Detach yourself from Suffering and Happiness, to Experience Bliss


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Acknowledgment and attention create the experience of suffering and joy in one’s life. Knowingly or unknowingly you make a choice or take a decision to bring the joy or suffering into your life.

You may like something, and you want to make it a part of your life, be it the thing or the person. Now, when you saw at first time, you create a certain amount of joy within, that compels you to take active steps towards that person or a thing.

It’s your acknowledgment towards your inner joy or pain, that aggravates or nullify different situations and experiences, from your life. When the will-power or understanding is lesser towards life, the person sometimes drives towards the smallest pleasures of life, and do things, that he would otherwise never prefer, in his normal state of mind.

Suffering and happiness are momentary feelings and emotions. If the life’s choices and decisions are based on them, it causes the suffering in life. It’s not that only with the suffering you suffer, but your happiness too turns into suffering, after a point of time.

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No feeling or emotion can continue for the longest time, as the very nature, out of which the feelings and emotions take place, holds the changing nature. The pain and joy come out of the images and thoughts of the mind, and the very nature of the mind is constantly changing.

Nothing stays in the mind for the longest time. Try to recollect what you experienced before two hours. It will be difficult, as you have already accumulated a lot more impressions, and the mind has already replaced the thoughts before two hours, with different impressions.

The thoughts and images of the mind, is like a flowing river, that keeps on changing. If you hold onto anything, either with the thought or feeling you suffer. To control the mind is like controlling the time. You cannot control the time, and neither the mind, but certainly you can figure out the way, to keep the pace with it, or keep moving with it.

Once you understand the basic nature of pain and suffering, you simply rise above it. Things, situation or people can hold you, till the time, you are unable to understand them. As you understand the basic nature of the thing, you don’t resist with it, but simply get one with nature and swiftly move with it.

“The person who knows, how to float with the very nature of life, can simply adjust himself, into different situations of life, but if your plan is to hold onto your happiness or suffering, you call yourself for the trouble.”

Living the Wisdom of the Tao

You cannot hold anything inside, either bad or even if its good. You have to let it go. The time you hold the thoughts or emotions, you get stuck at the moment, and the moment is constantly passing by. You have to learn to float with life, by understanding the process of life and becoming one with it.

Each day every soul on earth receives fresh energy to manifest his life with thoughts and emotions. When each one takes a single step to create something new with life, you can imagine, how quickly the change takes place in the outside world. In such situation, if you hold anything into your mind and heart, either positive or negative, you simply detach yourself with the ever-flowing life.

The bliss is the higher experience of life, while pain and suffering are lower emotions. To reach from lower to higher, you have to detach yourself from the lower emotions, to experience the higher bliss.

The projection of the outside world creates different emotions within you. If the outside object, or things or people make you feel good from inside, you like to follow those things and wish to keep it, forever, so that all the time, those things can make you feel good. When something from outside creates awful feeling or emotions, you try to get rid of it.

“Life brings different emotions at different times, sometimes too good, sometimes not so good. You can choose to participate and experience all different types of feelings and emotions, but Remember not to get stuck with it.”

On the Move: A Life

In both the situation, you either try to embrace it or get rid of it, but you don’t try to understand the process of it. The joy and suffering can only be left behind, once you understand the process of it, and the process is happening not somewhere outside, but within.

It’s true that the outside things or people, do create different feelings and emotions within you, but it’s also true that you have the power to detach yourself from both the suffering and joy of life and rise above it, to experience the higher experience’s of life.

Life doesn’t end with suffering and neither it ends with happiness, but there is a higher state within you, where you experience the bliss and wisdom of life.

It’s not possible for the person to keep the happiness, and get rid away from the sorrows of life. The happiness and suffering depend upon the energy level that flows within, and this energy level shifts from time to time, from happiness to suffering and from suffering to happiness.

You cling to anyone and you suffer. At the time of suffering, you suffer and even if you cling to joy, you suffer too. The outside happiness can make you feel good for some time, but you cannot sustain it for a lifetime. All the feelings and emotions are like a water, if you hold onto it, it starts to gets decayed.

It’s not possible to ignore your pain and hold onto the joy and happiness. Either choose both or leave both, to rise higher, to experience the bliss and wisdom of life. Happiness is one end, and the suffering is another, while the bliss is the space, where both the ends disappear.

The Journey Beyond Yourself

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  1. It is weird to say this but lives are not ours! Don’t let ego claim the possession on lives. Life is natural. We, as a part of nature, cannot claim the possession of totality!

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