Different Stages of Life



Life is all about, what you do each day. You understand life with actions. When you observe and evaluate your actions, you prepare the mind, body, and emotions to improve with the actions.

Life follows different stages for each individual. Each one gets the chance to explore the outside reality of life. Once he is done, with the outside reality, he is guided to the inner reality, where the subtle reality is held, of the physical reality. Once the thorough understanding of the inner reality takes place, the person slips back from the circle of life.

Life has different stages, and only by taking action out of understanding, everyone gets the chance to rise higher in life. The Life is not something that you live for fifty or sixty years, but the moment that is happening here and now. If you notice the magic of each day, slowly you get in touch with the deeper reality of life.

As your attention slips inward, you begin to realize that life is happening through you, and you are just the instrument for life. Life calls for the transformation of the body, heart, and mind. The physical instrument, i.e. brain, heart, and body has to go through the transformation process before the higher life flows through the instrument.

Each one goes through the process of evolution, collectively or individually. You can rise above the collective evolution if you can develop your individuality and create the life out of your understanding.

As your understanding grows with life, you start developing confidence with life and in the process, you develop an individuality.

An individuality is a process through which the person goes through, to stand alone in the world. The person who has developed an individuality within, is not afraid to stand alone from the crowd.

Your inner world holds your external reality. All the experience and impression of the outside world exist in your inner world. Once you understand and realized this fact in you, you depend on lesser, on the outside reality, and move towards in creating life inside out rather outside in.

The Higher Reality of Life.

Life is all about exploring the higher truth of life. The more you explore, the deeper reality you come across. The higher world is all about energy and vibrations. Nothing of the outside or inner world exists in the higher world.

At the higher form of energy and vibrations, the physical form doesn’t exist. As your inner energy and vibrations increases, your perception to look at the world becomes clear and you create life closer to the natural order of life.

You Create Your Own Energy Field.

It’s all about energy and vibrations. You create your energy field around you. Your energy field is created with the images of your mind, & feelings and emotions of the heart.

You have the power to change the frequency of inner energy and vibrations. As the energy and vibrations change, the things happening around you changes, as lower energy environment cannot exist around the higher energy and vibrations. The situations and people carrying the lower energy cannot exist around the people with the higher energy.

The change with life happen, only if you practice your talent, art or skill on a daily basis.

When you act out of stress and worry, you attract more stress and worry to your life, and if you plan things in advance, and knows the right time to act, your desired result will always show up out of your actions.

When you make the choice to grow and evolve, you look for the things from the perspective to improve and get better and thus whatever you choose to act, you just get better with life.

Intention serves Life.

Actions are only useful if its done out of understanding. Only then you get better with the things. People fail, only because they don’t understand the process of life, and they are not willing to make necessary adjustments to even understand it. If you understand things and act out of understanding, the process of life becomes smooth and along with it, the result too shows up according to your desire.

Awareness towards the things around you brings the change in life.

The intention matters for everything, as the mind creates the thoughts similar to the intentions. If the intention is not right, the mind creates the similar thoughts and your action brings the similar results in your life.

You Write Your Life.

Each one has the guide within, to show him, his path of life. When the person ignores his inner calling and follows the things that are happening outside, he calls for his own suffering.

There are two types of suffering. One is self-induced suffering, that is necessary to understand the process of life, and with the second one, you suffer out of ignorance.

Suffering remains with life until you understand the whole process of life from within.

When you understand the importance of suffering, you don’t run away or resist the process of life but you embrace every situation, event and people in your life and make good use of everything that comes on the way, to take you to the another level.

Outer world can never satisfy the inner world, as inner world is the creator of the outside world. Only the things, that is happening in the inner world counts. Every situation and experience of life create the impression in the inner world.

With the exploration of the inner world, you get in touch with the outside reality of life. The clarity of outside life is possible, by connecting with the inner world.

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