Drop Subtle as well as Physical body to Experience Consciousness


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The physical body is an instrument for the subtle body to experience life. The physical body is separate from the subtle body and is connected with each other through sensation. Any experience at the level of the physical body is possible through sensation. Without sensation, you cannot experience life.

Pure consciousness is the source of life, and both the subtle as well as physical body grows and expands in pure consciousness. When your mind strongly relates with the physical body, it becomes hard for the mind to relate with the subtle part of the body, i.e. pure consciousness, as it doesn’t hold any experience of it.

Unless the mind relates itself beyond the physical reality and connect with the subtle part of the body, i.e. breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, and thoughts, it’s not possible to connect with the higher reality of life.

The mind goes through the process of evolution to remove different layers of its own experience, to realize the absolute truth of life.

Mindfulness: The Guide for The Advanced

Let us begin with the physical body that our mind can understand. The physical body is made up of cells and this cell multiplies itself to form a physical body.

When it comes to the height and weight, it reflects the food habit that person follows over time. The person may be healthy or overweight, depends upon his daily lifestyle. Your daily food habits play the major role, in the shape and size of your body.

This information may be known by many, but very few know that the multiplication of cells in the human body deems the awareness to understand life, and more and more you make your physical body inactive, the lesser your chances become, to understand life and come closer to the natural process of life. The physical body gets prone to the disease, due to its imbalance, in its food habits.

The subtle body is too made up of subtle cells and multiplies itself, just like the physical body. The subtle body carries mind and heart and thus thoughts and emotions multiply itself to form the subtle body.

The energy and sensation are part of the subtle body and the subtle body is experienced in the physical body through sensation. The life force or energy makes the functions of both the subtle as well as physical body possible.

The balance with the physical body is possible, only through the daily course of exercise. The physical body reflects the daily living habits, created over the time. Unless you create the balance with your physical body, through proper healthy living habits and daily exercise, it’s not possible to rise above the physical reality of life, to connect with the subtle reality, of life.

The physical body with an imbalance acts as a hindrance to the spiritual growth, as the natural energy couldn’t rise higher to the level of heart or mind.

When it comes to the subtle body, it too multiplies at the level of mind and heart in the form of thoughts and emotions. The experience of pure consciousness doesn’t lie in the multiplication of thoughts and emotions, but when you drop all the thoughts and emotions behind and rise to the level of pure consciousness.

The physical, as well as subtle body, is separate and the work on both the subtle body, i.e. your mind and heart and the physical body should be carried out to experience the higher experiences of life.

Meditation is the best tool to reduce the multiplication of subtle cells of your mind and heart and experience the nothingness, in your subtle body. The experience of emptiness or nothingness is the absence of thoughts and emotions in the subtle body.

The life multiplies both in the physical as well as subtle body from the past experiences of life, and to experience the pure consciousness and to live life, out of the natural process, you have to rise above from the past, that is what your physical, as well as subtle body, is made up of.

It takes a real effort to replace the past experiences and impressions of life not only from the physical body but from the subtle body too.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Dropping the past experience from the subtle as well as physical body is just like changing the dirty water from the jar either by replacing it with the clean water or by adding a clear water till the point, whereby all the dirty water gets replaced by the clean water.

With physical exercise and meditation, you remove the dirt from the physical as well as subtle body and live your daily life, with the clear awareness. It’s the clarity in the moment that allows you to add fresh experiences to both your physical as well as subtle body.

The life doesn’t end with the experience of pure consciousness, but you connect with the natural process of life. You can see the past, present, and future of the action in the moment, and choose your actions accordingly.

Once you learn the art of dropping the past behind, you don’t allow the past to override the present life and live life in the moment, with the highest awareness.

The life begins with the empty space of pure vibrations within the body, i.e. known as pure consciousness, and gives life to the subtle body with the life energy. The subtle body gives rise to the physical body and each cell of both the physical as well as the subtle body further multiplies to expand itself to experience life.

Shifting into Purer Consciousness
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