Develop an Eye to look into the Perfection of Life.


If your life is a road routine you need a break from life. You don’t have to leave anything; rather all you need is a little time for yourself so that you can have a better perspective towards life.

No matter what you are experiencing in life, your life is already perfect. All you need is an eye to see the perfection of the moment.

We see the imperfection of life, due to our inner chaos and confusions.

When you take time out for yourself, you sort the things inside and come with a fresh perspective to experience life.

You need a break to look into your life. Simply repeating the same process of life over and over again, will lead you nowhere; rather it will only add boredom and fatigue to life.

When you consciously spend time with yourself and look into your life, you see the truth of your life. You can observe the things that really matter to you.

The Power of Positive Energy

Remember, wherever you direct your energy, you manifest those things into your life. Whether it’s positive or negative. It’s your energy that manifests your life.

If you are moving with positive energy, you manifest positive result, but if you are simply dragging your life, then you will see the same effect in your life.

All the work is required with your inner life. A break from a road-routine serves you to sort out your inner world. Once your inner life gets sorted out, you can bring the right balance to your outside life.

The process of life flows inside out. If you are experiencing an imbalance in your inside life, you experience the same in the outside life, but the time you sort out the things in your inner world, you see the same effect, in your outside world.

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Follow the nature of life. The life in the moment is always perfect. Repeating the same process will take you away from the natural process of life. You have to come out of your road routine and consciously look into your repetitive process of life.

Every aspect of life is interconnected. If you think you have a problem in life, even solution exists on the way. If you think your life is full of chaos and confusion, then clarity too exists just around the corner. All you need is an eye to look into both the sides of life.

When we go on repeating the same process, we create the layers upon layers of the same process into our mind. It’s our daily process that forms our perspective towards life. If we hold the same perspective to view life, even our choice and response in the moment remains repetitive.

To come out of the repetitive patterns of life, you have to break the patterns and experience life with a new perspective.

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When you come out of your road routine, you can look into the past and future of the moment. If you think, your life is not heading in the direction of your choice; you can consciously make necessary changes in your life.

When your mind is occupied with the road routine, you receive the same thoughts and the same old response repeats into your mind. With the same old thoughts, you can’t rise above your chaotic life. To take control of your life, you need a different perspective to view same life.

The fresh response to life comes when you come out of your repetitive process, and experience life with a fresh perspective.

All the changes are required in your perspective.

It’s your perspective that allows you to see the brighter side of life, and it’s only with your perspective you get stuck in the moment. The outside life doesn’t hold you back in life, but it’s your perspective that keeps you stuck in the moment.

Your life moves forward with the energy. With the repetitive process of life, the life energy gets stuck inside. Unless you have a free flow of life energy inside, it gets difficult to take your life forward.

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Even your perspective towards life comes out of the life energy that flows inside. If you feel stuck within, then first and foremost you have to release your inner energy, to experience the brighter side of life.

Remember, it’s your energy and enthusiasm that takes your life forward. All the situations, events, and experiences of life aligned itself according to your desires of life.

Our situation, events or experiences doesn’t hold a power of its own. They receive power from us. When we ourselves are powerless in the moment, we add the same to our daily experiences of life.

We need to consciously add power to every situation of life. Power comes to you when you are present in life. With the awareness in the moment, you stay present in the moment, and when you consciously act in the moment, you direct all your energy to the action.

Life needs priority. You have to be clear in your head, what you want out of life. Every day you receive a certain amount of energy. You can either spend the energy on useless things, or you can consciously direct the same energy to fulfill your priorities.

Life consists of full of positivity, and at the same time, you will also find negativity in life. When you don’t have priority in life, your energy can be directed in any direction, and it may happen to be negative.

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Life follows a circle of cause and effect. What you give you receive. Even if unconsciously you direct your energy in a negative direction, you will receive the effect of it.

If you take time to sort out your life, and consciously choose your action, you simply enhance the quality of your action. What you give you receive. If you add quality to your every action, you receive the same back into your life.

Life needs order. Right perspective puts your life in right order. When your mind sees order in everything, it can take one step at a time, and solve the problems of life. At the same time, when the things are out of order in your mind, you experience the chaos in the outside life.

Arrange the things in your mind and you will see the order in the outside world.

Life follows a process, and that process of life needs to be understood. The life as a whole has its own ways to follow.

You have a desire and you have a path to attain a desire. Your mind holds a path, but life as a whole has its own path to take you to your desires. The mind likes to hold onto a single path, but life has multiple paths to take you to your desires.

The Pathway of Surrender

The mind likes to stick to the individual path, but the life as whole moves by serving the need of the moment and accomplishing the task at hand. In the process, your desires get fulfilled but life doesn’t work to fulfill your desire, rather life works to serve the need of the moment.

The life is neither interested in the path nor interested in fulfilling the desires; rather what matters for life is serving the need of the moment.

Connect with the natural ways of life, and you will accomplish all your desires, without getting attached to the path.

With the mind, you get attached to both the path and the desires but when you follow the ways of life, you form a desire, and then let go the desire, to manifest through the multiple paths, that is available through the natural process of life.

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

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