Design your life with Effective Utilization of Time, Money and Energy


We all are looking for success in life. Success means to have more than what we need. When we effectively utilize our time, money & energy, no way can we lack anything in our life & everything flows in abundance.

When we understand the importance of energy and time, no way can we waste our money, on the resources, that is lesser important into our life. If we know, where we spend most of our energy during the day, we can choose, decide & measure our own success with life, rather the success termed by the outside world.

When we live our life in an efficient manner, our need becomes lesser, & we tend to give more to life. If we focus on how and where we utilize our energy, our time gets utilized efficiently by itself.

Time & Energy go hand in hand. If we utilize our energy, to serve the purpose or goal of our life, we efficiently utilize our time as well.

When we give our energy & time to some work or the activity of the day, the energy & time bears some fruits out of it. The fruit results in terms of material success.

Now it happens with many, that after giving their time & energy to the work, the people do get lost in their material success, and strive their entire life, to accumulate more abundance with their life. Their mind get so much caught up in the physical manifestation, that they forget that there could be another way to look at life.

Life is all about understanding; and the better we understand the importance of time, money & energy, the lesser efforts, we have to make towards our success.

The effort is needed when we do things or live life without understanding. Every action and every move of the day should be well planned, so at least we can know, where we give our time & energy in our life.

If the need arises to improve or change something that doesn’t work, can be done, only if we know, what we are doing with our life. If we go on living randomly, without bothering where we go & what our needs are, we call for the unnecessary troubles in our life.

We only create chaos & stress out of life, when we don’t understand something. The time we start understanding things, however hard the job or work seems like, we can overcome it, with much ease.

We all receive the same amount of time in a day but still every individual have its own way to spend his or her time. Nothing is impossible in this world, if you know, how to design your life, & utilize every part of your moments in an effective manner.

All the chaos we see is not outside but inside our self. Create a straight path in your mind, and start walking on that path. The path will obviously be chosen out of love, & if somehow, the path you are in now, is not out of love, then accept that path wholeheartedly, and add something on your path, that you like the most, and stretch it as and when you can, so that one day, you can create the entire path, out of love.

While I walk on the path, i.e. full of love, who so ever comes on the path, receives love. I don’t have to make extra efforts to deliver the love to others, but when I am overflowing with love, its spreads around the corner, and it also serves others to bring the same love on their path.

Not everyone is at the same stage in their life. Some might have just started, some may be ahead, some may have understood more; some may hold lesser understanding with life.

Everyone needs an inspiration to move ahead in life. If we are inspired from inside, we can share the inspiration with others, & if we are not inspired from inside, we should always look for the right person for the inspiration, so that we can understand life better out of their experience, & can grow on our path.

Someday, even we will be in a position to inspire & motivate others to bring the best out of their life. This is the process of evolution, to learn, to grow, to share and to evolve collectively. When one person utilizes his time, money & energy in an effective manner, he inspires many others around his circles to do the same, & this makes the collective growth possible.

Nobody can design the life of others, be it your wife, children, family, friends or any other person. But, if we walk on our path, & if people like what we do, & what we say, & they see the true love on our path, they inspire & motivated to bring the positive changes in their life, and can try to make their life better. All we can do from our end, to set a right example for them to follow.

When we are effective with our time, energy & wealth, a great strength develops to give more to life from within, & it bring the best out of whatever we do, with our life. Nature loves expansion and if we are aware enough to follow the laws of nature, we can grow effortlessly in our life.

“The seed that becomes the tree is a fine example of how, it becomes a huge tree & gives his fruits & shadow to the one who passes by. His concern is not with others, but with his own growth, & whosoever comes under his shelter, has his offering to him.”

Many times we are lost in our mind, with the things that are not in our hands. We can only do that which is possible in our hands, and stretch our self to get better with our own efforts.

Life is all about intentions. Your intentions drive your actions. If you are intended to become better & push yourself to learn more & grow more, & have an honest intention to serve the world, you don’t have to bother about the response of the world, but you keep moving on your path, and the right people and the right thing comes to you, as and when needed.

Sometimes we focus on the things that we don’t have, rather making the best use of the resources that we have. It’s all about a right attitude towards life. When we think right & focus on the right things, we attract more of it in our life.

We have trained our self to move out in the world to receive, and then the constant struggle starts to accumulate more but we are never satisfied with this principle of life, as it never worked for anybody on this earth. It’s against the law of nature.

We are very much part of the nature, & nature has its law for the existence, by following it, we as a human grow & evolve. We can only grow naturally, out of the law, if each day we move out to contribute to the existence. Our contribution fills our heart with love, & we are inspired from inside to give more to life.

Remember we can only give & manifest something from our heart. Our heart creates the possibility of achieving anything on this earth. No manifestation of a thought is possible if the heart denies the possibility of it.

If the heart is filled with joy and love, we spread the love outside, with our actions, & an equal amount of love comes back to us to fill our heart, to share more with life.

“When the tree offers its ripened fruits to the world, it creates space for the fresh fruits.”

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