Drop all the Negativity, to allow the Positive to Shine.


The negativity is a part of everyone’s life. You may not be born with it, but certainly you have experienced it into your life. One negative thought or emotion is good enough to pull you down with your life.

With life its simple. You have to make a choice, to drop all the negativity from your life, be it the situation, people, place, things or your own desires, or see how the negativity ruins your life. You cannot afford to carry a single thing, that pulls you down with life.

If you are not feeling blissful and over-flowing with life’s wisdom and doing what you love to do, and your heart is feeling life’s joy, than certainly there is something that holds you back with life. This something, is not you find somewhere outside, but within yourself.

The time you decide, to drop all the negativity from inside, you start to notice the changes in the outside environment and outside life.

The thing that you call life, is not that, which you experience outside, but that which is happening inside of every person, who walks down this earth. The life is happening within you, in the form of energy, and the quality of energy is decided by  the thoughts and emotions you carry every moment.

If any thought or emotion about anything holds you back in your life, or keeps you stuck at one place, that means the natural flow of life, is not flowing through you in the moment.

You cannot hold anything into your life, that doesn’t allow you to grow up. You have to release yourself from it, and mind you, when I say release that doesn’t mean, you have to run away from the people, situation or place, but all you have to do, is drop everything from within, that hinders your growth and stop the happiness or true joy, to enter.

Once you initiate the process from within, you see the effect of it, outside. You see the changes in the people, environment and even the places you visit, once you bring the necessary changes into your inner world. Most of us, have the tendency to take life for granted.

“We simply accept life, the way it is and hope for the better in the future, but unless you understand how life works or what it needs, to bring the bliss and wisdom through life, the future will not be different from your present.”

Life demands something out of you. You have to take the initiative. You have to learn to pick the signs from life. Only than you can have what you want out of life.

Sometimes it too happens that our needs and desires are mostly depend upon what we see outside, and when we dig deep down within us, we realize that those things are not necessarily we really want, and what we really need from our life, we already have those things. It’s just that when we were holding the illusory part of life, we somehow missed to see, what we already have in the moment.

“When you understand life, you understand the mechanism of it, and how the things takes place on this earth. Life is no coincidence, but it follows a certain method, to manifest itself.”

Life moves from source to metaphysical and from metaphysical to physical and if you are simply lost in the physical reality of life, you will never get to the source of it, which exists inside all of us.

We all come out of the same patterns of life, through which the life on earth has been created, and the time we look into our deeper self, we connect with the same natural process of life. Law of attraction, nature of giving, sharing, love, compassion, peace, silence, are all part of the natural principles that connects us with the natural process of life.

The process of life is simple. You attract what you are. If you have a little negativity within you, its enough to spread over your entire being and then when you experience, something which is not so good, it’s hard to accept those reality, as a part of ourself.

When we take time out to look within, we realize that what we experience or think or feel with life, is something that we carry deep within us, and when we don’t know this, it becomes difficult to drop those part of life.

The process of evolution or transcendence, is all about moving in the direction of love, joy, happiness, wisdom, understanding, bliss. As you grow and evolve with life, the natural process of life, flows through you and your life becomes effortless.

When you drop all the negativity from inside, you cannot see or experience anything negative outside, as your outside environment, situation or people, simply reflects what you carry inside.

“Life is like a mirror, it shows you, who you are through your expression.”

You are not only, as you appear in your physical form, but your thinking, feelings and all the energy that you carry, is what creates your life.

If you simply drop the outside people or move out of the situation, will not serve the necessary purpose to remove the negativity from your life, but you have to dive within, at the level of mind and heart and start to drop all the negative thinking and emotions, that you hold within yourself.

The outside changes are simply, the changes on the surface. The real change with life happens, when you initiate the change from within.

Life is a plain board and you have the choice to write what you want with your life. You cannot carry something inside, and desire for something else with your life. The life will again and again bring those things to you, that you carry within yourself and not what you desire or ask from life.

Life resonates to your deeper calling of your heart and not what you carry on the surface. This is the only reason, why life seems contrary to our own thinking, because we think something else and life brings altogether something different from, that we can hardly imagine into our life.

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