How to Stand up for Yourself?

stand up for yourself

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At the highest experience with life, there is nothing fair and unfair, right and wrong, truth or false, but everything that happens, in different situations, events, and experiences of life, and the way you face them, and the way you respond to them, create a path for you, to reach to that ultimate experience.

You can choose the safest path, with no conflict and accept, whatever happens to you, during the process, or you can stand up for yourself. Always make choice after thorough examination and looking into the situation with proper understanding.

You have to make a choice for yourself. If you choose the safest path, it’s not that you don’t pay the price for it, and let me tell you, the price is more than the path where you take a risk.

Taking life choices and decisions with your absolute awareness is what matters. You choose any path you like, but you should be absolutely clear to yourself, what you have asked from life.

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 Remember, life will only offer you what you have asked from life. Life doesn’t give you something of its own, rather it only exists to fulfill your wish.

If you consciously choose your path, you have to be prepared to pay the price, in terms of money, time, energy and anything that requires on the path. You have to choose, what goes well with your nature.

To stand up, for or against anything means to view life, from the neutral perspective, and then stand for something that you feel absolutely appropriate, into a given situation, without any bias.

Turning Confusion into Clarity

The ultimate experience of life or the ultimate truth of life has nothing to do with whether you stand for or against something, but it only serves your personal identity, to make you stronger for the future.

Every moment and every situation of our lives are equally important to shape and mold our lives, in a certain way that prepares us, for the ultimate experience.

Any choice or decision that makes you stronger is good, and any choice and decision that makes you weaker from inside, is not good. When you pull yourself out of life and simply observe your life, you can view life, from the neutral standpoint, and make your personal choice or decision accordingly.

The most important thing is, whatever you choose with your life, have the courage to stand by it and your choice and decision should never be out of fear.

Each individual grow and evolve with life, and our perspective does change towards life, as we grow and evolve, but still, there are certain things that remain constant during the entire process of evolution.

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In the midst of all the change, there are certain aspects of life, that always remains constant, and once you are clear with what is constant and what changes with the nature of life, it becomes easier for you, to hold yourself, even in the midst of the most difficult situations of life.

No matter what stand you take in your life, you have to be clear, why did you chose something, and for some reason, if your choice or decision, may ask you to pay a certain price, you remain absolutely prepare to pay the price for it.

The success on the path doesn’t come with its result, but how you live on the path. Many people believe that life can be free from problems if they become enlightened, but this is not the truth. You still face the same situation, events, and experiences with your life.

It’s just that you have the cosmic intelligence to tackle those situations of life.

Every day comes with its own sets of problems and issues but what matters is, how you face those situations with your highest understanding, and change the problem, into the best experiences of your life.

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The only difference between the perspective of a mind and an enlightened being is, that the enlightened being, view life’s situation, and events of life as an experience, and handle them, with his highest understanding.

Mind looks even for a little happiness outward, and thus creates more miseries for itself. The awakened man doesn’t look for love and happiness outside but simply move inward.

Everyone holds their perspective towards life, holding some or the other idea about life. If that idea itself is false, your perspective towards life, will not take you far away, with any aspect of life. Unless your idea is closer to the truth, you only live in an illusion.

The best example of it is wealth. The majority of the world’s population consider wealth to be the ultimate fulfillment for happiness, and yet the ones those who have accomplished it, have denied this truth of life.

Still, people make choice or decisions keeping wealth in their mind, and thus sooner or later, their illusion gets shed away by the reality of life, as reality has nothing to do with how much wealth you possess, and it follows its own course of life.

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Wealth is not the bad thing, but there has to be an absolute clarity of cause and effect in life. You need to know the consequences of your action, and only then you can write your own fate of life, in a true sense.

The truth and its principles exist both inside as well as outside and the one who creates his life, closer to the truth, experience bliss, wisdom, and prosperity in life.

“The truth or the principles of life, has nothing to do, with what we believe or what the majority of the world follows. IT stands for itself, and comes as a winner all the time.”

 If Truth Be Told

It’s not that truth doesn’t mold or bend itself with a different situation. Yes, it does, but truth never leaves the shadow of itself. It always knows that life has many shadows, but truth has to get back to himself, after passing through all the different shadows of life.

Never be afraid to stand for yourself, and to defend your truth. Remember in any game, including the game of life, it’s not the stronger or healthier wins, but it’s always the one, who refuses to give up, and who is ready to stand till the end, comes out as a winner.

The Choice: Embrace the possible

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