Don’t live with the Idea, but Better Understanding


Don’t create any idea for life; rather work towards increasing your understanding, so that you can smoothly flow through the situations of life. The time we are born to this day, we have imagined many paths for our self, but life has its own way to take us through our journey.

The one who understands life’s unknown path, can surrender himself to life, and accept whatever comes his way, and gives his best to life, not expecting anything out of it, rather trusting the process of life.

When we search for life, unknowingly we create a path. The time we recognize the path, we go deeper into the path, to realize the truth behind the path.

The whole life is a mystery to us. Some random thoughts & emotions flow through us to push our body through the senses, and unknowingly we follow the actions, claiming it to be ours. However, as we grow & evolve, we understand that thoughts and emotions simply flow, to give us the instructions or to take us forward with life.

We have to train our self to believe in the unknown. When we look back at our life, we might have thought thousand & one things, how our life should be like, but today when we look at our life, it seems completely different, the way we have imagined our life to be.

As we move on with our life, life will bring different shades for us to experience.

We experience life, with our body, mind, and emotions. Life is all about the experience.

The more we experience, the better we understand, but the point is not to accumulate the experience, but to learn to experience the experience and then drop those experience, and to move on to collect the fresh ones.

Questioning everything helps us to understand life better. When we question life, life gives us understanding with the experience. When we get the experience, we ask bigger questions to life.

No day of life should be similar to other. Trust life and trust the existence, has to be a mantra for life, & dive into the abyss, to accumulate the bigger & better experience of life.

“Tiger woods don’t have to be an actor nor Will Smith have to be an Albert Einstein, to have the different experiences of life. Your own Life is sufficient enough”

When you have something, it’s because you need that experience, if you don’t have something, it’s just because you don’t need that experience. Don’t look for other people’s experience, be it a material success, talent or any other experience of life. Dive deeper into your own experience, to bring the best out of it.

Sometimes when life gets tough & it’s difficult to understand our current situations, it seems relevant to doubt the existence. But I must assure you from the bottom of my heart, that if you truly accept your worst situations of life, it will certainly get better with time.

Please don’t accept the worst situations of your life, but push yourself with all the might, to change the circumstances of your life. No sooner the best life will be revealed to you.

The life we imagined for our self-exists in our mind, and the time we get better with our understanding, we become more sure to make our imagination the physical reality.

Remember, when the mind doesn’t grasp something, it will always get difficult to understand and it will create unnecessary stress, anxiety & pain in life. But if our understanding grows with life, we feel contented with whatever little we have, and we can turn the most adverse situations of our life, into the joyful one.

Gautama Buddha & Mahavira didn’t accumulate ample of wealth or showed some creation or innovation out of their life. All they develop was a little understanding towards life, and that helped them to look life with a better perspective and bring them the deeper contentment and greater fulfillment towards life.

Once you understand something, how it works, you don’t fight with it, but you get yourself aligned with the rules or the laws of nature so that you can flow naturally with it.

Life is not to fight for, but to be understood, to avoid unnecessary troubles.

A problem that seems like a problem today will be a solution tomorrow, & something appears to be a solution today, will be a problem for tomorrow.

I understand that everyone has a different path to follow, and like every student understand the same subject in a different way, & score different marks, in a similar manner, we all grasp life, from our own understanding, & until something becomes our own experience, we will not understand this truth by our self.

Life is followed by an example. It’s not possible to fail by following a footstep of a right man or follow the law of nature and miss the opportunity to grow or get better with our life.

Figure out the person whom you adore, or you feel who has a better understanding towards life, and follow them till your mind, body, and emotions take a time to comprehend life, by itself. At least reach to the stage of individuality, where you are free to make a choice for your own life.

Every day look for a new experience that cherishes your heart in a positive manner, without harming emotions of others. In your mind keep yourself as a center for thoughts, and think more about yourself & the experiences that nourish your heart. This will surely bring more joy to your heart, and you will be pushed forward to savor the similar kind of experiences in your life.

We understand life through pain and pleasure, and we all know that both happen inside. So whenever we try to understand any part of our life, look within yourself to understand your emotions, rather than figuring out things in the outside world.

Close your eyes and sit with yourself, and if this seems too difficult, go to the silent zone and contemplate your life to look for the right solution, for your situations.

Our mind cannot hold any problem for too long. Not more than an hour or so, then the mind itself release that problem. But in that meantime, it creates enough pain that we continue to hold on, sometimes for the lifetime.

Look at all the actions of your day, from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. See the actions where you can add quality to it, and remove the actions that you manage to leave forever, and the action that doesn’t serve any real purpose in your life.

If we can manage to do this each day, where we can add better quality to the important actions, and go on removing the unimportant one’s, no sooner we will be left out with only the quality actions in our life, and we all understand this that our life, reflects the actions we have taken in the past.

When we have fewer & quality actions to take, it becomes easier for us to understand & comprehend our life; we evolve at a better pace with life.

Life is an evolving process, where as we grow, we get comfortable with life, at every step, although we are least aware, how the next moment will unfold.

We all vibrates at a different level, but as we get better with our understanding, our emotions support us at every action, and we are not bothered about the result we accomplish out of our actions, but how honestly and fairly we have played our role in the moment.

Always make an effort to understand things, and if you don’t understand something, you should be at least aware of the fact that you didn’t understand, so that even on the path, even if you get a hint to understand that part of your life, you can put your focus on that thing to get it clear into your mind.

A burning of a wood is a fine example of spiritual progress that takes place inside. All the spiritual progress happens at the level of mind. Initially our mind is hard like a wood, but when we grow & evolve, our thoughts becomes more flexible & as the wood loses its hardness, as it gets burn & when we go through the situations of our life, we lose our hardness and our thoughts become more soft and subtle and we learn more to adjust & we become more compassionate towards others.

At last, what remains, once the wood completely gets burn, is the essence of it. In a similar manner, when the mind, body & emotions completely dissolve in the evolution process, what remains is the soul that takes control of the mind, body and emotions to take them higher & higher in life.

The more flexible we are from inside with our thoughts & emotions, the better life’s wisdom flows through us.

“Nobody on this earth can claim to know the future. The only thing we can do is accept this moment whole heartedly, and follow our heart to guide us to the next moment of life.”

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