Detachment gives you Clear Perspective towards Life

Detachment gives you Clear Perspective towards Life

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Self-identity is made up of lustful desires, fear, insecurity, emotions, past impressions and experiences. When you detach yourself, from your self-identity, you see the realistic view of life.

Detachment with oneself comes with experience and understanding. Experience comes first and from experience develops an understanding.

When you are attached to yourself, not only on the physical level but also with the mind and heart, your perspective towards life, remains to be the one that you carry from your past.

The outside world comes out of its nature, be it the situation, person or different experiences of life. When you meet the person, he comes along with its nature. You meet them with your nature.

When you perceive any situation or person or experience of life, you don’t accept the situation or person with its nature, rather you only perceive, what your mind wants you to show.

Thus two people rarely get to the point of understanding, unless they are willing to understand each other’s perspective. What give rise to such situations in life, is your attachment with the self-identity.

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Your personal identification with everything, reduce your speed of growth and slows down your process of evolution.

When you are deeply attached to yourself unconsciously, you associate yourself with everything and consider everything personal.

Sometimes you may assume in your mind to be personal, but that thing or even that person thinks otherwise. Your own attachment becomes the reason for your misery.

With the self-identity, you think that everything is intended in your direction, but in reality, people just act out of their nature in any given situation.

They carry their own perspective towards life and have their own beliefs system, that allows them to see things in their own way.

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When you analyze the situation and events of your life and try to visualize an event or situation, from the perspective of the people involved in it, then only you can get to the base of the situation.

It’s not possible for anyone to remain awake all the time, into different situations or events of his life, if he has not practiced enough for himself.

So the best way to learn out of the situations or events is to analyze them, whenever you get the opportunity and try to view life from all the different perspective.

The situation and experiences of life may involve others or you alone. When you get into the situation or experience, different people come with a different perspective, and that perspective certainly has to be different than what you carry for yourself.

After the event, you may pass the judgment on others, with the perspective you carry about the situation, but your judgment again comes from your own perspective towards life and may have little or no relevance to the reality of the moment.

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When you observe the situation with the personal identification, you want the things to go your way, and everything should move according to your plan, but this never happens, as each person into the situation comes with the similar perspective.

Sometimes people are too much interested in themselves, then the real purpose of the event. For them, their words are so important, that they simply forget the purpose of the event.”

When you begin your day, you carry an idea for life. In a similar way, everyone holds their own idea of life.

If the other person thinks differently than what you have imagined in your mind, you may discard everything from the other person, without knowing others perspective and this may hinder your own progress with life.

“Life is ever-flowing like a river. The situation, people and events of your life come and go. What remains is the lesson’s out of it. When you learn the lesson, the situation or experience doesn’t repeat itself, and you move on with life.”

Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter

Your self-identification with everything makes you heavy and doesn’t allow the natural process of life to happen through you. You don’t accept or embrace life, but you restrict life at every step.

Even today you start to embrace life in its totality, it takes time for the body, mind, and heart to adjust to the process of detachment.

The attachment towards life, forms a different perspective, while detached observer, carries altogether a fresh perspective towards life. With detachment, you rely more on understanding, while attachment brings reaction out of you, towards life. Attachment with oneself doesn’t allow you to perceive the reality other than yourself, while the detachment, allow you to perceive life from all the different perspective.

The self-identity also carries an ego with it. Th ego allows you to perceive yourself superior or inferior to others, and this happens when you give more weight to your self-identity.

“Ego is not all time bad, but when the person is down, the inspiration and motivation boosts his ego, to lift him up and can push him in a right direction.”

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

The beautiful life is possible without the self-identification. It’s not necessary for you to identify with everything in your life and yet stay within life. The self-identification makes you weaker most of the time, while the detachment allows you to grow and expand with life.

The self-identification makes you limited to your body, mind, and heart and your understanding too remains narrow with life.

When you follow the process of detachment, you initiate yourself to be free from the bondage of both the outside as well as the inner world.

All the people, situations and different experiences of life are the reflection of what you carry inside of you.

When you are happy and joyful in the moment, you accept even the most difficult situation or behavior of a person with ease, or you even go at length to try to understand, what other person has to say, but when your inner world is not aligned, you create mess out of the most simplest situation of your life.

Then you are not bothered, about the fault, but you try to satisfy your inner world.

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When you develop the practice of analyzing your life with different situations, you come with the beautiful lessons of life. You don’t have to go much in the past, or the future to analyze your life, but just look at the way you have lived yesterday.

Yesterday, sum up your entire life of the past. When you begin to analyze your life, you start to come up with the shortcoming of yourself.

The resistance towards the outside life can only come when you are too much attached towards your way of thinking and very much want the world to move your way.

When you let lose yourself, you will see that the world is always working fine. The best example of it is when you evaluate someone else’s life, and you will find that there is no problem in it. You are the only one, who carries all the problems of life.

Anything of this life can only bother you, if you hold your self-identity and not ready to lose it, in any given condition. Your self-identity is a projection of your past and the imagination for the future, that you have carried from the past.

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When you develop a habit to analyze your life closely, you become more aware in the present moment. With the awareness, you can view the events and situations of your life closely, and can have the proper assessment towards life.

An individual’s idea about life is very narrow and the life in its totality is huge. When you are open to life, you remain detached from yourself. You allow the life to flow through you. You are open to different ways of thinking and new ideas.

To understand the life in its totality may be impossible, but it’s always easier to develop understanding towards oneself.

When you recognize that, your true identity, is not limited to your body, mind, and heart and also the life you are living in this moment, but you have within you, which is eternal.

The time you connect with your eternal self, its hard for you to keep your identity only with your physical appearance, but you see yourself one with the existence.

“The detached observer perceives life, with total acceptance towards existence.”

I Can See Clearly Now

When you see your life as a detached observer and participate in it from outside, from the higher consciousness, your perspective in any situation, with people or experiences never remains limited to your self-identity, rather you experience every situation with absolute clarity.

It’s your perspective that can either make you one with the existence or separate you from the reality of the moment. When you don’t have the self-identity for yourself, you embrace others, the way existence embraces every life on earth.

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