Don’t worry about Actions, Focus on your Choice & Decisions.


Your choice and decisions make or break your life. You make choices or take decisions, every moment. The thing that makes the person successful in his field, is his power and capacity to judge the situation and respond to it.

The response may not be always in terms of action, but non-action again is a part of choice. The solutions to the problems of your life, may not always be in yes, in terms of problems, but sometimes not to act or simply remain present into the situation, may turn out into a positive solution, out of the situation.

If your mind has developed a belief system, where life can only come out of actions, than you have to make a sincere efforts, to rise above the actions, and connect yourself with the power of choice and decisions with your life, where both the action and non-action becomes the part of the process of life.

Action comes later, but before action comes choice. When you make a choice for yourself, you don’t have anyone to blame for, and you commit yourself to walk the complete path, be it your personal life or professional life. With the choice comes responsibility and accountability.

When your life is simply based on action, you simply drop the analyzing, evaluating or thinking part from life. When your life simply based on actions, you simply drain yourself out, which your squeeze thinking process.

“Action is an important aspect of life, when you start something new, but if your life simply get stuck in actions and doesn’t includes non-action, than certainly there is something wrong with your understanding, no matter whichever profession you belong to.”

Its only suggest that, you refused to grow and evolve with life, and only interested in the same repeating process of life.

To get involved with life, you have to make an active choice and decisions with your life. Than life just seems like a play, and you can turn the direction of your life, anytime you want.

When your life is not based, on the personal choice and decisions, you tend to simply repeat the same circle with life. The choice and decisions with life brings alertness, responsibility, ownership and obligations towards path.

You are less inclined to complete the task, if you have receive an order from outside, but if you have initiated the process by yourself, than you feel more responsible and accountable, to complete the task. You need personal involvement with life, and its possible only with the choice and decisions.

You can experiment with your child. Allow him to make a choice with any one aspect of life, and see how he accomplish his task, with utmost responsibility. Freedom is a good thing, if guided in a right direction.

Now a days, when you come across people, everyone is looking for second opinion for everything. When your life is not cleared to you, no second opinion can ever serve you with your life. When you simply know what you want out of life, you never need second opinion from anyone else.

Each one has a mind of his own, and can be put to the best possible use, in the direction of our choice. Any part of situation or event of life can be understood, if you put your focus and attention to it.

Life out of choice and decisions needs commitment. It needs complete involvement. You cannot run away from the choices and decisions made by yourself. Your commitment moves to another level, if something comes out of your inner being.

Focusing only on the actions, are fools paradise. Choice and decisions needs broader perspective towards life. This doesn’t mean you don’t act, but before the action comes alive, everything gets planned and scheduled into the mind.

There are people, who has to work under the supervision of others, and there are one’s, who has people working under them.

When you are in a position where you receive an order, you are only said, what they expect from you, but you always have a liberty to carry out the task your way. The person who knows, how to execute the freedom, can take a liberty in his own way. You can always opt for your own path, to fulfill the obligations of life.

If you are in a position, where you have to take work from others, you should always keep in mind, that the other person should always have a liberty to do the task and lead his life, in his own way. You can set the goal, and the time limit, for others,but there should always be a freedom, for others to do the things, in their own way.

You don’t grow in a day, but small choices and decisions with different aspects of life, on a daily basis, makes you strong and powerful to go for the big decisions.

The choice and decisions of life, is not to stand against or for someone, but follow your deeper instinct from within. If it goes well with the world, that’s fine, and if for some reason, if it goes against the world, than still you can carry on the path, if it truly belongs to your heart.

“You never go wrong with the right thing.”

You can never fail on the life’s path, if you have followed your inner instinct at every step. The failure happens only, when you follows others life. With the personal choices and decisions, sooner or later, you have only one option with life, i.e. to move towards the success.

Life comes with many possibilities with every situation and these different possibilities of life can be explored, if you bother to look into your daily action, before getting into it. There are multiple ways to do one task, but the ways has to be chosen and figured out, in advance, before you jump to any task, of your life.

If you follow the same repetitive patterns, without analyzing and evaluating your life, you cannot find anything different, than you have already experienced in the past. With the choice and decisions, you can anytime change the course of life. People like to indulge in too many petty things,  and thus they don’t have the time, to really look into their life.

“Making more choices and decisions brings alertness into your life, and you can decide, whether the energy and time, you invest into the actions or efforts, are really worth for, or you are simply wasting your life for nothing.”

In a day, there are many, who spend their time on things, that doesn’t serve any purpose in their life, but when they don’t have anything to do, they always have the time, to waste.

The choice and decisions, makes you more alert with every moment of life. You realize that, the life direction can change at any moment, provided you remain alert and aware, and doesn’t allow the opportunity to slip, by your hand.

Only by knowing where you stand with life, your life begins to move forward. But in reality, no one has time to wait, and look where they are heading towards with their life.

Even if they are moving towards the trash, they are not bothered to look, because for them the idea of moving, efforts, and action prevails into them, as a deep belief. When your every effort of life comes out of conscious choice and decision, you not only create life, of your dreams, but your life, also remains closer to the roots of life.


  1. Freedom always brings the responsibility. Before you choose, you are so free. After you should, be responsible for whatever happen to your feeling. 🙂 Thank you for your words.

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