Dive Deep into the Moment

Dive Deep into the Moment

Dive deep into the moment. You have heard about the past and the future. You also have heard about experiencing the present moment.

How about diving deep into the moment?

Our past and the future exist when we separate ourselves from this moment. The time we dive deep into this moment, we rise above our past and future conflicts, and experience the bliss of this moment.

This moment is beautiful from all sides. All the practices are needed to dive deeper into this moment. The practice of meditation serves you to dive deeper into this moment.

Experiencing the present moment is the thing of the past. Now, you have to dive deeper into this moment. This moment is part of the whole. You become one with the whole process of life, when you are in this moment.

The feelings of joy and bliss will move up and down, but when you are into this moment, you experience life whole-heartedly.

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Life is worth knowing. This knowing happens in this moment. To be with your breath is the best way to be in this moment. The ever-flowing movement of your breath keeps you connected with this moment.

Experience life in this moment, and move deeper into it. The experience is totally different. Our mind likes to wander into the past and the future,but the truth exists in this moment.

You know what you are holding into your heart?

You only realize when you are part of this moment. Life is best lived in this moment. We all strive with each passing day to make our lives blissful. All the effort is required to connect with this moment, and all the joy and happiness of life will come at your door step.

Life is joyful. But to experience that life, you have to consciously move in the direction of joyful life. Life follows a process. If you follow the process, you feel happy. If you follow the ways of your mind, you feel sad. The best thing is to understand the ways of life, and align yourself with it.

The present moment holds the hidden secrets of life that can only be known if you experience life in the moment.

The mind lives in the perception. The life in the moment happens without perception.

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When you are part of the moment, you are not deceived by the tricks of your mind. The mind has its own ways to take you for a ride. At the same time, if you are aware in the moment, you can also observe the tricks of your mind.

The life can be best understood by simply observing life. If you become conscious of the things around you, you receive clarity in life. Life is known through the practice of mindfulness.

All the solutions of your problem lie in the moment. Life has a tendency to unfold on its own. You don’t have to push yourself harder, nor have to sit down and do nothing. All you have to do is, follow the ways of life and everything will be accomplished on its own.

The mind likes to wander into different directions. It doesn’t like to be into the moment. It requires a practice to experience life in the moment.

Meditation serves you to experience life in the moment. More you meditate, more you become part of the moment. All the complexities arise, when you are away from this moment. The time you become part of this moment, life becomes simple.

Life is simple when you live moment by moment. In the moment life is simple. You don’t have any need to control life in the moment. It’s happening on its own. It’s moving on its own. You too flow with the flow of life.

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Its only when you disconnect with the reality of life and move into your mind, the problem starts. In the moment, life is precious. When you are away from this moment, you are not part of this life. You are into your mind. Be part of life, and experience the ecstasy of life.

In the moment, you can shift the direction of your life. Life is all about choices. You can choose your life in the moment. When you are in this moment, you always know what you want out of your life.

We all can create the life of our choices, provided we know, what we really want out of our lives. Most of our lives we live in illusion. This illusion adds more illusions into our lives. When we get on the path of truth, we attract truths from all sides of life.

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In the moment, you are authentic. You are pure. Your body, mind and soul moves in synchronicity. You don’t find the conflict or confusion rather you live your life with clarity. When you are one with life, everything flows in motion.

You find immense synchronicity in both the outside as well as inner world. Life brings to you, what you hold inside. If you hold love, you attract love. If you hold life within you, you attract life.

If you wish to see, what life brings to you, look what you hold inside. To experience the magic of life, you have to believe that magic exists.

When you are in the moment, you leave your ego behind. You don’t live to nourish the identity; rather you live to nourish life. Usually we live to nourish the identity of the mind, as we have no clue of other aspects of life.

You have life beyond the mind. You have to connect with that life to know the truth of life.

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