Develop a Fine Balance between Active & Passive Life


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An active life is a creative expression while passive life is to allow the expression to grow and flourish inside. Active and passive life need a fine balance.

Active life allows you to explore your potential in the outside world while passive life helps you to analyze and evaluate your active life. It allows you to look at things, that can be improved and get better with.

Passive life connects you with yourself. Life moves in a circle of seven days, in terms of time and space. People are acquainted with the mindset of seven days and their life moves into that repetitive circle.

When you repeat the circle of seven days a week actively, passive life allows you to look into your days and allows you to observe the small nuances of daily life.

Simply observing life with detachment, allows you to have an insight into life. You see the error, committed in the past, and receive the opportunity for the coming week, to rectify them.

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Passive life allows you to foresee the future. The future is nothing but your commitment to the coming week, in terms of action. The expression in any form, either through verbal expression, expressing your innermost feelings, or physical work is an active part of life.

The passive part of life, allows you to dig deep in your life, and figure out the different possible alternatives, i.e. possible with every different situation.

Life consists of immense possibilities, and when you dig deep inside yourself, you figure out the alternate methods to add joy, happiness, and understanding, to the same repetitive cycle of life and make most out of it.

You don’t have to move somewhere else or reach to a different place, to feel and experience the magic of life, but your daily life, in the present moment, can give you the taste of bliss and wisdom, if you simply bring awareness to your daily life.

Life never repeats itself, but the human mind does. People are so afraid of the unknown, that they are not interested in doing anything other than, what they already know, from the past. They look for the easier space, wherever it’s possible. They simply want to get settle into space, where life appears to be easier.

Life can never be easier, but you can make it simpler, by de-cluttering the waste from your body, heart and mind.

Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

To break the chain of the repetitive process of life, you have to take steps, that push you through and take you beyond, your present conditions. With active life, you can push the boundaries of life, but for that, mind, heart, and body need to be prepared, to walk on the unknown path.

In reality, there is no mystery to life. If you can explore your imagination, you can create the inner path of your own, and then there is nothing like an unknown path, but you simply travel the path, that you create, out of imagination.”

The only thing required with the imagination is the courage to walk on the path, that you have created inside, howsoever weird it may seem like, in the outside world.

If you fill in the gaps, over and over again, you go on creating the entire path, within the self, that can lead you anywhere you want in your life.

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The passive life, allows you to explore the imaginative mind, and you see things, that is not possible to see when you are continuously engrossed in your active life.

The beautiful example of active and passive life is running and meditation. Running activates your body, mind, and heart while meditation allows you to move deep inside.

If you can develop a fine balance between both the active and passive life, all the wisdom and bliss of life flows from within. Then you don’t look for anything else outside, but for all the solutions to your problems, you simply switch the mode from active to passive life.

The majority of folks believe in doing things, but not savor the beauty of passive life. Passive life is equally important to connect with the source of life.

” Simply repeating the circle of life, only keeps you on the surface, but when you sit with yourself, and try to observe your life, you tend to connect with the deeper self.”

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

The natural process of life initiates from deep within. When you simply live at the level of thoughts, emotions, and actions, you only live at the surface. Deep down inside, there is a subtle world of energy and vibrations, that allows the continuous flow of mind, heart, and body.

If you only believe in the active part of life, then you cannot make most out of the subtle world of energy and vibration, which is the source behind the active life. Life has many colors, which is only observed if you dig deep inside.

Initially, it may take time to get acquainted with your mind, heart, and body, but once you begin the process, slowly you connect with the inner world.

The journey of outside life is filled with, all sorts of different desire’s that may not last long, but when you begin the inner journey, you connect with the eternal life. The inner journey towards oneself brings you closer to the eternal life. This doesn’t mean, your outside world gets vanished, but you simply choose your desire’s, that can serve the real goals of life.

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Passive mode of life is a way to look directly into life. You might have observed many times, that when you get stuck on multiple pathways, you remain standstill, and allow the mind to make a choice, between different paths.

The same rule can be applied, if you get stuck into the life situation. You can hold yourself back, and allow the mind and heart to bring the solution to you.

The life initiates in the subtle region, and more connected you are with the subtle part of life, i.e. your mind and heart, more you come closer to the natural process of life.

Passive life allows you to slow down your thinking process, and you can see what’s going on in your mind. You can only make the necessary changes with the things if you can really understand them. Unless you know what’s going on inside, you cannot make the necessary changes to life, and you go on repeating the same process of life.

Passive life allows you to drop the illusory part of life and connects you with the present moment. You don’t waste your thoughts, emotions, and energy on the things, that doesn’t serve the long time purpose.

“Life is beautiful, but that can only experienced, if you add beauty to it, on an everyday basis. You can lift your life, if you know where you stand, and for that its very important to know your daily or weekly life-cycle.”

The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life

Everyone holds so many things inside of him. Life brings different experiences and impressions, as you continuously move on with life.

You have to have time with yourself, where you can unburden your past experiences and impressions, and create a space for the new experiences to arrive, and this is possible if you begin the process of unwinding yourself, from within.

If you go on continuously living your life, the only day when you unwind yourself is the day when you die, and then again you come back to repeat the same process of life. With life, you have to fulfill all the responsibilities of daily life, but over and above that, you have one more responsibility to fulfill, that is to realize the source of life, within.

With the body, mind, and heart, life always remains limited to the physical world, but to experience the source of life, within, you have to rise above the mundane life, and look for the things, that can take you beyond your present identity.

The real purpose of life never gets served, only with the active part of life, but only when you look to realize the original source of life within. With the self-realization, you serve the purpose of both the inner as well as outside world.

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