Don’t simply stop with the Realization, but Live Your Truth



It’s been beautifully said by  the sages, that “Enlightenment is a first step towards the Realization.” Many people look for enlightenment or self-realization or simply the dreams or goals of life, as mere an end to life.

Everyone desire’s the truth and looks for different truth for himself, but the point is whatever you understand, achieve or realize with your life, doesn’t mean an end, but simply opens the gateway to the higher truth of life. The further truth with life is realized if you make it a part of your life.

Life is an experiment. You come closer to the truth by experimenting with your life.

When the science experiments with an object, it comes to a conclusion and put it in a specified theory. It doesn’t stop with the experiment but explores further, by moving deeper into the object.

With life when you realize the truth, by experimenting with different experiences, you cannot come to any conclusion, but it simply becomes the part of your life.

With science, the conclusion of the experiment on an object becomes the theory, but the experience of a human with his life, doesn’t become a theory, but the part of his everyday life. If the experience of the truth becomes your pulse of every moment, Only then it becomes the truth of your life and you can look further to explore or experiment with the higher truth of life.

In general, when we understand something and even if, it resonates with our heart, we don’t make it a part of our life, but simply nod our head with information and move forward with life. You cannot grow simply by realizing or understanding the truth, unless it becomes one, like your heartbeat.

Many times, at different stages of life, people find themselves stuck in the moment. They don’t understand how to proceed with life. The reason is the lack of understanding. When you create something, but don’t understand the process, that shows improper evaluation or analyzing on the path.

In such moment, when life hit you hard you don’t find the place to escape. Life is not about simply passing out your day, but understanding and picking the lesson’s, with every situation and experiences of life.

Many one-time wonders, gets lost in their life. If you understand the process, you figure out the way, to move forward with life. Life is a process and one thing leads to another. If you don’t understand the process, you simply miss the important lesson of life.

“Hurrying with everyday life, simply creates the repetitive process, without any real growth.”

“The difference between realizing the truth and living, is that, the realization takes a moment to happen while living with the truth, is a lifetime process.”

Many times when we try to understand something, the mind thinks, it knows everything, but any part of understanding becomes your reality if it gets into your daily process of life.

“All the understanding of life, simply remain as an information for the mind, unless you live and re-live and make it the reality of your life.”

The life happens through the process. All the magic and mystery of life is lined down to one thing, i.e. process. The enlightened being, not only realized the truth of life, but they also travel the long path and follows the process that illuminates their entire being.

The state of enlightenment, simply confirms the process, that you have covered all way through, but doesn’t put an end to life. Now the same process has to be followed, to realize the deeper truth of life and with the process, become one with it.

Only the truth of life can be shared with others, and that too when it comes to words, it simply becomes the information, to understand the process and path of life. But to realize the same truth for oneself or personal transformation, each one has to go through his or her own path and process of life.

The process of  life is moving upward and to realize one’s true identity, is to hit the space, beyond which there is no place to reach, and to be one with that space.

Unless you hit the right spot, keep experimenting with life, and try all the ways possible, to lift yourself up, to reach to that spot or space within. In the process, you may fall or rise several times, and every attempt to move to the higher level, becomes the stepping stone, to take you higher with the process of life.

As it’s equally important to realize the truth, to establish oneself in the truth is also important. Only when you establish yourself with the truth, you become one with the process of life.

The life offers you step by step process, to get closer to the truth, if you follow your instinct and connect with your intuition, with day-to-day life. All the situation, and events and experiences and information can be useful, to get closer to the truth.

When you accept your limitations, it expands your perspective to look into the different situations and experiences of life with a broader vision. When you think, you already know the truth of life, you simply close the gate, that can lead you further, on the path of self-realization.

Live the truth, and don’t simply relax and sit with its realization. With life, you never come to an end, but the process of life simply goes on forever.

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  1. “The different between realizing the truth and living it is, that the realization takes a moment to happen, while living with the truth, is a life-time process.”

    YES! I love this. This is all about the individual experience. It is far better than the words from textbooks, teachers and family. Although I told you what love is, you will never know what it is until you love someone.

    thank you for sharing this :))

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