Drop Everything that you See and Feel through Sensation



With life at every step you accumulate experiences and impressions. Life is all about experiment and experience. You cannot understand anything unless it becomes the part of your personal experience and for the experience, you have to experiment with life.

Try a simple experiment for a day, and experience breakthrough changes with your life. Keep on dropping all the accumulated experiences and impressions, just for the day. Don’t cling to anything, but let lose yourself with anything and everything that happens to you for the day.

The nature of the mind is to cling to everything and take you on a ride, but you simply tell your mind to drop everything and keep moving forward, and as you move on, it becomes easier to drop the past and experience life in its natural form.

No feelings or emotions in the moment is true or false, but the truth of the experience only lies in the moment, and rest what remains the impressions of it. When it comes to the truth of life, the experiences and impressions remains the truth, till you experience it, and as you move forward, it turns into a memory.

Life doesn’t repeat itself even for the moment, but you have a choice to slip back into the past or create the future into your mind, out of your past experience. When you simply choose to remain present with the experiences and impressions of life, you don’t cling to it, but you experience it deeply to leave them behind.

The life in the present moment is always full of bliss and wisdom. The truth of life is not hidden in the experiences and impressions of life, but the one who experiences it. This is the deepest secret of life and biggest mystery to be unveiled by the human within himself.

Let me pose few queries about your personal identity:

If I ask you, who experiences life?

And your reply, will be, ” I am the one, who experience life.”

Who are you?

And you make up with your name, Tony or Mike.

Now is the name really, who experience life or its much deeper, as the name of a person is always acquired from outside.

If not the name, than who?

You may come up with the reply, “It’s me with my body.”

Now with the physical body your experience remains limited to the physical touch, while with the other sense organs, the experiences are registered in the mind and experience through different sense organs.

The senses are the connection between the mind and the outside world, and the sensation in the body allows you to have the different experiences of life, through senses and mind. You are neither the sensation nor the senses, than who are you?

If you are neither the name nor the body, nor the senses and sensation of the body, than who are you?

This question can never be resolved in the logical way, and purely based on personal experience.

When you observe your mind, and move deeper into it, step by step moving with the breath, and later following your sensation, feelings and emotions, you experience thoughts, in the form of waves, passing through the mind.

Beyond the waves, you experience the subtle imaginary part into your mind, that you experience in the form of sensation. All the imagination of physical reality comes alive, from this part of the mind.

Remember to observe your own thoughts and images of your mind, needs focused attention on oneself, and as you move deeper into your mind, your personal identity developed over time, through different experiences and impressions of life, tend to shed away.

In reality your personal identity in the moment, depends upon the attention, you put into. As your attention gets shifted, your personality gets change with the attention. When you expand your self-projection inside, into your subtle imaginary mind, your actions in the physical world reflects the same, and you create larger than life, outside.

When the same attention is bring back to oneself, you tend to drop all the subtle imaginary part of the mind, that you have carried all the way through, in the form of different experiences and impressions of life.

Your personality can never be different from the experiences and impressions you have gone through, with your life.

When the attention of the mind, is bring back to oneself, where all the experiences and impressions of life, gets stored, you simply drop all the experiences and impressions of life, to realize your original self, i.e. of pure emptiness or nothingness, out of which all the thoughts and images of your mind arise.

When you dive deep into your mind, you move beyond the thoughts and images, and with it, you leave all the experiences and impressions of the mind behind.

“This is the magic of life. The mind identifies itself with different experiences and impressions of life, and creates a personality out of it, which is hard to break, unless you rise above the thoughts and images of mind, that’s been involved in creating it.”

The self-realization or self-actualization is dropping the false identity, that you have acquired over the time, and the day you learn to drop the same experiences and impressions behind, you tend to come closer to the truth of life, both outside and inside.

The physical body is not the primary body but the secondary body, while the subtle body is the primary body that allows the transmission of thoughts, emotions and energy to the physical body.

The subtle body remains locked with the physical body at the spine, at different points.

When the mind attains no thought state, in deep meditation, you develop the possibility to awaken the inner pull of energy or vital force, that detaches the physical body from the subtle one and allows you to experience the subtle body.

The sensation is part of the subtle body, and thus in near death experience or out-of-body experience, with the subtle body the sensation too travels outside the body, and the physical body remains movement-less in those period.

The brain and heart are part of the physical body, but the function of the brain and heart is possible, if the subtle body releases the energy to it. The subtle body holds the past experiences and impressions of life, in a subtle form.

When you move deeper in your realization, you can also observe the movement of the subtle body and in those moments, you realize that you are not even the subtle body, but an observer who can see the movement of the subtle body.

The observer simply observes the movement of both the subtle as well as physical body, and notice its movement both inside as well as outside.

With the experience of the observer you notice that, there is nothing to go beyond the observer, and all the deepest experience of realization ends into an observer.

“Observer or pure consciousness is an empty space with a higher vibrations, while the subtle body holds the life energy or life force. The higher vibrations pulls the moving energy or the subtle body upward to get stabilize in itself.”

The attention of the mind is the one, that takes you outside through senses, to manifest physical life and the same attention of the mind, when diverted inside, explore the higher consciousness or the source of life.

If you go on filling yourself with different experiences and impressions of life, without emptying yourself, you can never realize the truth from inside.

When you drop everything that you see and feel through sensation, with the time, you start emptying yourself from inside, and pure energy flows from within, to connect you with the natural process of life.

When the same energy is pulled upward to the pineal gland, by the sheer force of higher vibrations, you realize the observer or pure consciousness, which is the source of life.


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