Embrace and Accept Life with Love and Understanding



Life can be accepted in its totality, either out of love or out of understanding. Understanding comes later, the process starts with love. Once you fall in love, the more you dive deeper into it, to receive the understanding.

Embrace and accept life out of love and understanding. People resist life at every step. The resistance happens when you lack love for the thing or you don’t have an understanding of the situation, event or person.

You cannot understand something, unless you enter into it completely and you only move, when you have a little love and intent to move ahead with it. With life, two things work, love and understanding, but first, comes love.

Love comes first, and understanding comes later. If you try to understand people, situation or events of your life, before love you miss the point. You are bound to fail, as you cannot keep up with it. Only love can allow you to hold longer with the people, situation or events of your life. Allow love to enter first, and then try to understand things.

When I say, drop all the resistance from your life, it’s not going to happen unless you fall in love with every moment of your life. Love is higher, acceptance is even higher and the resistance is at the lower level. When it comes to life, you diminish the lower level when you rise to the higher level.

Your inner world works in two ways. Either you start moving in the positive direction, and you will find that all the negative situations, people or event are no longer part of your life, or you start dropping all the negative things out of your life and keep on moving forward with the things, which is left out and again you find the same thing.

You can move either way. Either you embrace the positivity or drop the things that no longer serve you, in your life.

Direct understanding is not possible for anything. Love is the bridge. You have to walk upon the bridge of love, to reach to the understanding of any part of your life, be it your personal relationship or work. You have to fall in love first then the resistance gets drop by itself. You don’t have to work towards it.

“love is the light to dispel the darkness of resistance from life.”

Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life

The resistance is the lower energy within your body. You resist something only out of ignorance or lack of love. When you understand or you have love for something, you accept those things in its totality. Then you don’t see the ill side of it. When you love something, you only see the brighter side. You see the ladder, that takes you higher to the stage of understanding.

Look at your life. If you cannot see your entire life, see your previous day and check out, what all situations, people and events of your life, you resist with. Make a note of it. Commit yourself to bring love to those situations and not to resist with it if you face the similar situation today. It will take time, but start the process. Slowly as you move forward to embrace life out of love, you notice that your resistance reduce by and by.

The quality of your life and the process of evolution of your body, mind, and heart depends upon, how well you embrace and accept your present situations.

This day defines your future. The more you bring love to this moment, you see more love and understanding in the future. The life in the outside world is the reflection of your feelings and understanding that you hold inside. The life of the outside world resonates with your mind and heart.

The more you drop the negative energy from within, the more you experience the joy and happiness outside.

Spiritual Clearings

You cannot have anything outside, other than what you carry inside. The more you clear your inner resistance, the more you can embrace the outside world.

The lack of contentment and dissatisfaction with life, is because you expect something out of life, and when you move out to have those things, you come across altogether different situations and circumstances, which is for the temporary moment, but it’s enough to shake the foundation of your wishes of life. With such moments, people tend to blame life.

When you look at the outside life, everyone carries its own sets of beliefs and perception towards life. They act out of their nature. There are many reasons for the things to not take place in your way.

Look at your life and reflect on your life, that how many times you commit yourself to act in a certain way, and miss your commitment. The same happens with others. No one tries to do purposely, but everyone goes through different situation and experiences with their life, and so it’s easier for the people, to slip away from their commitments. If you rely more on others than yourself, then your life more followed by chance and less followed by choice.

When you move into the life with love and be more open to understanding situations, people and different events of your life, you develop the love on the path of life along with the wisdom.

In life, patience serves you and save you from half of the problems of life. When you feel caught up in the situation, and take active steps towards the solution, and remain calm with life, life brings solution to you, by itself. It’s the nature of the thing, to arrive at the solution when you actively follow patience and stay conscious even in the worse situation. Many times situation comes to your life, to test your strength. The situation doesn’t carry anything in it, but your inner state reveals its true nature in the moment.

The problem and solution are in the nature of the thing and your part in life is to embrace life, as it comes and gives the direction to it, out of your understanding, and slowly with the time, grow and develop with it.You enter into the life out of love and come out with the understanding out of  You enter into the life out of love and come out with the understanding out of experience.

Only with the spiritual experience, you understand life and figure out the better way to enhance your experiences of life. You have all the ingredients available in you.

Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji

There are two ways to have an expansion with life. The one way of expansion is to utilize the outside resources and create the abundance of the material wealth in the outside world. Your whole attention remains in the outside world. You expand with the outside things in the outside world.

The other way to expand with life is to slowly expand your body, mind, and heart from inside and with it, whatever little you understand within, you apply to your life.

Both should move parallel with each other.  Only then you serve the purpose of your life. Then your path and purpose become one. Then you don’t have to dwell on the past or the future, but by remaining in the present moment, you serve both the path and purpose of life.

The body, mind, and heart grow and evolve with life. Look at your life, and evaluate, either your life resonates with inner expansion that you observe in the outside life, or you simply expands with your material world. When you just expand with the outside world, growth remains temporary and it depends on the outside situations and circumstances of life. If the outside situation or circumstances are not in favor, you fail.

All the experiences and impressions within you depend on the situations and people, you come across outside. When your intent is to expand outside, you relate less with your intuition and look for all the accomplishments outside.

When you move inward, you grow from inside first and then your inner expansion, you experience outside. This is the natural process of evolution, where you move from outside to the inner world and later rise in the inner world, to experience the higher bliss and wisdom of life.

The people who live inside out, sooner or later search for the meaning of life, but the people who live with the understanding of only the outside world, have a long path to cover before they reach their destination.

The Meaning of Life

People wait for the life to push them forward. They don’t want to take the initiative by themselves, but they want the life to force them to put into the situation, where they have no option left, but to turn inward for the direction.

You can make the choice with your life today and start to live inside out. When you start the process, you left with very little opportunity to express yourself, but with the time as you grow with your inner world, it takes over onto your entire life. When you connect with your inner world, you start understanding the true meaning of life.

Everything that happens in your life is to take you to the higher bliss and wisdom. You have to develop an eye to see it, within the different situation, people, and experience. When you realize that, everything that happens in the outside world is an indicator of what’s happening in your inner world than you become more aware of your inner life.

You embrace and accept life in its totality, once you connect from inside, and expand your connection with your inner world. Then you don’t have to work to understand what’s happening in your life,  but your inner wisdom allows you to see the things with its original nature and your role remains to guide your life in a right direction.

Life wants to flow through you. You have to create the space within you, out of love and understanding, so that life happens through you and you flow with the natural process of life.

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