Either Heal Yourself or Create Wounds, You Always have a Choice.



You always have a choice. Choice is to choose. Choose is free-will given to everyone. Free-will is your gift from the existence. Free-will comes from the life itself. When you make a choice, you always choose good for yourself. If you have chosen to go through pain for your loved one’s, it can never give you pain, but it will nourish you from within, to do something beyond your capacity.

You either heal yourself, or you create wounds. You always have a choice. Life is all about the way you perceive. You may choose to perceive good with life, or you may reject everything in life, and create wounds within. By accepting every situation of  life, you heal yourself and when you resist with any part of life, you create wounds. No matter what the outside life brings to you, you still have a choice to look better or worse in it.

Within the imperfect world, Buddha has attained perfection. Krishna danced all his life, amid-st of all the chaos of life, while Jesus Christ chose to be happy, even when he got hanged. The world is not perfect, but it will not meet its perfection, unless you develop your eyes to see the perfection in it.

The beauty doesn’t lie in the life itself, but in the eyes of perceiver. The way, you perceive life, adds beauty to it. You nourish your life through love, devotion and commitment. You can choose to blame or resist life or you can accept life whole-heartedly. The life is all about the way you perceive. The perfection has to be attained in your perception, and not the outside life. Once you attain perfection in your perception, you can see the beauty in everything. Your perception comes from the mind, heart and body.

The senses are just an instrument to show you, what you carry inside. You cannot create an idea of something, about which your mind doesn’t have any clue. In such instance, the mind gets scared, and when the mind gets scared and you see yourself as a part of the mind, you too get scared. The fear of unknown, is something which your mind have no clue about it. When you embrace life, at the time of fear & insecurity, you feel good inside. When you feel good, higher energy flows through your body, and this energy allows you to perceive the positive side of life.

You feel lack of enthusiasm, when you feel lack of energy inside. When you choose to heal yourself, slowly you increase the energy level and this gives you courage, even to move on the path of unknown.

“You grow with the unknown. You cannot grow with something that you know. You have to be open for life.”

You create wounds, when you want the world to be exactly the way you want. You cannot be bigger than the existence. When you try to over-power anything outside of you, you fight with the existence. An person can never be bigger than the existence. Yes, when you accept & embrace life, you can rise higher and be one with the existence.

“You choose to create wounds, out of your own resistance. It’s not necessary you show outward resistance. You may carry the resistance within you, towards different people or situations, and slowly it expands, to form a fatal disease.”

The disease that forms into your physical body can always be cured. Only the disease caused by your own thinking and feelings, have no ailment on this earth. You have to heal yourself, by healing from inside. The healing happens with right perspective towards life.

You can think yourself to be bed-ridden for the rest of your life, or you can carry the right perspective towards life and jumps back to life. You may not directly impact your thoughts and emotions, but if you choose to see the good in everything, you can influence your mind & heart in a right direction.

Your and your perspective towards life is everything. If for you if it’s not possible to perceive life with a proper perspective, it’s always useful to perceive life from others perspective. It may not be for the life time, but till you can perceive the things clearly for yourself, you can always take help of others, so that you can at-least transcends your present state, and get a fresh perspective towards life.

The better perspective towards life can be developed through different ways.

First of all its important to understand how do you develop your perspective?

The way you perceive life comes from the current state of your body, mind and heart. Its not the mind itself, that influence your perspective, but your body and heart too. If either your body, mind and heart is under-developed, your perspective towards life remains low, while if you work to develop your body, mind and heart every-day, you improve your perspective towards life, on every-day basis.

When physical body goes through physical exercise, it serves you to develop better perspective towards any situation of your life. Body & mind are connected, and thus physical exercise serves you to clean the mess of the body & mind, and you see the world with a better perspective.

Heart too serves you to develop better perspective towards life. The purest form of energy flows through your body, mind & heart. If your heart carries the negative feelings or emotions, towards any situation or person, either justified or non-justified, it acts as an emotional debris and doesn’t allow the pure energy to flow through your heart and rise higher.

When you consciously analyze and evaluate your life, and let it go the feelings and emotions that hold you back, slowly you see the energy starts flowing through the heart region, and moves on a higher side to give you a glimpse of a higher beauty of life. The life’s energy flows from down to upward and completes the circle. If the energy is blocked, anywhere in between your body, heart & mind, it impacts the way you perceive your life.

Nothing should hold you from inside. There is no trap outside, but the real trap is inside of you, that holds you back to give your best to life. Once you free yourself from inside, you experience the freedom in the outside world. You have a control over your body, mind & heart.

“You are not your body, mind & heart, but body, mind & heart are an instrument for you to go through the process of life and to help you to realize your true identity.”

When you fight with the people or situations of life, you take yourself away from your true identity, and it shows, you don’t understand either yourself or life. In reality the fight has to be for the development of your understanding towards people and situation.

“The parameter for the success or failure has to be, towards the understanding that you carry into the situation or with the people in your life.”

That has to be the real failure. When you overcome such failure’s, you grow and evolve from within. When you understand different situation and people in your life, you start to rise higher from within. You notice that, you don’t experience the same experience again, if you have really understood the situation or person. You experience the new challenges, and once you understand the patterns of life, you align your steps with life, rather fighting against it.

The purpose of life is to understand life in a way, where you and life becomes one. Nothing remains for you to accept or resist with life. You don’t heal yourself or create wounds. You rise above all the duality of mind. You accept everything, i.e. part of the body, heart & mind, but that happens at the later stage. That will be the stage of perfection, whereby, although the outside life may be imbalanced, but with your inner balance, you create the balance in your outside environment.

The life doesn’t ends with the body, heart & mind, but you have something else to experience within you. The experience of an observer. When you attain a state of an observer, you feel the bliss and wisdom of life every moment, and see the happening of life in its natural form.

With the perception of mind, you view life in a certain way and wants the life to happen your way, while the life in the outside world comes out of the perception of all the individuals, that exists on earth. The life on the existence doesn’t carry its own perception towards an individual, but its work is to align your perception, with the perception of all other individuals, who are connected to you, through one or the other medium, on this earth.

“If you resist with anything, you suffer. If you show support towards everything that comes to you from outside, you nourish yourself and grow.”

The best way to understand life, is the path of surrender and acceptance. When you don’t understand something, surrender yourself and accept it whole-heartedly. Don’t fight with it. Don’t create negative energy around or resist with it. just accept life, and with the feeling of surrender, slowly the life starts to unfold by itself. As life unfolds, it brings the solution to all the query.

When you receive the solution, you realize this truth, that you are just playing your role with the body, mind and heart and the things roll out on earth, out of the nature of every individuals of their body, mind and heart. Your work is to understand your own nature and rise above it, so that you can understand others nature and mold yourself, if the situation demands.

Only with the understanding of oneself, you rise above the nature of life and make a choice to be in life, to accomplish the task, and once the task gets over, you rise above to your original state, to experience the higher bliss, i.e. beyond the nature of body, mind & heart.

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