Disciplined Life serves over the time (Short Notes)


You need the discipline to get what you want out of life. You built your life every day. What you do today, show up in the future. If your life depicts not as you have dreamt for, then you don’t have to mold your dreams, rather you have to mold yourself to adjust to your dreams.

When you follow disciplined life, you change your body and mind with it. You prepare yourself for your dreams. Sometimes what we are, doesn’t match with what we want out of life. To experience something of the higher quality, we have to lift ourselves to that stage. It requires discipline.

The process of discipline serves over the time. You don’t experience the magic immediately, but over the time you see the change in your life.

Disciplined life serves you to achieve anything in your life. You can bring change with any aspect of your life. Disciplined life simply means you prepare yourself to achieve specific goals. Every goal requires a different part of you. The same person doesn’t allow you to achieve all your life goals. You have to prepare yourself differently for different goals.

Our mind gets carried away with the things of the moment. It requires discipline to consciously guide your mind in the direction of your goals. If the mind gets engaged in every activity of the moment, it loses the path towards its goals.

The discipline in our everyday life, keeps the mind focused towards its goal.

At times things don’t go our way, and it gets difficult to figure out proper reason for it. When you allow yourself to go through the process of disciplined life, you figure out the real reason for your failure.

Life exists as it is, and it’s always your dedication and commitment to life that leads to either failure or success in your life.

The life that functions as a whole happens at a macro level while the life of an individual happens at a micro level. As an individual, you have to take care of the smallest things in your life that may change the course of your life. You can’t take any moment of your life for granted. You have to stay alert every moment of your life.

When our life remains out of control, it feels that there are outside forces that control our life, but that’s not the case. When you go through the process of rigid discipline, you realize that it’s you, who have fallen out of place in life, and the time you follow the balanced lifestyle, you observe everything in your life fall back in place.

Disciplined life serves you in all the different aspects of life.

Whatever you experienced in the outside world is the reflection of what you carry inside. The time you uplift yourself from inside, you notice the change in your outside experiences of life.

When you improve on a daily basis, along with you, your whole world improves. Your life doesn’t remain the same with the new self.

Life of discipline is what you give to life and in return, you experience what you have dreamt for your life.

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