Drop Yourself, to Experience the Ultimate Truth


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You might have heard about inclusive mentality, whereby you think and feel one with the whole. I have tried to understand the truth behind the inclusive reality, from the point of view, of the Experience of the Whole.

To realize the whole or to experience the ultimate truth of life, you have to fulfill only one condition, and i.e. to drop yourself. No matter what path you choose, or which religion you belong, or which spiritual path you adapt, you just cannot carry yourself into that ultimate experience. So, the whole is realized, only when you are ready to drop yourself.

When you carry an inclusive idea for life, where you include everything and exclude nothing, but from where I see life, this cannot stand the truth, till the time you hold yourself.

When you remain, your identity remains and until the time your identity remain, the process of life itself doesn’t allow you to accept everything, and you stand separate from the whole.

When you remain, you always want to stand separate from life. Even when you know, that life is bigger than you, but an individual is in so much love with himself, that he is ready to forego the truth of life, for his petty identity. It’s the basic nature of the mind that needs to be understood and should be rise above.

Between the experience of the truth and you, you are the hurdle. The whole is ever present in you, but you are more concerned with yourself. Even with the normal living, you can experience life as a whole if you can simply allow the life to happen, without interference.

The secret to life is that life is not holding to you, but you are holding to life at every step.

If you are sad, if you are blissful, if you have succeeded, if you have failed, remember, with life, it’s only a process, but you associate with the process of life with your own definition.

Life flows as a whole, both inside and out, but you divide life with your mind, both inside and outside.

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Life only carries the effect of its cause and has nothing to do with the success or failure. It’s only you who thinks in terms of success or failure. The life as a whole only understands the process and everything that happens under the sun takes place out of the process.

To experience the ultimate truth of life, you have to understand the process and see how the process of life unfolds inside of you. You have to stop getting attach to everything, and simply allow the life to happen without attachment.

Try to observe yourself for just five minutes, and you will realize how badly you are attached to every part of life. Again and again, I will tell you, life is not holding you at any point, and it’s only you who chose to hold onto life, at every step.

Your physical and subtle structure has been designed in a way, where to experience the subtle body, you have to detach yourself from everything that you associate with at the level of body, heart, and mind. The process is internal and has nothing to do with, the life that you have created outside.

The external life can work fine, and all the real work is needed inside of you. By and by you understand the process of life, with the better awareness, you will create quality out of your external reality as well.

Your subtle body is so tightly attached to your physical body, that it becomes hard to experience life beyond the physical body, heart, and mind.

Unless you practice to detach yourself with life, it’s not possible to experience the subtle body inside, and unless you experience the subtle body, you cannot allow yourself to experience the ultimate truth, which lies beyond all the subtle and physical realms of life.

The subtle body can be experienced equally like the physical body if you begin the process of detachment.

When you look at your daily life, you will notice that you interfere with life at every point. Life happens every moment and somehow you carry an idea about every aspect of life.

See your life, and notice at how many places unnecessary, you indulge yourself with life. The life has its natural flow. With your indulgence, you interfere with the natural flow of life.

The very identity of the mind is an illusion and anything either in the internal or external reality you associate with, with the illusory identity of the mind, you create bigger illusive reality for yourself.

The path to the whole is covered with detachment. You have to get into the process of detachment. Go through your daily experience of life. Stay with life. Do that is needed, and the time you feel, you are getting attached to the things, try to become conscious of the moment.

The process of detachment is a life-long process. Try to experiment with your life. See, how life happens without your indulgence. You may experience the chaos, but that chaos may soon turn into stillness, even without your interference.

You need a strong intent to experience the truth. Even pain and suffering cannot separate you from life. People are habituated even with the pain and suffering of life. The mind is such that, it get attach to the pain and suffering. When it doesn’t get the feeling of suffering, it looks for different ways to suffer.

This is the tragedy of mind. The mind can either take you to the heaven or can create hell for you. It’s up to you, what you make out of your mind. The individual identity of a person is so important for him, that he doesn’t want to lose itself for anything. The person likes to include the whole in him, but not ready to lose himself for the whole.

The process of life, towards the whole truth can only be covered, by absolutely dropping yourself. You can only merge into the whole, if you prepare to lose yourself.

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When you hold onto yourself, you only see life, from your perspective, and that doesn’t allow you to experience life as a whole. Loosen your grip on life. Don’t hold onto anything. At least consciously don’t try to indulge with unnecessary part of life, but try to create simplicity around you.

Allow the life to unfold on its own. Only indulge, when it’s necessary. Try to observe too often into different situations, events, and experiences of life. Hold intent to experience the truth and your life will certainly direct towards the truth.

You already hold the truth inside of you. The time you let it go, the false from your life, truth begins to appear on the surface. Every individual carries the light within him, but to experience the light, he has to have the intent to move towards the light.

You have to choose, what you want out of life. Are you ready to experience life beyond your personal identity, as a whole or you would like to die, with your present self, the choice is always yours.

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