain and if your life offers you the suffering, accept the suffering.

When you accept everything that comes to you, slowly your mind shifts to the present moment. To know your inner life, you have to stabilize your mind in the moment.

Just take a pause in this moment. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take your attention inward, and read your mind. It takes time for the mind to get adjusted to the internal condition.

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Before you take your mind inward, you have to slow down your mind and connect with the life that is happening in the moment.

In the outside world, you come across the different path, be it religious or spiritual but that path will not work for you unless you realize your inner self. The life is continuously happening in you and if ever you come across the path in your life, that path has to come out of you.

Every day you have to connect with the inner life and develop a path for yourself. It’s only your inner path that can liberate you from the pain and suffering of life.

When your mind remains engaged in the outside world, it becomes impossible to reach to the source of suffering, but when you take your attention inward and observe your suffering, slowly you reach to the roots of the suffering.

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You need to live inside out, to create life which is free from pain and suffering and the life which is closer to the natural process of life. When your life flows inside out, you don’t follow the ways of the outside world, rather you follow the natural way of life that is happening inside.

When it comes to dealing with pain and suffering, force should never be an option. You have to opt for a path of acceptance that deals with your pain and suffering in a gentle manner.

The pain and suffering are nothing but the strong emotions that you experience, when the life functions in you, in a certain way. When you try to understand the function of life that works in you, you understand the formation of pain and suffering.

How to Stop the Pain

Too many things add complexities to life, and thus it’s necessary we keep our life simple. When we follow the simple path of life, we not only allow the life to flow smoothly in the outside world, but things also flow smoothly in our inner world.

The deepest pain of life can be healed, if you show patience with it, and deal with it in a gentle manner. When we are in pain, we forget about healing our pain, rather our mind constantly thinks about the person or situation that has given us the pain.

It’s only when you accept the event of the past and give all your energy in healing the pain, you can overcome any pain or suffering of your life.

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